Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 324 - The Ruler departs

Chapter 324: The Ruler departs

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When they heard this, the two family clan heads quickly glanced at Old Man Feng. They had not forgotten that the Ruler had arranged a marriage for Feng Qing Ge….

Although in the eyes of everyone, for Feng Qing Ge to be a side concubine of the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country was a prestige and considered it to be her good luck. However, Feng Xiao was adamant against it. In his eyes, he felt that being a side concubine was a huge loss for his precious daughter and he had stormed to the palace that very day! It was obvious that he had disagreed with this marriage and he even threw Lord Xiang out by the collar.

However, now that Feng Xiao had fallen, Feng Qing Ge had yet to return home, how would this marriage play out?

When they thought of this, the two of them sneaked glances at the Ruler and Old Patriarch Feng.

The expression of Old Patriarch Feng was still sorrowful as he replied with melancholy: “I’ve only sent her a letter and urged her to return to the manor as soon as possible. I didn’t tell her that something had happened to her father, if she knew, how worried would she be? I didn’t want her to worry too much.”

Hearing this, Murong Bo did not ask further but consoled him and said: “Don’t worry too much Old Patriarch Feng, it wasn’t easy for Feng Xiao to stay alive, this King believes that once we are able to find the Ghost Doctor, he would definitely be saved.”

“Thank you Ruler for sharing such auspicious words.”

Old Patriarch Feng lowered his head and cupped his hands together as he spoke, however, there was no grief in his eyes. There was only a burning fury that disappeared the moment he raised his head. It was so brief that it was as if it had never appeared at all in the first place hence no one had noticed it.

The few of them exchanged some words for a while and after Murong Bo left, the two family clan heads also bade their farewell.

After sending them off, Old Man Feng returned to Feng Xiao’s courtyard and went to the stone bench in the middle and sat down without a word. All the guards who were guarding the place in the shadows were all baffled by this as they exchanged querying glances.

“Say, Young Miss is back, yet why is it that we are to tell the outside world that she hasn’t returned yet?”

“Old Patriarch Feng definitely has his intentions behind it.”

“Why do I feel that it is Miss’ own idea?”

“Speaking of Mistress, I didn’t expect her face has fully recovered. There’s not the slightest scar at all.”

Listening to him call her ‘Mistress’, the rest looked at him with jest and said: “I see that after a bout with Miss, you’ve completely submitted to her!”

The man who was dressed in blue returned their mocking gazes with one of ridicule as he retorted: “Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you do not listen to the words of an old man, losses are at hand.” After he said that, he saw Feng Jiu walking towards them.

“Look, it’s Mistress!”

The man in blue smiled and walked forward without saying anything as he bowed down respectfully and said: “Luo Yu greets Mistress.”

Feng Jiu stopped in her tracks and glanced at him before she revealed a faint smile: “Oh, it’ you!”

He grinned and replied: “Heh heh, Mistress still remembers this subordinate?”

“Wasn’t it you who were beaten up heartily by me the last time?” She winked at him cheekily as she walked past them and without saying anything further, she walked towards the middle of the courtyard.

“Grandfather.” He raised his head up when he heard her call.

“Little Feng, you’re here? The Ruler just left.” He stood up and asked, “Are you going to see your father? Let’s go, Grandfather will accompany you.”

“Alright.” She responded immediately as she followed him into the room and left Leng Shuang outside to guard.

The moment the doors were closed, no one knew what she was doing inside. The group who were blocked by Leng Shuang could only guard outside, only Luo Yu who had thick skin kept pestering Leng Shuang and smouldered her with questions.

“Leng Shuang, I’m Luo Yu. You still remember me right?” He gave her his most captivating smile but he was only returned with a frosty gaze of hers.

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