Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 346 - Prepare to relinquish authority!

Chapter 346: Prepare to relinquish authority!

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After a whole day of celebration, only when all the guests had left and the servants started to pack up did Guan Xi Lin send Feng Jiu back to the Feng Residence. The few of them sat together and started to discuss about matters of the day.

“Not bad, the turnout proves that they value you very much. Even if some were from small family clans, to have the family clan heads of the city to attend personally already speaks volumes. This shows that your worth is pretty good, they’ve given you quite a bit of face.” Old Man Feng stroked his long beard and said in glee as he looked at Guan Xi Lin with appreciation.

“If not for Grandfather’s help, today would have been total chaos.” He gushed as he continued on, “There’s also Little Jiu, using Ghost Doctor’s name to send a gift through black market. I saw the dumbfounded expressions of all those present once they heard that the gifts were from Ghost Doctor.”

“Hahaha, who is Ghost Doctor? Ghost Doctor’s reputation is stellar and in our Sun Glory Country, even all the large clans want to have a relation with Ghost Doctor.” Old Man Feng retorted in a doting tone as he looked at Feng Jiu, full of pride.

No one would ever have thought that the infamous Ghost Doctor would actually be his Granddaughter!

“Grandfather, now that Big Brother has settled down in his new home, should we start to deal with the matters of our Feng Residence?” Feng Jiu asked as she looked at her Grandfather who was all smiles.

“Are you referring to the matter of relinquishing our authority?” Old Man Feng’s froze momentarily before he said, “Well, Grandfather has already prepared everything. Tomorrow morning, I will go into the palace. We will no longer be the protector of this country and no one would dare to move against us. We can just enjoy our lives peacefully, living our days freely and happily.”

“Mmn, if that’s that’s the case, would you like me to accompany you tomorrow?”

He waved his hand and said, “There’s no need, no need at all. You can just stay in the residence, just leave this matter to me.”

Seeing this, Feng Jiu nodded her head and turned her attention to Guan Xi Lin: “Big Brother, you’ve been busy the entire day. It’s time for you to go back and have a good rest in your new home!”

“Alright then, I shall head back first. If there’s anything you need, just come and look for me.” He replied with a smile with a tinge of excitement in his eyes as he said his farewell before turning to leave.

“Grandfather, I’m going to have a look at Old White.”

“Go then.” He laughed as he watched her leave.

The matter of Old White saving Feng Xiao was a matter known only to the few of them. Because of this, they were very surprised when they found out that Old White could contend against two martial cultivators. However, no matter how they looked at it, they could not see what ranked spirit beast it was.

After all, it was a variant spirit beast and usually other than being lazy, gouging itself with food or leering at others, it not for such an incident, it was really inconspicuous.

It was not locked up and it could move around the Feng Residence freely. It usually spends its days with that little pet Ball Ball unimpeded in the Feng Residence. However, their favourite place in the entire manor was the rock garden; because that was where the maids walked by the most, hence that perverted horse would usually stake there.

Sure enough, as it approached the rock garden, it could hear the tinkling laughter of the maids and the closer it got, Old White’s bum started to sway as the two maids walked past. The two maids held their skirts down as they took small quick steps and fled.


Old White’s mouth opened and neighed as it turned its head to look and when it saw Feng Jiu, it ran to her with joy.

“Old White, your lascivious ways still hasn’t changed one bit. Sooner or later, it will get you into trouble.” She patted its head and said with a smile. Seeing that it seemed to have gained a few pounds, she laughed out, “You’ve been lazy again, haven’t you? Look, your belly has grown again!”


With a snort, it shook its tail and walked to her side.

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