Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 349 - Going back to the Nine Entrapment Woods!

Chapter 349: Going back to the Nine Entrapment Woods!

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It’s just that, in just such a short moment, he could no longer find a trace of her in the Residence. When he finally saw Leng Shuang walking in from outside, he called out to her hurriedly and asked, “Leng Shuang, where’s Little Feng?”

“Old Patriarch, Mistress has already left. She brought Luo Yu along together.”

“That lass, she only brought Luo Yu one person along? What if they encounter any danger along the way? No, I have to make sure the others follow along as well to protect her well!” Old Man Feng muttered to himself worriedly and immediately turned back to look for the others.

Leng Shuang wanted to advise him but she stopped herself. Before she left, her Mistress had already left strict instructions to the other Feng Guards to protect the Feng Residence well. If they were to follow old Master is command instead of her Mistress, then these Feng Guards would no longer be able to stay.

When Old Man Feng found the seven other people, they were seated in the pavilion. They had been called first but they were all given different tasks and thinking about how Miss had only brought Luo Yu along, they all had on a baffled expression.

“Hey, why do you think she brought only Luo Yu along?”

“In terms of strength, he is only in the middle rank amongst us, why would she bring him instead?”

Fan Lin smiled and said, “Among us, only Luo Yu acknowledges her as the Mistress, if she doesn’t bring him, tell me, who should she bring?”

“But we did not say that we do not acknowledge her ah!”

“Well, it seems that we are still being tested.” Another person laughed and shook his head as he said: “It doesn’t matter, since we’ve been entrusted to guard the Residence, let’s do a good job in guarding then.”

“Old Patriarch is here.” One of them said and everyone stood up.

“Greetings to Old Patriarch.” Seven of them greeted him respectfully.

Old Man Feng waved his hand in dismissal and said, “The few of you get ready and hurry to catch up. That lass only brought Luo Yu to the Nine Entrapment Woods. I can’t put my heart at ease with just the two of them!”

“Nine Entrapment Woods?”

The seven of them each other in bewilderment. They only knew that Miss had brought Luo Yu out, however did not know that the destination was the Nine Entrapment Woods! That place was so dangerous, what did she go there for?

However, they could only keep their heads lowered and did not respond to his order and replied in an apologetic tone: “Old Patriarch, I’m sorry but we can’t follow orders.”

Old Man Feng was stunned momentarily and asked: “Why is that so?”

“Before Miss left, she had given us strict orders to stay and guard the Feng Residence to protect Patriarch and Old Patriarch well. That is why before Miss returns, we cannot leave on our own accord.”

Upon hearing this, Old Man Feng glanced at them without saying a word. At this moment, he also knows her purpose. She obviously wanted to see how well these Feng Guards would listen to her orders and to what degree.

Seeing this, he could only let out a sigh and said, “Forget about it then!” His mind was filled with various thoughts, should he send others to follow instead?

The few Feng Guards seem to have read what was on his mind and looked at each other before Fan Lin spoke out.

“Old Patriarch.”

He cupped his hands together and said, “Actually, Old Patriarch do not need to worry about Miss’ safety, from our understanding of her over the period of time, she isn’t someone who does something that she isn’t sure of. Since she only brought Luo Yu along, that means that there wouldn’t be much danger. Moreover, the thing that she worries about most is the safety of the Residence.”

Old Man Feng looked at a few of them and suddenly showed a smile. “The few of you are the most outstanding amongst the Feng Guards, to be able to follow her is your greatest blessing.”

Seeing that they were filled with doubts and query, he chortled and said heartily: “As for this, you will know what I mean later.” He waved his hand and turned to leave.

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