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Chapter 11: She Enrolled In No.1 Municipal Middle School?

Chapter 11: She Enrolled In No.1 Municipal Middle School?

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In a nutshell, the family had yet to reach a conclusion about which school to choose for her.

Huo Yanxi blinked again. His sister seemed very composed while uttering those words. It appeared that she was not joking about having decided which school to go to.

Huo Yao adjusted her sitting posture. She crossed her legs, and replied in an emotionless voice. “No.1 Municipal Middle School.”

As soon as she finished her answer, a strange expression spread on Lu Xia’s face. She couldn’t help but give Huo Yao another look, this time with disbelief. “No.1 Middle School? The one in the city?”

Huo Yao’s answer was just as brief and indifferent as before. “Yep.”

Lu Xia felt she had just heard the funniest joke in the entire world. She could have bought it if Huo Yao said, “No.11 Middle School”.

But the No.1 Municipal Middle School? How was that possible?

It was the best high school in the city and ranked amongst the top 5 in the country. The students had to take an entrance exam to get in and those who got the admission, were straight-A students. Huo Yao, on the other hand, had managed to attend a key school in the small county, and that also because a lot of money was spent to secure her a spot. Lu Xia hid the contempt in her eyes. Huo Yao was a really stupid girl.

“The standard to get into No.1 Municipal Middle School is pretty high.” Lu Xia mentioned with a spurious smile on her face.

Huo Yanxi also thought that his sister was getting ahead of herself. To help her save face after this big talk, he cleared his throat and chimed in. “Let’s decide after we talk it over with mom and dad.”

Lu Xia knew that Huo Yanxi was trying to help Huo Yao, so she decided not to pursue this topic any further. “Let me know if you need me to do something. My father knows the principals of several schools in the city. At his one word, she would manage to get in most of the places.”

At this point, Huo Yanxi turned on the music. He did not care much about Lu Xia’s proposal and merely said, “Hmm...”.

Huo Yao tapped a finger on her leg in a desultory kind of way. She was not in the mood to continue the conversation and shifted her focus outside the car’s window.

On the street, traffic was busy and neon lights were glistening. The bustling scene at this time of the night was enough to demonstrate the prosperity of the city.

This was something she had not seen in that small county where she came from.


Not long afterwards, they drove into a neighborhood that seemed to have seen better days. The environment here was not great.

Because this was an old neighborhood, the buildings were not very tall. Huo Family’s house was on the top floor, a duplex apartment.

Mr. and Mrs. Huo were waiting by the door. When they heard the elevator’s sound, the two of them looked at each other nervously and then shifted their eyes towards the elevator.

Soon, Huo Yanxi and Lu Xia came out with Huo Yao trailing behind them.

“Dad, mom, we picked up Yaoyao.” Lu Xia smiled brightly and addressed them in a pleasant voice.

“Well...” Song Ning, who was Mrs. Huo merely glanced at Lu Xia before turning her entire focus to Huo Yao who was standing behind her. Song Ning had to pause before she summoned enough courage to go to Huo Yao. She was feeling excited and fearful, all at once.

Lu Xia sensed she had been ignored in this instance and her smiling face turned stiff for a second.

Huo Family was not rich but since she was the youngest in the family, her foster parents had always treated her well. But now that love was about to be taken away by Huo Yao.

Lu Xia did not care for their pampering but still, their behavior made her feel upset. She tried hard to conceal that frustration.

Song Ning walked over to Huo Yao and stared at her. Her biological daughter looked exactly like her. Then, Song Ning cast a look at Lu Xia. Mixed feelings began to surge in Song Ning’s heart.

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