Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 14: Just A Trophy Girl!

Chapter 14: Just A Trophy Girl!

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Saying so, she turned on the lights. Pink colour assaulted Huo Yao’s senses within seconds. The wallpaper, the closet, the king-sized bed, the curtain, and even the desk... Apart from the floor, everything in the room was pink.

Huo Yao, “...”

It was severely offending to the eye.

With a proud expression on her face, Song Ning looked at the princess themed room that she had meticulously designed and continued. “I asked a famous designer to put together this plan. What do you think? Isn’t it fairy-like, dreamy and sweet?”

Huo Yao curled her lips, involuntarily. She shot another glance at the room but could not find appropriate words to compliment this style which had completely blown away all kinds of aesthetic values.

She knew very well that any famous designer worth their mettle wouldn’t do something like this to jeopardize their brands. Therefore, Huo Yao suspected that her mom was most likely a victim of a scam.

After all, many unethical home decoration companies often deceived people by lying about their designers’ credentials.

To avoid disappointing an enthusiastic looking Song Ning, Huo Yao replied sagely after a few seconds. “The fact that you like it, is all that matters.”

Those words were followed by a yawn. The warm light in the room spilled over her beautiful face, clearly showing signs of fatigue.

Song Ning’s nose wrinkled in confusion. Somehow, she found her daughter’s words ambiguous. That being said, since Huo Yao was feeling sleepy, Song Ning decided not to probe her any further. She told Huo Yao to rest well and left the room.

After the door was closed behind her, Huo Yao found herself alone in a room overflowing with pink. With a troubled expression, she rubbed her forehead.

Suppressing a sigh, she opened her suitcase, took out her pajamas, and went to the bathroom.

She was indeed exhausted. After her match in the city, she had hurried back to the county early in the morning. Post that, she had headed to the airport to fly to City S without catching a break. She had almost spent an entire day travelling. Resilient as she was, her body was feeling the fatigue at this moment.


At the same time, Lu Xia had returned to the Lu Family. She couldn’t stop thinking about Huo Yao and her foster parents’ attitude. She was so upset that she could not fall asleep. She tossed and turned on her bed for a long while. Eventually, she grabbed her phone and began to browse her microblog.

Ever since Lu Xia had participated in the ‘Star Training Camp’, she gained countless fans who liked her sweet voice and her innocent looks. Besides, her agency had devoted a lot of effort to make her well-liked and were trying to build her persona through several channels. As expected, her pictures with those fans at the airport tonight, had become a trending search already.

The pictures were good, and her fans must have posted them after they carefully tweaked the photos. In merely two hours, there were over ten thousand comments. For a new star who had not yet debuted on stage, this was insane.

The only flaw in those otherwise perfect pictures, was that Huo Yao was present in two of them.

The clicks did not capture her face, and the fans also added some blurs in the background. However, with that tall and slender figure and this kind of detached bearing, even after her face being obscured, Huo Yao was still able to demonstrate her beauty.

In fact, the blur became the most intriguing and focal point of the photo.

Lu Xia frowned in displeasure. No matter how she looked at them, she still thought those two photos were an eyesore. She finally calmed herself down and began to read the comments.

Some of the fans had indeed expressed their curiosity about the girl wearing the mask. However, their comments did not stir up any further conversation. Nobody paid much attention to those posts after a while.

Lu Xia breathed in a sigh of relief. She scrolled down to read the comments which were talking her up. The depression which she had been suffering all night long, finally died down.

She thought she must have gone crazy for a second there to have a weird sense of crisis.

Even though that village girl, Huo Yao was a beauty, she was still a trophy girl who was vulgar and without any strong attributes. She had returned to the Huo Family. So what?

She will never be better than me!!

Lu Xia sneered and turned off her phone.

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