Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 28: Spend All You Want!

Chapter 28: Spend All You Want!

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Her gaze was pure, and without any malice. Song Ning could tell right away that Huo Yao was not saying those words against her will or just as a formality.

Her daughter was so sensible. Out of instinct, Song Ning hurled a ton of curses at her son in her heart. What was wrong with his eyes? How dare he say that his baby sister had a bad temper!

“Eh-hem. I am glad that you are not mad. Your dad said that he would drive you to school tomorrow. You can sleep in a bit longer in the morning.” Song Ning added.


“Good. Have some rest. Don’t stay up too late. Good night.” Song Ning turned around, ready to go.

“Mom, wait up.” Huo Yao stopped all of a sudden and then hurried into her bedroom.

Soon, Huo Yao came back to the door and gave Song Ning a ceramic bottle. “One pellet every three days, oral administration. Your migraine problem will be cured in a month.”

Song Ning took the ceramic bottle from her daughter’s hand automatically but her mind was blank. “Is this... from your friend?”

She remembered what her daughter had said earlier and the package which she received today.

Huo Yao mumbled vaguely, making it sound like an affirmative reply.

Song Ning held the bottle and stood there for a bit. Then she smiled and said, “Thank your friend on my behalf. This is a very kind gesture.”

Last time, the pellet which her daughter gave her, was really effective. That being said... she never thought that it was possible to have her health issue cured, once and for all.

Nevertheless, she was happy about her daughter’s kind heart.

Huo Yao could tell that Song Ning did not believe her completely. But she did not say anything and just replied with a smile.


The next morning.

Huo Yao went downstairs. She was wearing a casual top and a pair of pants. Her hair was combed into a ponytail. She had teamed the look with a cross-body canvas bag. Though it was a simple outfit, thanks to her gorgeous face, she looked quite cool and eye-catching in this plain get-up.

Song Ning exclaimed to herself about her daughter’s good looks. Other people had to pick pretty clothes to make themselves look good. As for her daughter, she could bring out the best in all kinds of outfits. Whatever she was wearing, she would look impeccable.

Still —

Song Ning crossed her hands over her chest. “Yaoyao, why didn’t you wear the clothes which I got you? Do you not like them?”

All of a sudden, she felt the clothes she picked out were beneath her daughter.

In case she would repeat and say, “I can get you a new batch if you don’t like them,” indicating that the family was wealthy, Huo Yao put her hand up immediately.

She explained in a hurried tone. “I am just used to wearing pants. Besides, I’ll have to change into my school uniform once I reach school.”

Song Ning answered. “Of course. It was my mistake. I will have people get you some pants.”

She must prepare clothes in various styles to suit her daughter!

Huo Yao, “...”

Huo Jinyan was reading the newspaper. He put it down, and picked up the card which he had prepared.

He looked at Huo Yao and said, “My dear girl, I didn’t buy you anything since I don’t know what you like. This card is a present for you to celebrate the beginning of the semester. Spend all you want. There is no upper limit.”

Huo Yao’s mouth twitched. She looked at the black card with complicated feelings.

Wasn’t the Huo Family supposed to be poor?

But here she was being given a black card, one without limits. Moreover, she could spend as much as she wanted. Why did she have a feeling that her family was a hidden rich household?

Huo Jinyan noticed that his daughter was in a daze. He belatedly remembered that she had grown up in a small county. A few seconds later, he stuffed the card into her hands and added. “You keep the card. The password is your birthday. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it, yet. I will go to the bank and withdraw some cash for you!”

The card was forced onto her and he was preparing more cash.

Huo Yao, “???”

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