Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 32: Hates People Pulling Strings

Chapter 32: Hates People Pulling Strings

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A glint of confusion arose in Huo Yao’s eyes as those words reached her ears. “Some time ago, a guard took my Acceptance Letter away and he said that he was going to verify the information at the Office of Academic Affairs. Sir, didn’t you receive the letter from him?”

Wei Mingzhe frowned. “No. I have been in my office all this time but I didn’t see any security guard stopping by. The Acceptance Letter is an important document. How could you just give it to a security guard?”

Huo Yao’s eyes dimmed. All of a sudden, she remembered the odd expression on that guard’s face when he saw her Acceptance Letter. Back then, she hadn’t thought much of it. But now, she suspected that the guard was waiting for her on purpose to take her document away.

“Only with the Acceptance Letter, can you enroll in No.1 Middle School. Without it, you will have to find another school.” Wei Mingzhe was not exaggerating or trying to scare her.

This was one of the rules of the school.

“Not even with the copy which the school keeps in their file?”

Wei Mingzhe shook his head in negative.

“Okay, got it.” Huo Yao left from there right away.

Wei Mingzhe was startled that Huo Yao would leave so readily. Before he even formed his thoughts, she had already stepped out of his office. He opened his mouth but eventually, no words came out.

She was just a conceited student. Not accepting her was not such a bad thing.

A few minutes later, the Dean hurried into the admissions office. “Wei, did a girl named Huo Yao come to register today?”

He provided additional information a beat later. “A senior student is transferring here.”

Wei Mingzhe did not know why the Dean would appear to be so worried. He said calmly, “She did come but has already left.”

Wei Mingzhe did not try to hide the information.

The Dean immediately relaxed because he thought that Wei Mingzhe had assigned a class to the girl already. “Alright, I am glad she is taken care of. I have other things to attend to. See you later.”

Wei Mingzhe was completely baffled by Dean’s harrowed arrival and hasty retreat. It was then that he realized that the man had misunderstood him. Wei Mingzhe stopped the Dean at once. “No, sir, Huo Yao came here. But I think she forgot to bring her Acceptance Letter. She has already left.”

The Dean spun around immediately. “What did you say? She left? How could you let that happen?”

Wei Mingzhe could not understand why the Dean would pay so much attention to a mere transfer student.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Wei Mingzhe reported to the Dean what Huo Yao had said when she came in. He didn’t hide the matter related to the security guard, either.

The Dean stomped his feet, burning with a frenzy of rage. “Wei, you are so inflexible. Do you know that she is the Principal’s... Never mind. I have to find her.”

Wei Mingzhe watched as the guy left in a hurry. He was still pondering over the words which the other man left unsaid.

The Principal’s what?


Did that mean that the transfer student had not got a ‘perfect score’, but was instead a relative of the Principal?

The more Wei Mingzhe thought about it, the more convinced he was of this. Otherwise, that girl wouldn’t have been so full of herself and the Dean wouldn’t have been so nervous.

Right then, Wei Minghe began to think badly of Huo Yao.

He hated students who got into the school by pulling strings instead of using their ability.


After Huo Yao left the Office of Academic Affairs, she didn’t go to look for the guard. After all, someone had deliberately meant to take away her Acceptance Letter. That guard might have destroyed the letter already. He could insist that he did not take it in the first place and then it would be her words against his.

Hence, Huo Yao decided to go directly to the Principal’s office.

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