Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 43: Grandma Thrashing People

Chapter 43: Grandma Thrashing People

Yang Qiuhua couldn’t help it and blurted out, unhappily. “What are you doing here today?”

Then, as if she had just seen Lu Xia, she added. “Oh, Lu Xia is here as well.”

She gave them a perfunctory welcome.

Lu Xia’s face clouded immediately but she still greeted the old lady with a smile.

“Why can’t I be here? Are you trying to say that Xiaxia and I are the outsiders and should not be here?” He Xiaoman was so angry at her mom that she almost burst into a cackle.

Yang Qiuhua mumbled under her breath. “You should have called before you came here.”

If she knew that He Xiaoman would stop by with Lu Xia today, she wouldn’t have asked Yaoyao to come.

“Xiaxia bought so many presents for you. Why can’t you treat her better? Mom, you cannot pick sides like this!”

He Xiaoman was convinced that Huo Yao must have cast some spell over Yang Qiuhua. She was so cold to her biological granddaughter while she liked the fake granddaughter, tremendously. What was her problem?

“Did you ever treat Yaoyao well?” Yang Qiuhua retorted.

He Xiaoman put her hand over her forehead. “Never mind. I don’t want to argue with you. I just want you to be impartial. That is all what I wish for.”

Yang Qiuhua couldn’t take it anymore and fully mobilized her dissing abilities. “Who wants to argue with you? It is you who came like you wanted to interrogate me. You have spoiled my good mood.”

He Xiaoman’s face turned pale. Seeing this, Lu Xia hurried over to Yang Qiuhua and smiled. “Mom, didn’t you buy a set of jadeite jewelry for grandma? Let’s take it out no, please.”

Lu Xia directed the butler to bring the box. She held Yang Qiuhua’s arm with a bright smile and said, “Grandma, let’s sit down. Why don’t you try on this jewelry and see if you like it. ”

With Lu Xia as the smooth talker, Yang Qiuhua’s sullen mood eased out quite a bit. She didn’t resist when Lu Xia took her to sit down on the sofa.

However, she didn’t extend her hand to try on the jadeite bracelet which Lu Xia had brought out.

She didn’t think twice before refusing it and saying, “I am too old for these things and I didn’t like them to begin with. Put it back in the box.”

Lu Xia’s outstretched hand paused in mid-air. She could not force the bracelet on her grandma now that she sounded so determined. Embarrassed, Lu Xia put the jewelry back in the box.

Soon, Yang Qiuhua shifted her gaze to Huo Yao who was sitting on a recliner, playing with her phone. The look in Yang Qiuhua’s eyes softened. She said, “Yaoyao, take a look. Do you like this?”

Huo Yao was startled by the sudden reference to her. She looked up and blinked in a daze.

Immediately, He Xiaoman turned hopping mad. She came over and said, “Mom, she is a student. She cannot wear jadeite jewelry!”

Yang Qiuhua curled her lips and replied. “She may not be able to wear it now, but I can give the set to Yaoyao’s biological mom!”

He Xiaoman glared at her. “Mom, are you losing your mind? Do you know how much I spent on the jadeite?”

Yang Qiuhua stared back at her. “Weren’t you giving these things to me as a gift?”

She was implying that she could give the jewelry to whoever she wanted, since it was hers.

“I gave it to you as a gift, but you are not supposed to hand the set out to other people!”

He Xiaoman took a deep breath to refrain herself from flying into a rage.

Yang Qiuhua was about to refute it when Lu Xia beat her to it. She darted a glance at Huo Yao and said, “Grandma, my mom specifically picked out this jewelry for you, and the price is quite high. It is not appropriate for you to give this to other people as a gift. How about this? I will go to the mall to pick out another present for Yaoyao to take back with her. “

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