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Chapter 47: Be Careful Not To Scare Her

Chapter 47: Be Careful Not To Scare Her

After lunch, Huo Yao went back to her room, leaving Song Ning and Huo Jinyan in the dining room by themselves.

Song Ning remained seated at the table, delaying the washing of utensils. She stayed there so that she could tell her husband about her conversation with her daughter which happened earlier in the kitchen.

“I think our daughter believes that we owe people money.” Song Ning rested her elbow on the table, looking worried.

Huo Yao hadn’t pressed her with too many questions post that. Nevertheless, Song Ning instinctively believed that Huo Yao must have misread some signs.

Huo Jinyan looked at her and asked. “Is it really that bad? She just happened to run into our accountants downstairs.”

Song Ning shook her head. “No, that’s not it. Her first question for me was if we had any guests over today.”

“I think you are overthinking this. She might have just asked those questions casually. Besides, I don’t think Yaoyao is an overly sensitive girl.” Huo Jinyan was still taking it casually.

“I certainly hope so.” Song Ning heaved a sigh.

All of a sudden, her eyes began to sparkle and she proposed a new idea. “How about we give her another bank card? That way, she will not misunderstand that we owe people money.”

Huo Jinyan actually found this to be feasible. But he suddenly remembered something and said, “She has not used the black card that I gave her last time, even once.”

Song Ning raised her eyebrows but then replied with a shrug. “That is not a problem. I can just withdraw some cash for her.”

“Cash won’t work, either. That day, when I was driving her to school, I wanted to withdraw some cash on our way. But she told me that all young people nowadays use phones to pay their bills. Cash is not convenient.” Huo Jinyan shook his head and vetoed this idea.

“Well... how about we transfer some money to her on WeChat? Right! Why did I forget about WeChat?” Song Ning tapped her head. She hurried up and went to the living room to get her phone.

She had befriended Huo Yao on WeChat a long time ago. Soon, she found Huo Yao’s name on the contact list and clicked on the ‘transfer’ button while discussing with her husband. “How much do you think I should give to Yaoyao? Half a million? A million?”

Huo Jinyin frowned and shook his head. “Don’t be so over the top. You will scare her.”

After all, the Huo Family had always been abiding by the rule of maintaining a low-key appearance and staying away from ostentatiousness. Not even Lu Xia knew about the actual wealth of the family. It was her belief that the Huo Family was merely an average one.

Of course, had Lu Xia been observant enough, she would have noticed that nothing in the Huo Family was average.

Song Ning rolled her eyes at her husband. “Why didn’t you think of keeping a low profile when you gave her the black card the other day?”

Huo Jinyan cleared his throat and pretended that he didn’t hear his wife’s question.

Song Ning thought for a bit and proposed. “How about I give her a hundred thousand? That is low-key enough, right?”

Huo Jinyan agreed. “Sure.”

Song Ning typed in the amount which she was about to transfer. She clicked on ‘Confirm’ and saw a message popping out about the transfer limit.

“Are you kidding me? I cannot transfer so much money at one time.” Song Ning’s face became clouded.

What kind of crappy restriction was this? This was going to sabotage her effort to remove her daughter’s misunderstanding. It was very important that Huo Yao should not get a wrong impression of her family.

Huo Jinyan stroked his eyebrow and said, “How about you give her ten thousand every day? In this way, our daughter can receive pocket money on a daily basis. She will be much happier. Don’t you think?”

Song Ning nodded and confirmed the new transfer amount while saying, “Yes. That is a good idea. I believe that this will bring me closer to my daughter.”

When Huo Jinyan heard his wife’s thoughts about growing closer, it got him thinking. Without saying anything, he took out his phone as well.

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