Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 9: Flaunting Her Fame

Chapter 9: Flaunting Her Fame

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“Is that Xiaxia?”

“Oh my god, I managed to run into my idol at the airport in the middle of the night. How lucky am I!”

“Xiaxia looks so beautiful in real life and seems to be so gentle.”

“My darling Xiaxia, can you sign something for us?”

The girls standing around Lu Xia did not even try to lower their voices. Soon, their shouts caught the attention of other people milling inside the airport. Many people stopped and even Huo Yao and Huo Yanxi paused in their steps and turned around to look at Lu Xia.

Lu Xia was surprised that she would run into some fans here. She adjusted her expression and put on a shy smile, greeting those girls with a friendly attitude. She graciously agreed to take pictures with them, as well.

In the meantime, she was stealing glances at Huo Yao, who stood some distance away.

“Xiaxia has been talented in dancing and singing since she was a child. She joined a girls’ group not long ago. Her agency thinks highly of her and has managed to win her a spot on a talent show. I heard that the talent show is quite popular. I guess those girls are her fans.”

Huo Yanxiao looked at Lu Xia who was standing in the circle of her admirers while he explained this to Huo Yao.

Huo Yao did not seem to be envious or affected by his words at all. She just gave a bland ‘oh’ as a response. The phone was buzzing incessantly in her pocket. She shifted her gaze away from Lu Xia and fished out her phone.

It was a WeChat message.

Y: [Miss Big Shot, help me!]

Huo Yao rubbed her forehead. Her answer revealed her impatience: [Piss off.]

Y: [Miss Big Shot, don’t be like this. You cannot leave me alone.]

Huo Yao’s lips stretched into a cold grin as she stabbed the screen with her long and delicate fingers: [Solve your own problems.]

Having clicked ‘Send’, Huo Yao blocked the contact on her phone.

After the person, ‘Y’ typed and sent out a long message, the only reply received back was: [Message delivery failed. Message delivery denied.]

Y: (ΩДΩ)!!!

While Huo Yao was busy chatting on her phone, Lu Xia, who had finished taking pictures with her fans, came over to where Huo Yao stood. Those girls were unwilling to leave, so they followed Lu Xia and two of the fans were still filming her on their phones.

Huo Yao put her phone back in her pocket. It just so happened that she looked up and saw the two girls who were shooting the video. Huo Yao thought about it and unhurriedly put on a black mask.

Lu Xia found it strange that Huo Yao decided to wear a mask all of a sudden. Though on second thoughts, she felt relieved.

The Huo family had great genes and everyone in the Huo Family was fairly attractive. Lu Xia did not wish her fans to catch a glimpse of Huo Yao’s spectacular face.

Lu Xia began to apologize to them. “I am sorry. I didn’t know that I would run into some fans at the airport. Sorry about the wait.”

Though she was making it sound like an apology, Huo Yao could tell from her raised chin that she was deliberately flaunting her popularity.

There was no turbulence in Huo Yao’s eyes. She just shot Lu Xia a casual glance and looked away.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go.” Huo Yanxi replied.


Huo Yanxi’s car was a common, mid-range car and fell in the range of anywhere between two to three hundred thousand bucks. While the car was not expensive, Huo Yao could deduce that he was not a careless person who would neglect his work, as had been claimed earlier.

After he put Huo Yao’s suitcase into the trunk, he looked at the time and then asked Lu Xia, “Xiaxia, how did you get here?”

Lu Xia stole a peek at Huo Yao and then thought of an answer. “The chauffeur drove me here.”

Huo Yanxi was about to say something when Lu Xia came forward and clung to his arm intimately. It seemed like a natural and endearing gesture on her part.

“Brother, can I ask you something?” She said in an overly sweet voice.

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