Monster Integration

3057 Ship

“Can you really open it?” asked Ellen, a big white round thing made of metal, which is dented in many places.

The ship, supreme fortress of Grimms, across history, there had been extremely few humans have reached so close to this thing. Because it is a death sentence coming to this clone, even Grand Lords wouldn’t survive coming this close.

“Just watch it,” I said to her, and we flew toward it, and when there was only a hundred-meter distance between us and it, a gate materialized in front of us.

I passed through it without stopping and immediately appeared on the other side with Golden Fire Werewolf, a Foxman, and Bearman waiting on another side; the Golden Fire Werewolf is a Grand Lord.

The bastards were hiding one; thankfully, the seed I had left let me manipulate the Grand Lord for a few seconds, which was enough for me to bring it out yesterday and control it with an even more powerful seed from which it could never recover.

“You have them in your control,” said Rai from behind, seeing the blank look in their eyes.

What we did in the next twenty hours did not make me proud, and if it is not necessary, I will not discuss them in my life.

Nobody would.

The slaughter we did had shuddered our souls; till now, we have not killed 0.01% of Grimms as we did in just a few hours. Even though I know each of them deserves it and is necessary for our world, it still shook my heart.

This place contained all tribes and their important people; I even saw the Grimm tribes, which we thoughts were extinct; we killed them too, wiped them all out from the face of the world.

Not all of them were killed directly; I took hundreds of thousands of them in my storage and harvested them for the resources.

Those resources wouldn’t be of any use to me, but they will be extremely useful to the academy as some of them are truly rare that they couldn’t be found in ruins, and now I have them.

“Good; we now have complete access to the Grimm’s fortress,” said Supreme Commander from the other side.

It was surprisingly easy to get control over the Grimm’s fortress; I did not know a thing; it would be this easy considering it was a Grimm-made ship, but it was.

“Congratulations, everyone, you have achieved what every person of the human race dreamed for thousands of years,” said Supreme Commander before turning to me. “Especially you, Lord Zaar; the whole race is indebted to you,” she added.

I did not say anything other than smile.

With the Pyramid getting control over it, thousands of people begin to come from the next minute, taking control over everything.

We have not decided what we do about it yet, but I am sure we will be able to find a few useful ways for it. Before we do that, we will have to wipe all the vermin away from our world and the runes.

It had been three days since I had killed the big Grimms, and since then, I had focused on healing and hunting Grimms.

Today was the day Supreme Commander and everyone woke up, and she had begun calling our people who had gone into hiding. By the end of the day, they will come, and we will begin the proper cleanup.

There are ruins and realms to search, not to mention there are enough hiding places in the world, and we will need to scour through all.

It will take time to kill all Grimms hiding in the holes, months or even years, but we have time, and we will not rest till we have killed every one of the Grimms.

“I can’t believe we have gotten control of the supreme fortress, even Ramona Hawthorn wasn’t able to accomplish that,” said Elina, and everyone turned to me again.

“Everybody had their strengths; I am a little good at this,” I said, “So humble,” Ellen mocked, and everybody laughed.please visit panda(-)

It feels good to be among friends again; even Kevin’s presence seemed bearable now that we have erased the greatest threat of our world.

We have stayed there for a few more hours till Lord Whitmore came and took control over it.

“It is really frustrating that we are healing so slowly; I want to go to the ruins and kill those vermin,” said Elina as she dipped into the healing pool.

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“We all have overexerted ourselves; it will take some time before we heal,” I said with a small smile as I made an adjustment to their healing tubs.

I had not woken up all of them; my mother, professor, and a few others are still healing. Though, I will need to wake up my mother soon, as my sister and father will be returning in half an hour.

I made the adjustment to all of their pools before finally going to my mother.

“Mom,” I said gently as I woke her. “What happened? Did we win?” she asked as her eyes flew open.

“Yes, we did,” I replied gently, and I could see her tense body relaxing visibly. “You have killed it?” she asked with surety as if she knew I was the one who did the deed.

“Yes,” I affirmed, and her expression became serious, with pain filling her eyes.

“It must have been very difficult?” she asked softly.

“Yes, it was,” I said. “It was all my fault; if I had been stronger, you wouldn’t have to go through all these difficulties,” she said as she caressed my cheeks.

“It is because of you I had the strength to go through these things,” I said, and a smile appeared on her face.

“I am proud of you,” she said, and I smiled.

“You should get ready; father and Rose are returning soon,” I said, and that instantly widened her eyes, and she immediately appeared out of the tub; a minute later, she went to clean up while I went to my room.

There are thousands of things I have to do, but like my mother, I also want to welcome my family with her; the other things could be done later.

I also showered and wore a new set of clothes before walking out of the room; a few minutes later, my mother too also returned from her room.

She looks good, except for little paleness that is not noticeable unless one focuses on her; other than that, she looks completely healthy.

She is not; she has barely recovered 35% of her power, but it is fine; she could rest and recover her family.

“Let’s go,” I said after I received the message, and both of us disappeared and appeared in the hall.

The rune-breaking gate was active, and people were coming out, and we only needed to wait for a couple of seconds before I saw my father coming out with my sister by his shoulder.

He froze when he saw us, especially my mother; it made Rose turn toward us, and her eyes went wide.

“Mommy!” she shouted, and immediately mom appeared beside her and took her in her hands.

“My precious girl,” said mom and began to kiss her cheeks as tears fell from her eyes.

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