Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1622

1622 Helping 4

Then she told the coachman to drive on.

Lingyun had been feeling quite distressed, but as she came into the coach and heard Gu Chaoyan’s cold voice, she somehow relaxed.

She sneered. “He was trying to make some other lies for me. He again said that he wanted to marry me, and then explained why he treated me like that before. He was trying to make me stay by his side and work for him.”


“He must be used to making me do this and that. He can’t change it.”



“I ran away previously, so today I was telling him goodbye. From this day on, I am going to take revenge.”


“The person who set me up was a maid working for Wuxing. She had been serving Wuxing and was trying to squeeze me out of Wuxing’s bed, so she framed me.”


“However, Wuxing did not believe what I said.”


“And he never punished her either.”


“I didn’t see her today. A maid probably couldn’t be attending the banquet, but I am sure that she is with him.”


“If I see her again, I will definitely sort this out,” Lingyun said.

Hearing Lingyun’s narration… Gu Chaoyan fell into contemplation.

Lingyun might be someone who made the most dangerous poisons, but she was straightforward and naive.

She believed that the maid was setting her up because she drooled for Wuxing, but…

In her opinion… that might not have been the full story.

Everyone could tell what relationship Lingyun and Wuxing had. Wuxing was just using her, not treating her with a heart. A maid should have witnessed that and she did not have to take the risk to frame Lingyun.

She even believed that Lingyun got poisoned because of something else.

However, she could not say clearly how that happened after just hearing a few words from Lingyun.

She was going to make a judgment when she got in touch with the maid.

Gu Chaoyan did not ask anything more despite the confusion.

She took her hands, asking, “But how are you feeling now?”

“Very relieved.” Lingyun smiled, and looked happy. “I was always thinking about how to marry him and my world was full of him. Now I have recovered and I have many things to deal with.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled.

She patted the back of her hands, knowing that she was truly relieved.

The wagon was heading towards Xinlin Mansion.

Wuxing, who was standing outside the gate, returned without any achievements.

He had full access to go about in the court, because the King gave them authority tokens.

After he returned to the palace….

He went directly into Elder Qianji’s room.

Elder Qianji was just bothered by what the Head of the Snow Territory told him, so when he saw Wuxing entering, he smiled brightly, thinking that he was here with some good news.

“How did it go?” Elder Qianji asked.

“Not well. She was still mad at me and could not take in my words. I still need to work on her more. Women are always like that, they need sweet words. It is good that she is serving the Phoenix Girl now, that will always be a benefit for us.” Wuxing was furious, but still spoke so confidently.

“Well…” Elder Qianji was about to say something when he heard footsteps outside.

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