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Chapter 337 - Chapter 337: Spirit Devouring Array and Insect 36 (1)

Chapter 337: Spirit Devouring Array and Insect 36 (1)

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Lin Yan’s expression was solemn. The Insect King’s clone had not escaped his control, but the Insect King’s clone had clearly gone to a place he could not go or touch.

He took a deep breath and focused all his consciousness on the insect king clone.

He was unable to connect to his clone’s vision, but the Gadfly King clearly did not have such a thing as vision. Instead, it used a more direct and sharp perception to sense the surrounding situation.

This allowed Lin Yan to sense the world around it through the Gadfly King’s perception.

It was a boundless, chaotic, and endless white fog world. The ground was like an endless white jade that supported the endless fog floating above.

Unlike before, this time, the fog did not cover the sky and block out the sun, so thick that nothing could be seen clearly.

Through the perception of the Insect King’s clone, Lin Yan could see that in the surrounding fog, there were countless tall mountains that seemed to be trembling slightly.

“I think I’ve heard of such a scene somewhere…”

The next moment, Lin Yan’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s Xiaozhi! Xiaozhi said it before!”

At that time, the first white jade scar appeared on Xiaozhi’s body. When she fell unconscious, she said that she seemed to have dreamed of a fog, and there were many tall mountains in the fog!

Previously, when he used his Mind Connection Technique to contact Xiaozhi, she had also confirmed that there was a fog and high mountains around where she was!

He had also tried to imagine what it was like before. Now that he saw the scene in front of him, it immediately matched Xiaozhi’s description!

It was the same fog that filled the sky, and the same high mountain in the fog was faintly visible!

Was this a coincidence, or did Xiaozhi enter such a similar place after she fainted?

At the thought of this, Lin Yan’s heart subconsciously began to beat faster.

It had never happened before!

He was so close to the secret of Xiaozhi fainting and turning into a jade statue!

This foggy world must be related to Xiaozhi!

He finally found a clue to Xiaozhi’s secret!

However, when he wanted to control his clone to investigate deeper into the fog, he realized that his clone could not walk out at all!

It was not that the clone could not move, but that the clone was bound to the spot by an invisible force. No matter if it ran, jumped, or crawled, it could only step on the spot and could not advance!

At this moment, a subtle tremor came from the depths of the fog.

Immediately after, it was as if a storm had suddenly risen. The fog actually began to surge!

Lin Yan controlled his clone and looked up. His heart skipped a beat. In the distance, a huge mountain hidden in the fog world suddenly began to move!

Not just one, but all the tall mountains seemed to have begun to tremble, causing the endless fog around them to roll endlessly.

At this moment, on the huge white jade on the ground, a black rune pattern suddenly lit up in all directions.

It was as if an invisible brush was constantly carving on the surface of the white jade. In all directions, the extremely complicated black rune patterns were constantly drawing and gathering in the direction of Lin Yan’s clone.

In an instant, they gathered under Lin Yan’s clone’s feet, forming an extremely complicated huge rune pattern that surrounded his clone in the middle. A huge black hemisphere suddenly appeared and enveloped Lin Yan.

The rune shone brightly and suddenly emitted a dazzling golden light. The phantom of a huge divine turtle that was four to five meters tall suddenly pierced through the rune pattern!

Caught off guard, Lin Yan only had time to make his clone jump to the right, but the divine turtle phantom still grazed the right side of his body. In an instant, his entire right leg, along with a small portion of his body, disappeared!

However, the wound was extremely flat and was covered in a layer of black light. The clone did not die and collapse. Clearly, this clone’s body was not made of flesh and blood.

“This is… the aura of the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother!”

Lin Yan instantly sensed that this divine turtle phantom was definitely from the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother!

After tearing apart half of Lin Yan’s clone’s body, the divine turtle phantom did not lose its momentum. It directly collided with the hemispherical black light barrier above. Crackling black lightning shot out, causing the entire black light barrier to tremble.



A deep and angry roar suddenly sounded from the void, as if lightning had exploded.

It wasn’t a real voice, but a method similar to the Mind Connection Technique to transmit information, which exploded in Lin Yan’s consciousness. Therefore, even though there was a language barrier, Lin Yan directly understood the meaning of the message.

At the same time, the black light barrier that enveloped Lin Yan suddenly shone brightly. It stacked four to five layers and instantly stabilized. It withstood the divine turtle phantom that rushed out and firmly controlled it.

The two of them were in a stalemate. The black light continued to extract energy from the runes under Lin Yan’s feet, but the divine turtle phantom was like water without a source. It became dimmer and dimmer. Finally, it roared unwillingly and transformed into a dazzling golden light that was swallowed by the surrounding black light barrier.

The divine turtle phantom shattered. The pitch-black rune pattern under Lin Yan’s feet also converged its light and slowly disappeared into the depths of the jade.

“Insect 36! Do you want to die?”

The angry voice sounded again.

Lin Yan’s heart skipped a beat.. Was Insect 36 referring to Battlefield 36? Was this voice talking to the Gadfly King of Battlefield 36, which was him?

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