Chapter 635

Chapter 635

The new world was located in the immortal sect encampment in the Abyssal Rift area of the western park.

Apart from the sect hall that represented the core of the territory, there were only a few defensive towers, a few puppets on patrol, and the transportation formation at the back of the hall.

The formation patterns of the transportation formation shone brightly. A moment later, Tang Yu walked out of the gradually dissipating light.

The suppression force of the new world was once again used on him.


During this period of time, he had been constantly adapting to the rules of the new world with the Origin Star Secret Technique. In other words, from a stowaway, he gradually had a legal identity.

Now, he could unleash 70% of his combat power.

Fearless, jpg!

The map of the territory in his brain kept shrinking. Apart from a few light circles in the new world, everything else was pitch black.

In the darkness, there were a few shining dots of light.

They represented Fanny, Gretel, and Zhong Ping.

The places Fanny walked through were also pitch black, but one could vaguely see mountains and rivers.

She was very far away from the territory, a distance that exceeded the diameter of an earth.

Even the connection between contracts was greatly disturbed.

Tang Yu sent a message to Fanny and then waited silently on the transportation formation.

He estimated that there was not much time difference and opened the transportation formation to search. Finally, he saw an external coordinate.

Fanny had activated the Positioning Crystal.


The profound formation markings lit up and his figure disappeared without a trace.

The bizarre scene kept changing in front of his eyes. As he was in the sticky space channel, time was extremely slow.

Tang Yu had already touched the fur of the space law. He could clearly see the lines of the space law.

He had the urge to fiddle with it.

He quickly suppressed his thoughts of courting death.

The spatial law that he had just touched was just enough to “tear” the area, but if it changed the rhythm of the space, it would either be cold or cool.

Playing with space was dangerous.

A moment later, a sense of rejection came from the space, and he was “vomited” out.

At first glance, he saw Fanny beside him.

“The concentration of Genesis Qi here is even stronger.”

He released his senses and immediately sensed a dozen or so unique auras – auras that were different from that of beasts.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

His figure flashed and disappeared into the forest.

Fanny followed closely behind. In the blink of an eye, only the rustling sound of the wind blowing through the treetops could be heard.

The outskirts of the Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range.

A dozen or so warriors dressed in black armor pushed aside the bushes with their long blades and walked cautiously through the mountain forest.

“Leader, this is the Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range. Are we still going to continue chasing?”

The young armored soldier was a little worried. The Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range was a publicly acknowledged danger zone. Not to mention the Black Armored Army soldiers like them, even the experts of the royal court did not dare to go deep into the Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range.

“What are you afraid of? We are only at the outer perimeter. We are still far from the true Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range. You are still young. You won’t be afraid if you practice a few more times.

Besides, this Steel Fur Boar Demon has already harmed three villages. If we can’t kill the Pig Demon this time, your head will be sacked!”

The Black Armored Army Commander was also very helpless.

Sishui County was remote and the imperial court was weak. This time, the steel fur pig demon had harmed three villages in a row, which showed the weakness of the Black Armored Army in Sishui County.

The surrounding villages were already ready to make a move.

Especially the last time, although they had clearly set up an ambush to capture the steel fur pig demon, it still escaped. Many Black Armored Army soldiers were injured because of this.


The Steel Fur Pig Demon was also heavily injured. As long as he chased after it, it would not be difficult to kill it and bring it back to its head.

The commander took a few steps forward, pushed aside the grass, and saw a pool of blood hidden under the grass.

He dipped his finger in front of his tongue and gently pointed, “It’s the blood of the Pig Demon. It just left not long ago!”

The group of people quickened their pace.

Tang Yu and Fanny stood in the air, and the group of people in the Black Armored Army could clearly see them.

“One is at the twelfth layer, two is at the tenth layer, and the rest are at the peak of the ninth layer. Their strength is not weak, and they have a certain chance of winning even if they are facing the great circle of the awakened realm.”


He looked into the distance and saw through the layers of space.

The Black Armored Army’s ten-odd awakened ones chased for a few more kilometers before finally seeing a huge monster in the mountain forest not far away.

It had a body that was five to six meters tall. Its grayish-brown fur was like steel spikes, emitting a cold metallic light.

Beside the Steel Fur Pig Demon, there was a wound that was more than two meters long. Its scarlet muscles had already stopped the bleeding from the wound, but its aura had already declined by quite a bit.

“Found it, Pig Demon…”

Before the commander could finish his words, the trees twenty to thirty meters tall in the distance collapsed as if they had been shoveled by a forklift, revealing a body as large as a small mountain behind the dense foliage.

Another Steel Fur Pig Demon!

The aura… was that of the Great Circle of the Awakening Stage!

The injured little pig demon pounced beside the giant pig demon and cried out.

All of a sudden,

A terrifying aura descended upon the Black Armored Army.

The black-armored commander’s expression changed. “Form up!”

At this time, the trees in the other directions were pushed down one after another. A few smaller trees appeared, but they were still bigger than the steel fur pig demon that they were chasing.

For a moment, the black-armored commander’s face was filled with despair. The young black-armored soldiers in the team had their hands trembling, their hearts thumping non-stop.

“The Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range is indeed not a place we should come to.” “It’s my fault. I stopped them. How many of you can escape?”



The air was filled with sadness.

The black-armored commander injected his Origin Energy into the runic saber and bowed slightly.



A thick pillar of fire fell from the sky.

The eyes of the Black Armored Army soldiers turned into a sea of flames, and a wave of heat assaulted their faces.

The flames came and went quickly, leaving behind only a patch of charred ground.

It was the smell of roasted meat that filled the air.

It could be eaten with cumin.

The Black Armored Army Commander seemed to have sensed something as he raised his head and saw two figures floating in the air.

His pupils couldn’t help but stop being shocked and… joyful.

Void Treading Realm expert!

“Respected Sir, welcome to our Sishui County.”

The Black Armored Army Commander said with a face full of reverence.

Behind them were the Black Armored Army soldiers. They used ropes to pull the charred heads of the Iron Fur Pig Demons. Fanny was still holding half of the roasted pig leg in her hand.

Along the way, they attracted the attention of many people.

Perhaps it was because the Black Armored Army was very symbolic. They were not questioned at the gate of the city and went straight to Sishui County.

The street of the county was not spacious. It was surrounded by two or three floors of wooden buildings. It could be seen that the level of civilization in Sishui County was still in a relatively backward stage.

“All right, you don’t have to follow me anymore.”

“Then… Sir, if you need anything, just tell us. We are at the eastern drill ground.”

The Black Armored Army commander hesitated for a moment, but still left.

Sishui County’s drill ground.

The Black Armored Army soldier who had completed the mission was somewhat puzzled. “Captain, are we leaving just like this?” If we can rope in those two experts to become our Black Armored Army’s offerings, will we still need to worry about the surrounding demon beasts and villages in the future? “

“You are still too young.” The commander shook his head, his face still filled with reverence, “Those two are Void Treading Realm experts, how can we rope them in? Even in Luo City, Void Treading Realm experts can hold a high position.”

“Moreover, those two should be experts from other countries. Being able to be saved by them is already very fortunate. As a person, we can not ask for too much.”

Tang Yu held a plain and thick paper map in his hand. It came from the Black Armored Army Commander. It was a hand-drawn version. It was not very accurate, but he could roughly tell something.

The place they were in was called Great Chang, a country belonging to humans.

Sishui County was located in the south of Great Chang, a border county. Further south was the endless Heavenly Chasm Mountain Range.

He roughly estimated that the Great Chang Dynasty occupied a large area, comparable to the White Bear Kingdom on Earth, but the population was not large… Or rather, it could be said that the land utilization rate of the entire Great Chang Dynasty was very low.

The dynasty had ten and three big cities as its core.

Sishui County would belong to the Luohe City in the south.

Apart from a few areas within the radiation range of the big city, most of the areas in Great Chang were barren mountains, west and east. There were also no human countries.

It was said that there were several nomadic tribes in the north, but there was no conflict with Great Chang – for humans, the real threat came from the demon beasts in the mountains.

“Sishui County is too remote in the end. What the Black Armored Army Commander knows is already the vast majority of what we can understand here. There is no need to continue staying here.”


“To the capital, the Great Chang Dynasty has the Unity Realm, which is also a Second Level Transcendent expert. They should know a lot about this plane.”

The two of them rose into the air and disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

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