My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“Ah, you’re the new hero!” The shopkeeper exclaimed. “I’m so glad to meet you.”

“Ah, this… maybe not for long, but since I’m going to the dungeon tomorrow, I figured I needed to be prepared.”

Naturally, I had agreed to their conditions. At the moment, Chalm was all I had. It was only appropriate that I used my abilities to help Chalm if I could. It was a little scary, but I’d be protected by a bunch of strong men, and I was a bit curious to see this dungeon that people were talking about. 

“Oh, don’t say that… I heard about that noble. Arrogant people like him never get their way.”

“Perhaps… either way, can you recommend me some supplies?”

“Ah, yes, the guild leader already sent me a message. Since he is forcing you on this trip, he said he’d pay for your supplies. I’ve already put together a pack full of all the required stuff.”

The girl pointed to a giant backpack full of supplies. It contained food and water for a few days, a bedroll, grooming supplies, a small tent, and various odds and ends like lighting and ropes. The backpack was of the size I was. Just picking it up caused my knees to groan. I suddenly found myself envying the noble and his packrat slave. I could really use someone to carry supplies for me.

“You may want to check the seamstress next store. Although enchanted clothing is less safe than armor, given your… type… it’s probably best if you used robes.” The shopkeeper gave me a thumbs-up as she watched me struggle to lift the backpack.

“My type?”

“A mage!” She responded.

“I see…” I stumbled out of her store with the backpack weighing me down and worked my way over to the store with a needle and thread on the sign that should be the seamstress.

I couldn’t read, but this wasn’t that uncommon in this world, so no one found it odd. Since it wasn’t unusual, it also meant most stores had a sign that universally represented them. Blacksmiths had an anvil and a hammer, General stores had a barrel, and the enchanter was a book.

Stumbling in, I dropped the backpack at the entrance. The shop was small and tidy. Glancing around, I could tell there was very little for sale. This looked like a shop that typically made things on demand. The woman behind the counter was middle-aged, short, busty, with a pair of specs. When she looked up from her book at me, she nodded.

“Oh, yes, you’re the one I’ve wanted to see.”


“I noticed your clothes when you came into town. I’ve never seen a cut like them. That stitch is so perfect I can barely believe it.”

It was just a t-shirt and some jeans, nothing to get too excited about.

“Haha… well, I’m glad you like them.”

“Can I buy them?”


“Your clothing! I want to buy it! I’d like to examine this cloth and see where it comes from. It looks quite wealthy.”

Now that I recalled, the noble had been angry at me, but he hadn’t looked down on me like the others. Perhaps it was because of these clothes that he mistook me for someone else rich.

“I don’t have anything else to wear,” I explained. “In fact, I came here, hoping to buy more clothing for my journey to the dungeon.”

“That’s right… I seem to recall something like that.” The girl tapped her glasses. “That’s right! You’re the new hero, yes?”

“Ah… that’s right.”

The girl nodded, “Then I’ll tell you what. I will give you three full sets of clothing. I’ll include a set with armor enchantments and even a robe with some mana increasing properties. I hear you’re some sort of mage, so for you, that would be the best.”

“Very well… but can I have them done before tomorrow morning?”

“That’s true… so little time, but I’ll definitely do it. Now give me those clothes!”

I ended up walking out of the shop, feeling like I was mugged. I was wearing a large tunic and pants of the very plain variety. She assured me the stuff she’ll make will be of much higher quality, but I could keep this set on the house. Well, at least they were fresh clothing.

Shortly after making the sale, text appeared in my vision.

{You have sold something! You have unlocked the job: Merchant.}

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