My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

It seems that I erred a bit. I had let Lydia into my sheets because I felt bad and wanted to seem cool at that moment. The result was that I really struggled to sleep. Lydia’s arm ended up over my chest and her face was right at my neck. Every time she exhaled, I could smell her sweet breath and feel the warmth of it right on my neck. I had never been this close to a girl before. My previous attempts to ask girls out went as disastrously as that last one, and so this was completely outside my territory.

She was incredibly pretty. By all accounts, I shouldn’t even be that attracted to her. She probably hadn’t bathed in days. She was dirty, she had no makeup on, and she was literally wearing my spare shirt. Yet, it took all of my control to keep myself from pushing her down. The fact that she was trained as a courtesan made me keep thinking about all the dirty things she must know. I had grown up in the internet age, so I had seen my share of erotic stuff, but she actually had hands-on experience. Well, she was a virgin, but she had to at least have practiced on a banana or something!

If I bought her… could I have her? She already called me master. This relationship was master-slave already. Couldn’t I just push things into the sex slave territory? Would that really be so wrong? No… that would be wrong. She wasn’t mine, and even if I bought her, I should free her, because that was the right thing to do. If I took advantage of a slave, how could I look my family in the eyes when I passed away? Well, who knew if any of their souls could even reach this world, let alone make it down to this dungeon.

By the time morning came along, I had fled the covers and was preparing breakfast myself. Lydia was still in the sheets, but she woke up and lifted her head with a yawn. My shirt hung down, giving me just a glimpse down her shirt as she looked up at me with cute cat ears twitching on her head. Ah! I burned myself!

“Weak Heal…” I sighed, finally able to resist looking at her for a bit.

Healing was advantageous in this instance. Being able to cure burns was really nice. No, I wasn’t paying attention to the rustling behind me as she changed back into her old slave outfit which fit her better. I had washed it the best I could with water and sewed the rips I could. It still looked tattered, but her body was no longer exposed to me.

“What are you making?” She asked, finally completely dressed.

Keeping my eyes from roaming over her body, I explained. “This is something I came up with myself.”

It was basically just sweet rice with some meat. As soon as I poured the contents in separate bowls for Lydia and me, text crossed my vision.

{You have created your own dish. You have unlocked the job: Cook.}

Oh, wonderful. Now I could cook as well as Lydia. It was just a shame that in two days we’d have nothing left to eat and would effectively starve.

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