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Chapter 2591: The Tiger Wing

Chapter 2591: The Tiger Wing

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The Tiger Wing

Immortal Emperor Yao’s words startled Qin Yu. He quickly looked at Hua Qianje’s sea of consciousness.

At this moment, the “suppress” yellow talisman that sealed her sea of consciousness had slightly shortened, and not much time had passed since then.

Judging by this speed, this “suppress” puppet talisman would completely dissipate in about three days.

Ni Fei’s other seed contained the skill of ‘true vision”.

It allowed him to see a thousand meters away, and this distance was also constantly shrinking.

At this moment, a seed of Revered Qi remained in Hua Qianje’s consciousness. Through Hua Qianje’s divine sense, Qin Yu knew it was a force called the “Land of Disorder.”

“Are you sure this is the Land of Disorder? If that’s the case, this kid of the Qi family is considered very generous.”

Immortal Emperor Yao sounded a little surprised.

“What skill is this?”

Qin Yu asked curiously.

“In this Saint Kingdom, everything is controlled by the thoughts of the Saint. Everything here is to allow him to control this Saint Kingdom better. It’s the order of the Saint Kingdom.”

“Doesn’t this Saint Kingdom belong to the Dao Mystical Saint? Could it be that the power here isn’t something he can use at will?”

Qin Yu was a little puzzled.

“You must understand the sequence of events. The eighteen Saint Kingdoms came between heaven and earth first and only later did the Saints emerge. Among the living beings, it is unknown how long they have been multiplying, and some are even more powerful than words could describe. It’s just that they couldn’t obtain the Heart of the Saint Kingdom to gain control over this Saint Kingdom. Even I have never seen what the eighteen Saint Kingdoms looked like before. Till now, no one knows how the eighteen Saint Kingdoms were born.”

Immortal Emperor Yao sneered and said.

“Are you saying that even the Saint can’t thoroughly control this kingdom and can only design some related order to control this power further?”

“It’s more or less like this. After you live here for some time, you will understand more about what I’m saying.”

Qin Yu fell silent. This Kingdom of Saint seemed to be more complicated than he had imagined.

Even if he had the Heart of Saint King and a few seeds now, Immortal Emperor Yao would still not think highly of him.

“Does this seed contain the Land of Disorder that can avoid the rules designed by the Saint?”

Qin Yu asked with some doubt. He could not think of where he could use this seed for the time being.

“This kid from the Qi family must have condensed this seed at a great price. How you can use it depends on your judgment. If you use it well, it will have a heaven-defying effect. If you use it badly, it might not show any effect at all.” Immortal Emperor Yao said, smiling.

The Holy Lord had fallen, and the divine kingdom had no master. Everyone was fighting for this Heart of Saint Kingdom. How would the living beings here react? It was really interesting to be able to watch another game before leaving! Interesting!

Immortal Emperor Yao laughed heartily in Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness.

Qin Yu fell silent. Immortal Emperor Yao seemed to have recovered some of his memories after absorbing the Saint power. He was now different from before.

At this moment, on the other end of Saint Kingdom, someone with a divine flame rune on his forehead revealed a puzzled expression.

In his hand, a compass slowly revolved, following the ancient wooden compass’s rotation.

The old man looked up at the starry sky, observing the orbit of the stars and the changes in the clouds.

With the brightness, position, and combination of the constellations, countless pieces of information entered his mind.

He moved his hand slightly and input the information. The compass began to rotate automatically.

Tadpole-like ink symbols slowly flowed out of the ancient body of the compass.

These symbols were reconstructed in the air and formed new words.

“Elder Tianji, how are things? Every time you deduce the heavenly secrets, formidable living beings attack us. This thing appears to have triggered the power here, doesn’t it?”

Beside him, a burly man frowned and said.

On his back, a massive blade was strapped against his broad frame.

“Although Lord Su paid a great price for me to bring the divine secret compass here, it will still take some time to familiarize myself with the Saint power here. However, someone here has already unlocked the limit of a region. This Saint Kingdom is about to undergo a huge change. We might have to be separated for a while, Ju Wuwei.”

“With this Tiger Wing, I won’t be afraid regardless of what I face. But are you okay?”

Ju Wuwei said with a frown.

In the distance, a giant lizard as large as a mountain quietly appeared under the moonlight. It was hundreds of feet long, and its scales flickered with a bronze light. Its huge claws stomped on the ground, creating a muffled vibration sound, crushing the trees they stepped on.

Elder Tianji did not answer Ju Wuwei’s question. He seemed to be comprehending some information.

“Why did such a powerful demonic beast suddenly appear? The strongest one here previously was a Confused Consciousness demon fox. The gap between their strength is at least three times compared with this lizard.”

Ju Wuwei said doubtfully, his left hand holding the hilt of his saber. His tall body emitted a powerful internal qi, and his muscles bulged as if they contained boundless power.

As he gripped the hilt, Ju Wuwei’s internal qi seemed to have changed.

“Hiss! ”

As the lizard approached Ju Wuwei, it let out a sharp screech, and its massive body slammed into the tiny human before it.

“Clang! ”

The moment the lizard arrived in front of him, he waved his arm and wielded the hilt of the saber. A dazzling saber light instantly bloomed.

The Tiger Wing in his hands instantly cut the giant lizard into two.

Ju Wuwei put away his saber in his palm and slowly rubbed the blade.

Although Tiger Wing had killed the lizard with one slash, there was no blood on it.

“What a good saber! I’ve lost contact with the Tiger Wing for many years and didn’t expect to obtain this saber in the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom. I am already content with this trip.”

Ju Wuwei laughed heartily.

“Martial arts are hard to understand. This demonic beast is far stronger than you, but you killed it so easily. No wonder Lin Nantian has chosen you.”

Without Elder Tianji’s assistance in obtaining this Tiger Wing, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Just like your heavenly secret divination, it’s like trying to make sense of a mist-shrouded flower for me. It’s all a matter of practice and familiarity.”

Ju Wuwei said with a smile.

“We all have our missions for this trip, including the final candidate for this Saint Kingdom. If the alien race obtains another Saint throne, the next generation of the human race will have no chance at all.”

Elder Tianji shook his head, stared at the sky, and said.

“It’s almost time. I’ll give you a piece of advice before I leave. Fight when you

meet the strong and retreat when you meet the weak Silhseanently more

changes will occur in this expanse of heaven and earth. The living beings we may encounter may undergo even more earth-shattering changes..”

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