My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 3423 (Plot) 137

Chapter 3423 (Plot) 137

The man's voice was light, and there was no joy, anger, or sorrow in it.

"Yeah," Baili Xi nodded. Originally, the Baili family was built up by my father, but who knew that after my father died, the family started to treat us badly."

"Then why didn't you get kicked out?" the man asked.

Baili Xi took a good look at the man's expression. After making sure that he was not happy or sad, and that there was only curiosity in his eyes, she said, " "Because Yingluo, because I'm a 3S grade talent, but big sister is only S grade. Plus, she's a strong-willed person, so she was chased out of the house."

"Then where did she get married to?" the man asked.

"Yingluo, you really don't know my sister?" Baili Xi was confused.

"You're afraid that I'll know her?" The man asked.

"No, no, no. If you know her, I'll be very happy too. After all, she's my only sister."

"I've never seen her, and she's never seen me. Go ahead." The man urged.

"Really? Then why do you keep asking about her?" Baili Xi did not believe it.

"My master is the sect master of the waiting moon sect, the leader of the four sects. Do you think he has the need to lie to you? Who are you? Say it or not!"

The people around the sect master of moon sect became irascible again.

Baili Xi's eyes widened, his face full of disbelief.

Waiting moon gate!

The leader of the four gates, the waiting moon gate!

you're so lucky! Baili Xi did not know what words to use to describe his luck.

"Are you really the sect master of the waiting moon sect?"

"Why are you so angry? You didn't answer our sect master's question, and you didn't believe him when he told you his identity. It's fine if you don't believe us, we don't need you to believe us."

"i believe! Trust! I believe you!" baili xi nodded and said, " "Only the sect master of the waiting moon sect could have such a graceful bearing!"

"Then answer my question. Who is she married to?"

The sect master of the waiting moon sect had always been a legendary figure. Back then, he had appeared out of nowhere, and many sects and families had tried to slap his face. However, he had relied on his super powerful martial strength to persevere on Emperor moon.

Among the four sects, eight families, and seventy-two sects, the strength of the seventy-two sects was far inferior to the four sects and eight families.

however, there was a ranking among the families. And the highest ranked of the four gates was the waiting moon gate.

It was an extremely mysterious sect, and it was even more powerful than the heavenly return sect.

therefore, she was very sure that bai liyue did not know the sect master of the waiting moon sect, jian jia. it was impossible for qianqian to know bai liyue.


my sister has married into the heavenly return sect. She is now the young lady of the heavenly return sect.

"Heavenly return sect? What's the sect master's surname?" The man looked at his assistant with confusion.

"Sect master, my surname is Feng."

The man was stunned. what? "

"Feng Kun,"

"Do you have a picture of him?"

"Cheng Yi, Feng Kun's photo."

The Deputy looked at the other Deputy who had not said a word. The one called Cheng Yi quickly opened his space ring and searched.

"I found it."

Cheng Yi handed the photo over with both hands.

He took the photo and looked at it. old man? Your sister is married to an old man?"

Baili Xi quickly moved closer to the sect leader of the waiting moon sect before looking at the photo.

this is the second elder of the acting sect leader. My sister is married to the young master of the heavenly return sect.

Qianqian then looked at Cheng Yi and said, " "I want to see young master's photo."

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