Chapter 2126: Fading Away

Chapter 2126: Fading Away

Lu Yun’s fists came fast and furious, beating the Snowmountain city lord until he saw stars and begged for mercy.

It wasn’t until now that terror set in for the old man. All of his combat arts, immense strength, and everything that he was was impotent in front of this genteel young man. Had the enemy reached such heights??

No, not yet.

If he’d reached the pinnacle, he could change the entire layout of the nothing from where he stood. He wouldn’t need to take any action to reduce Snowmountain to rubble.

“Who, who are you??” the city lord shrieked.

Instead of answering, Lu Yun continued slamming his fists into the man’s face and rendered his features indecipherable.

“Surrender, I surrender! I yield!” the city lord begged. “All of Snowmountain is yours. Everything here and the billions of ghost zombies!”

“Do I need your surrender?” A cold lilt upturned Lu Yun’s lips.

Ghost zombies?

That was an existence that could not be reversed. He wasn’t able to return them to the state of the living even if he used the power of reincarnation. Since they couldn’t be salvaged, what did he want those disgusting and idiotic things for?

Their corpse qi assimilated other living beings when they touched others, so the only thing Lu Yun wanted to do with the ghost zombies was to stamp them out of existence forever.

As for the lords of the cities of nothing who’d created them… he held only one thought about them as well—kill!

Thus, Lu Yun grabbed the Snowmountain city lord’s head while black sparks danced in his eyes. The city lord wailed with anguish as he burned to ashes amid a sea of flames. His soul was also refined by the young man.

After perusing his new wealth of knowledge, Lu Yun frowned when he discovered more about the nothing.

“What is it?” Qing Yu walked up to him and grasped his hand tightly.

“I see…” Lu Yun caressed her head with a smile. “Nothing, I’ve just learned why the first patch of existence was destroyed. It’s a thorny issue and if it’s not taken care of, the world of immortals will still be destroyed by it even when it’s complete.

“But that isn’t why these bastards build cities in the nothing and plague all of life.” He clenched his fists tight.

“The framework of the world of immortals is not stable.” A dream-like voice drifted in from a distant space and time.

Lu Yun started.

“Mo Yi?” he asked subconsciously.

“Yes,” the mistress nodded. “From dao came one, and one begat two, two gave birth to three, and from three… three results in all living things. No matter what kind of world it is, whether it is reality in the nothing or not, nothing escapes this theorem. Only with the three worlds as support can all things be derived.”𝑓𝙧𝚎𝑒𝔀𝙚𝑏𝑛𝑜vel. c૦m

Lu Yun nodded without a word.

“I have come to bid you farewell.” Mo Yi’s voice was ethereal and airy; the relief of release could be heard within it.

Lu Yun froze.

“My old friend has passed and I am needed to complete the final step. Farewell.”


Her voice wasn’t heard from again after that final greeting. Lu Yun’s heart clenched tight—a very important person was leaving him forever.

While he’d never viewed her with any semblance of love or even anything that could strictly be defined as friendship, she’d been of vital importance throughout the course of his development. Without her, there would be no Lu Yun of today.

But now, she was forever departed from him.

A faint shadow slowly filled in next to Lu Yun. Tushan Miao—the little fox.

She flung herself into his arms the moment she materialized and bawled for all she was worth. Her dense grief and yearning filled the burning city, setting all of it on fire. Ghost zombies, including the immensely powerful zombie emperors, were reduced to ash in a sea of boundless black flames.

Faces that smiled with the relief of eased suffering vanished in the void.


The little fox’s arrival filled in the last hole in Lu Yun’s heart.

“Lu Yun Lu Yun, the mistress gave me something before she sent me here.” The little fox paused her nuzzling of the young man’s chest when she suddenly thought of something. She took out a tiny seed from her robes.

“A seed of nothing?!” Lu Yun’s eyebrows rose into his hairline. In his current state, he fully understood what a seed of nothing was. It was a divine item that could grow into a real world in the nihil.

That only major world of the nothing that’d once existed had developed from such a seed. The world of immortals had possessed one too; it’d become one with the world and given it the potential to reach the nothing.

There was another one in the little fox’s hand now, one perfect without flaw.

“The three worlds as one!” Lu Yun understood Mo Yi’s plans when he saw the seed.

She meant for this seed to grow into a patch of reality and become one with the new world of immortals. When Lu Yun’s home broke through the void, it would become one with the new world of immortals and form the momentum of two worlds.

The seed of nothing would be another world and form the momentum of three worlds with the other two.

“This seed of nothing nurtures the kingdom of hell…” Lu Yun’s eyes widened when he sensed the Tome of Life and Death upon holding the seed in his own hand.

The treasure that’d been hidden within his body all along finally revealed itself and reoccupied Lu Yun’s sea of consciousness. It didn’t alter his strength, but he could fully wield reincarnation now and use its power to refine the seed of nothing in front of him.

This seed was formed out of the kingdom of hell!

“So this means that our home has become one of the three worlds and awaits the moment to break out of the void.” Qing Yu also understood the significance of the seed.

Lu Yun nodded.

“I… I am the master of our world now.” The little fox bit her lip. “Big sis Mo Yi helped me. She…”

She sighed when she mentioned the mistress and couldn’t say anything. The dead had departed.

“Mm,” Lu Yun agreed. “The other cities of the nothing will likely receive word that Snowmountain has fallen. They’ll send someone to investigate. Our current task is to think of how to send immortal dao through the new world of immortals and help it to grow.”

These city lords would stop at nothing to claim an existence that could become a major world. Or at the very least, they would destroy it in its infancy.

Once the world of immortals grew into its own, that would be the doomsday of these cities in the nihil.

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