New Age Of Summoners

Chapter 1766 [Bonus chapter] Twilight’s Evil Plan (2)

Chapter 1766 [Bonus chapter] Twilight's Evil Plan (2)

Just because the Primordial Dragonling was a pure body-type Dragon doesn't mean he didn't have any trump cards to use against the flying-type opponent.

Since most of the dragons have wings, the Primordial Dragons have already created some moves to fight against the flying-type Dragons like Twilight.

[Primordial Punch]

The Primordial Dragonling used the same attack that he was trying to use on Twilight; however, this time, he changed the target as he punched the ground. 𝒃𝙚𝒅𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝙤𝒎




When his punch landed on the ground, it created an earthquake within a radius of kilometers and at the same time, the black-coloured stones in the Normal Dark World flew into the air.

"Let's see how you are going to escape my next move."

With a smirk, the Primordial Dragonling started kicking and throwing the stones that flew into the air at Twilight.

'Huh? A self-made skill for long-ranged opponents?'

Twilight was surprised for a moment; however, he learned that he should not take the Emperor Realm Dragonling lightly and his moment of carelessness would make him lose the battle.

'If Brother Ajax learns that I got defeated on the first day of the trial, he would be disappointed. So, let's not disappoint him.'

With that thought in mind, Twilight became focused as he hurriedly flew into the distance.

That's right! He became very careful in stalling for time and Twilight was confident in his escaping and stalling skills.

"Damn you…stop flying away and fight me."

The Primordial Dragonling could throw the stones a long distance; however, if he did that, his opponent would have enough time to dodge his attack.

So, his self-created move became useless the moment Twilight flew away by more than 10 kilometers in an instant.

The thing is, Primordial Dragonling had never met such a cowardly dragon.

Even though he had fought many flying-type dragons in the past, they would at least try to fight him; however, it was the first time that a Dragon…a Divine Dragon at that was flying away without showing any interest in fighting him.

'What is he doing?'

'When did Divine Dragons run away from a fight? Aren't Divine Dragons known for their proud nature and fighting to death?'

'It looks like what we have heard about the dragons might not be entirely true.'

'I think the same. They might also run away from a losing fight just like the humans.'




The human powerhouses who were watching the fight between Twilight and the Primordial Dragonling were surprised to see a completely different nature of the Dragons compared to what they kept hearing from ancient times.

'What is happening?'

'How can a Divine Dragon run away from a fight?'

'He is bringing shame to the entire Dragon Race and the Divine Dragons.'

'He is backed by Draven, right? Leave it, let's not make a big issue out of it when he and his wife were about to ascend to the Heavenly Bestial Realm.'




On the other hand, the different emperors of the Dragonheart Society were furious at Twilight's actions.

As for the Jade Emperor Draven, he was not angry or disappointed at Twilight and he muttered, "Jaed, can you tell me what little brother Twilight was trying to do?"

Of course, even though most of the Dragon Emperors were furious at Twilight's actions, they could easily guess what Twilight was trying to do.

However, Draven wanted to see whether his son could figure out what Twilight was trying to do.

"It's very obvious that he was waiting for the Primordial Dragonling's bloodline to deactivate before striking back and it can be told even by a 100-year-old Dragonling "

Even though Jaed acted immature from time to time, he was a little genius in the Dragon Region just like Ryan and Lynn. Moreover, because he stopped cultivating for a while and actively spent most of his time with his parents while managing the worlds under their control, Jaed's view of looking at something has changed a lot.

"However, I know what answer you are expecting from me and I will tell you now."

The first reason that Jaed replied to his father was the most basic reply that even could tell; however, Jaed had another answer for his father.

Even Draven was also expecting that answer as Jaed answered, "From the first time I met Little Brother Twilight, I can tell that he was a battle freak and he was trying to trick the other participants into that he was the weakest participant who won his first duel with the Primordial Dragonling by chance."

"Once the participants believed that, they would directly challenge Little Brother because he would be having more low-level Darkfire Crystals and by defeating him, the participants could increase their rank by multiple places."

"Well…it looks like you are as intelligent as me…Haha."

Draven was happy to hear Jaed's answers.

"I got my intelligence from my mother."

Jaed shrugged and continued to watch his little brother Twilight's duel with the Primordial Dragonling.


As for Draven, he shook his head with a slight smile on his face as he also continued to watch the fight.

As Draven and Jaed were happy that the chances of Twilight winning the duel were high, there was someone who was furious and cursed the Primordial Dragonling.

"Where did this brainless fool come from? Why did he activate the bloodline so soon in the trial?"

The Primordial Dragon Emperor was cursing the Primordial Dragonling because he could already predict the outcome of the duel.

So, other than cursing his opponent, there was nothing he could do in his current situation.

Time continued to pass as 10 minutes passed by in a flash.

In these 10 minutes, the Primordial Dragonling tried so many of his tricks and techniques to catch Twilight; however, Twilight was a step ahead of him as he always maintained a distance of more than 5 kilometres between them.

"Since you have attacked me so many times, I will attack you once and hopefully, you will survive my attack."

The moment Twilight saw that his opponent's bloodline was deactivated, he didn't waste any time in using, [Triple Twilight Cannon].

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