New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 20 - I Feel Like a Rookie Compared to Lin Xuan!

Chapter 20: I Feel Like a Rookie Compared to Lin Xuan!

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Lin Xuan felt that intense changes were happening to him from the inside out.

All 360 apertures in his body were connected.

Powerful energy flowed through his eight extraordinary meridians, internal organs, and blood vessels.

It was like a vast river that was never-ending.

At the same time, his skeleton and skin were rapidly changing.

When he felt it carefully, Lin Xuan felt like his bones were cast from copper and were plated with terrifying armor.

However, his body did not become heavy. Instead, he felt light.

His skin became even more smooth and exquisite, and he could even feel its smoothness.

“So, there’s such a huge difference between a cultivator who has reached the Emperor Realm and an ordinary person!”

Only after reaching the Emperor Realm would one know how terrifying and powerful this realm was.

From this moment on, Lin Xuan was a true Emperor Realm powerhouse!

Xuan Zhu’s breathing became hurried and her face flushed. “Daddy, I suddenly feel so stuffy.”

“Could it be that I suddenly stepped into the Emperor Realm and gave the child too much pressure?”

Lin Xuan remembered that the first time he met Donghuang Ziyun, he had difficulty breathing under her pressure.

He hurriedly asked the system. Fortunately, the system told him that he could hide his cultivation level.

He quickly concealed his cultivation level. As expected, Xuan Zhu’s breathing slowed down significantly.

“Do you feel better now?” Lin Xuan asked.

“Yes, yes.” In Lin Xuan’s arms, Xuan Zhu was finally not afraid of thunder anymore and slowly became sleepy.

“Then sleep,” Lin Xuan said dotingly.

Before long, Xuan Zhu fell asleep in his arms.

However, Lin Xuan was not sleepy at all.

After reaching the Emperor Realm, one would be more energetic than ordinary people. It was no problem for them to not sleep for a few days.

At this moment, a beautiful black light suddenly stood in front of Lin Xuan’s bed.

Donghuang Ziyou looked at Lin Xuan and the four daughters beside him.

The warm scene warmed her heart.

She asked softly, “Did the thunder scare the children?”

She still remembered that she had to coax these girls to sleep for a long time every time there was thunder.

“No, I told them a story. They won’t be afraid of thunder in the future,” Lin Xuan replied.

Donghuang Ziyou opened her mouth. She didn’t expect Lin Xuan to be so good at taking care of children.

Compared to Lin Xuan, she felt like an ignorant fool when it came to raising children.

“Then take a good rest.”

Recently, other than the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was also filled with lurking danger from various enemy factions.

With Lin Xuan helping her take care of her child, Donghuang Ziyou felt that she could handle these matters more freely.

After saying that, she left and disappeared like a stream of light.

Not long after she left, 50,000 kilometers outside the Crystal Palace,

four strange black lights tore through the void and descended from the sky.

The four of them were the four Demon Generals from the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

The four of them were all wearing black armor that wrapped them tightly from head to toe.

The leader pointed forward. “Ten thousand kilometers forward is North Mystic Heaven’s Crystal Palace. Take it out.”

The three people behind him nodded. They revolved their true essence and transformed into three magic balls that were emitting black smoke.

The leading Demon General waved his right hand and sucked the three magic balls into his hand.

Then, he took out a black longsword and forcefully fused the magic ball and the longsword together.


The air gave off a demonic aura.

The longsword seemed to have been forged by black flames and was emitting thick black smoke.

As for the incomparably sharp sword energy and demonic aura, they merged together, causing the four Demon Generals to reveal looks of awe.

“As expected of the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword. This sword aura is truly too terrifying!”

“It’s said that the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword can even deal with Great Saints. Now, I see that it’s indeed true!”

“It’s really worth spending half of our Intrinsic Demon Pills!”

The four of them couldn’t help but let out smug laughter.

This time, they were ordered by the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord Ye You to head to the North Mystic Heaven Crystal Palace.

His main target was Lin Xuan, who had recently appeared in North Mystic Heaven.

This Extreme Abyss Demon Sword was refined from the demonic dragon sawtooth in the Extreme Abyss Demon Swamp.

If he wanted to bring forth the might of the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword to the limit, then he had to sacrifice three Intrinsic Demon Pills at the Supremacy Realm and above at the same time.

Moreover, once the might of the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword was activated to the max, even if he couldn’t kill a Great Saint on the spot, he could at least severely wound the other party.

This time, Ye You also carried the conviction that she would definitely win, which was why she handed the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword to the four devil generals.

His plan was very clear. He would have the four Demon Generals launch a sneak attack with the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword


No matter who was the Great Saint, as long as they were heavily injured or killed, he could deal with Donghuang Ziyou.

According to Ye You, not only was the empress, Donghuang Ziyou, powerful, but her surroundings were heavily guarded. It was very difficult to directly attack her.

So he wanted to do the opposite and catch them off guard by ambushing the powerhouse hiding in the Crystal Palace.

Whether this person was Lin Xuan or not, as long as the Demon General succeeded, the empress would have one less thing to rely on.

In that case, Ye You’s confidence in dealing with the empress was much greater.

“Let’s go! Let’s attack Lin Xuan and his four daughters first,” the leading Demon General said coldly.

The four of them immediately turned into black light and charged towards the Crystal Palace.

Before long, they arrived at the edge of the Crystal Palace.

After successfully avoiding the guards, they charged straight into the chamber.

However, before they could enter the chamber, a figure blocked them outside.

Lin Xuan looked at the four Demon Generals coldly. “You guys are from the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom?”

With his Emperor Realm cultivation base, he could easily detect the demonic aura on the other party’s body.

Even if the four of them deliberately concealed their auras!

And the people who were so eager to attack him and his daughters were most likely the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom’s countrymen.

The four Demon Generals were all slightly shocked. This man in front of them exposed them so easily. He was not simple!

“It seems like you are Lin Xuan.” The leading Demon General secretly revolved his true essence and the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword was ready to attack.

“That’s right.” Lin Xuan released a terrifying aura that enveloped the four Demon Generals. “Kill three first.”

Since they were from the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, they were mortal enemies.

When Lin Xuan struck, he didn’t feel any psychological burden.

He casually picked up a longsword and stabbed out it in a clumsy manner.

He had completely mastered the Infinite Swordsmanship technique. Even an ordinary sword could explode with turbulent sword energy.

The four Demon Generals were shocked.

What a fierce sword energy!

“Scatter and kill his daughters!” The leading Demon General roared. “I’ll deal with him!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The other three Demon Generals immediately scattered to the side.

“You’re courting death!”

How could Lin Xuan let the three of them enter the bedroom?

His Rakshasa Spiritual Sense buzzed and exploded in the air.

It turned into an invisible pressure that shook the heads of the four Demon Generals.

Before they could recover their senses, the long sword in Lin Xuan’s hand whistled over.

With a swing of his sword, he killed all three of them.

The leading Demon General’s heart tightened. “The situation isn’t good!”

The power that Lin Xuan erupted with had already surpassed his imagination.

In his panic, he hurriedly shot out the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword.

The terrifying thing about the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword was that it was not only extremely lethal but also extremely fast.

A black sword beam flashed like lightning and arrived in the blink of an eye!

When Lin Xuan came back to his senses, the tip of the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword was already less than a finger away from his throat.

“Are you sure you can hurt me?” Lin Xuan scoffed.

The existence of the “Invincible Taboo” made him completely unafraid of such sneak attacks.

Even if the opponent was using an extremely powerful demonic sword!


The Extreme Abyss Demon Sword was instantly minced by a mysterious divine power.

The black devil energy was like wind blowing through Lin Xuan’s hair.

This scene stunned the leading Demon General.

Before he could recover his senses, Lin Xuan’s sword was already at his throat.

“Do you know why I didn’t kill you?”


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