New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 79 - You Can Only Kneel!

Chapter 79 You Can Only Kneel!

“Sect Master Gusu, how impressive!”

Just as everyone was silent, a young man’s voice sounded at the door.

A man in a blood-red robe walked in with a cocky look in his eyes.

“It’s the Blood Parting Sect’s Sect Master, Cang Feng!”

Everyone present trembled.

Cang Feng’s Blood Parting Sect, and Gusu Jing’s Wind Weeping Sect were the two super large sects ranked behind the Serene Sieve Sect.

The demonic cultivators under his tutelage were all in the hundreds of thousands, and there was no lack of talented people among them.

It could be said that after the Serene Sieve Sect was gone, either of these two sects had the strength to win first place.

It was no wonder that not long after Gusu Jing appeared, Cang Feng also appeared.

And speaking of the grudge between the Blood Parting Sect and the Wind Weeping Sect, it started with the founding masters of the two sects.

This was also why Cang Feng was filled with hostility and ridicule towards Gusu Jing even before entering

Gusu Jing stared at Cang Feng coldly. “Sect Master Cang, you want to compete with me on the same stage?”

Cang Feng sneered. “That’s right! If you want to become the number one martial artist in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, you have to ask if I agree first!”

“Heh, what high-sounding sentiments!” The Demon Moon in the center of Gusu Jing’s forehead flashed with a frightening gleam.

In an instant, a terrifying killing intent enveloped the entire Demon God Mountain.

It caused everyone present to tremble.

Cang Feng arrived in front of Gusu Jing with an unfazed expression.

He revolved all the true essence in his body and turned it into a boundless black mystic demonic light. “Let me test your ‘Heavenly Strategy Demon Technique’!”

Just as he finished speaking, his right hand drew out a thousand-foot-long demonic saber and chopped down.

Everyone trembled with fear when they saw this.

Cang Feng was most famous for his “Mystic Technique Demon Knife Slash.”

It was rumored that at its peak, its power could slash apart space within a kilometer.

Now that they saw it, it was indeed worthy of its reputation!

Gusu Jing immediately activated his true essence with all his might to augment the boundless demonic power to form a demon territory.

Drawing on the mysterious power of the demon territory, his strength instantly increased explosively, and he swung the Demon Sword in his hand.


The powerful Demon Sword carried surging demonic waves as it shattered Cang Feng’s Demon Blade while forcing him to take more than ten steps back.

At this moment, Cang Feng’s right hand trembled non-stop, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

“You alone are unable to stop me from becoming a hero!” Gusu Jing smiled proudly.

Cang Feng sneered. “Your strength is very strong, so I’m just bait. The person who will deal with you is Blood Parting Sect’s Patriarch!”

With that, a blood-colored light descended from the sky.

It turned into a stooped red-haired old man with a red light around him.

When he appeared, the hundred thousand plus demonic cultivators present felt apprehensive.

Patriarch Blood Parting!

The Blood Parting Sect’s founding master had a cultivation base of 56,000 years.

According to the rumors, after Patriarch Blood Parting reached the peak of the Supremacy Realm, he didn’t increase his cultivation level but focused on cultivating divine powers and techniques.

And his most powerful divine power was the Blood Parting Great Technique.

The Blood Parting Great Technique enabled him to forcefully extract the blood of enemies and turn them into dried corpses.

What was even more terrifying was that this divine power had the power to kill enemies above his level.

In other words, even if someone was at the quasi Emperor Realm, they would probably die if they were struck by his Blood Parting Great Technique.

When he saw Patriarch Blood Parting appear, Gusu Jing’s mood plummeted.

Patriarch Blood Parting was clearly very powerful, but he hid and let Cang Feng fight him.

This meant that not only was Patriarch Blood Parting stronger, but he was also a cautious old monster.

Since he appeared, he must have grasped his weakness.

Thinking of this, Gusu Jing couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.

“Little Gusu, if you bring the entire Wind Weeping Sect to seek refuge in the Blood Parting Sect, I can consider sparing your life.”

Patriarch Blood Parting looked down at Gusu Jing arrogantly.

Under his pressure, not only was Gusu Jing terrified, but everyone present felt fear.

However, Gusu Jing was a proud person. How could he do such a humiliating thing?

He roared. “Patriarch Blood Parting, even if you’re stronger than me, it won’t be that easy to defeat me!”

He instantly raised his true essence to the limit. The demon territory he created just now instantly multiplied dozens of times.

And his aura had truly reached the quasi Emperor Realm!

Patriarch Blood Parting chuckled. “Even if you’re a quasi Emperor, I have the ability to kill you!”

Cang Feng sneered at the side and said, “After I kill you, I will massacre the Wind Weeping Sect, and all the dissidents in the martial arts world of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom will be killed.”

When everyone heard this, they felt a chill down their spines.

It seemed that not only would there be a bloody battle today, but the martial arts world of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom would also experience a shocking upheaval.

At this moment, a figure hurried in.

Cang Feng turned around and saw that it was their sect’s First Elder, Wu Ting.

“Patriarch, Sect Master, please hold back from attacking the Wind Weeping Sect to avoid unnecessary casualties!” Wu Ting said sternly.

Patriarch Blood Parting and Cang Feng frowned. “What is going on?”

Wu Ting said, “I just received important news that an unknown powerhouse helped the Holy Maiden of the Serene Sieve Sect!”

“Elder Wu Jintao of the Sunset Sacred Ground was shattered with a single move. The remaining people, as well as the hundreds of powerhouses of the Absolute Ghostly Sacred Ground and the Cold Blood Sacred Ground, were instantly killed with his spiritual sense. The way they died was completely identical!”

“The Holy Lords of the three Sacred Grounds are all doing their best to track down that powerhouse and are prepared to establish a relationship with him as soon as possible.”

Hiss ~

Gusu Jing, Cang Feng, and even Patriarch Blood Parting were stunned.

The Setting Sun Sacred Ground and the other two Sacred Grounds were famous in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom’s martial arts world.

They were proficient in various Demon Dao mystic techniques and forbidden techniques that had been passed down for millions of years. There was no need to mention how robust their strength was.

Even their Holy Lords had to suck up to him. How powerful was this unknown powerhouse?

Patriarch Blood Parting and the others couldn’t help but ponder it.

The Sacred Lord of the Sunset Sacred Ground, Zhu Tianyu, was an extremely talented demonic cultivator. He was famous for his powerful spiritual sense cultivation level.

Even he was so afraid.

This meant that the person who helped the Holy Maiden of the Serene Sieve Sect might have a Spiritual Sense that was at the Emperor Realm.

If that was really the case, even Patriarch Blood Parting could only yield to this person!

“How terrifying! The Serene Sieve Sect has found a powerful backer!”

“I wonder who is so powerful to this extent?”

“It seems like the winner of today’s Martial Arts Conference is neither the Wind Weeping Sect nor the Blood Parting Sect. It’s still the Serene Sieve Sect!”

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

With such a terrifying powerhouse helping the Holy Maiden of the Serene Sieve Sect, who was qualified to compete with her?

Who would have the courage to compete with her?

Just as everyone was lamenting, the chattering of a few girls sounded from outside.

Everyone turned to look at the door.

They saw a white-robed man with four extremely cute little girls and a beautiful girl with many wounds.

Someone who knew that beautiful girl couldn’t help but cry out in shock, “The blue-clothed girl is the Holy Maiden of the Serene Sieve Sect!”


Everyone’s eyes landed on Lin Xuan, who was beside Xiao Yeran, and a commotion broke out.

“Since the Holy Maiden of the Serene Sieve Sect appeared, doesn’t that mean that the white-robed man beside her is the person who destroyed the Three Holy Lands?”

“The aura of the young master in white is clearly extraordinary. He must have a powerful background!”

“That’s right! To be able to walk with the Holy Maiden of the Serene Sieve Sect at this moment with a calm expression, he must be an extraordinary person!”

Ignoring everyone’s discussions, Patriarch Blood Parting narrowed his eyes and sized Lin Xuan up for a while.

He decided to find out Lin Xuan’s background first before making plans.

He was the first to go forward and with a smile, he said,

“This young master has an outstanding aura. Which sect is he from in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm?”

When he saw that there was no Demonic Energy on Lin Xuan’s body, so he boldly guessed that he was from the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Xiao Yeran, who was beside him, said with admiration and respect, “He is the husband of the North Mystic Heaven’s empress.”

“So he’s the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

At that moment, Patriarch Blood Parting and the others revealed looks of awe.

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