Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 2736 Pill Spirit Flame

Chapter 2736 Pill Spirit Flame

Once Ye Qian left, the Heaven Executioner was worried about Long Chen dying, so he gave Long Chen some medicine. Only then did he gloomily leave. It was unknown whether or not he was going to demand an explanation from the Pill Doyen.

Their agreement had been for Long Aotian and Ye Qian to humiliate Long Chen. That was because they might be able to cause Long Chen to speak out of anger or hatred, causing his mouth to slip. Long Aotian was in a critical moment, and allowing him to see Long Chen like this could allow him to break free of any mental burdens.

As for Ye Qian, he was supposed to humiliate Long Chen, infuriating him and creating an opening in his mental state.

However, Ye Qian hadn’t done as agreed. He had almost killed Long Chen, and this act infuriated the Heaven Executioner.

An hour after the Heaven Executioner left, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. He was surprised.

“Why did Ye Qian come to help me?”

Long Chen noticed that a new flame energy had appeared within his body. This was not a flame seed. Moreover, it was extremely weak that even the Heaven Executioner didn’t notice it.

This was a pill cultivator’s specific pill spirit flame. Furthermore, this flame was extremely rarely seen. Only alchemists could sense its existence.

With his punch, Ye Qian had sent the pill spirit flame into Long Chen’s body. This was like sending charcoal in snow.

At this moment, the pill spirit flame was slowly burning within Long Chen’s body, gradually forming a clump of energy. This energy was actually not restricted by the formations trapping him.

“With it, I have somewhere to store up energy. It will no longer be sucked away.” Long Chen was delighted by this. He finally had a chance of survival.

Within the Divine Pill Division, in a secret room, Ye Qian was standing before the Pill Doyen, who was sitting. Without opening his eyes, he said, “Is it done?”

“Yes, I’ve done as you instructed. The Void Spirit Flame has been sent into his body. The Heaven Executioner didn’t notice, but disciple still doesn’t understand,” said Ye Qian.

The Pill Doyen finally opened his eyes. “Speak.”

“Why are we helping Long Chen? This is betraying the divine families. Although the Divine Pill Division exists outside the laws of the divine families, we are also not permitted to interfere in their matters. However, this time…”

The Divine Pill Division paid almost no attention to matters outside of refining pills. Now that they had interfered in this matter, Ye Qian was nervous. However, he had still carried out the Pill Doyen’s orders.

This matter was incredibly dangerous. If the divine families learned of it, he and the Pill Doyen would not have a good ending.

“Long Chen has graced you with kindness. Without him, you would have gone further and further down the wrong path. Someone who doesn’t repay favors is a little person, so this matter has to be repaid. Otherwise, once your realm reaches a higher level, you will slowly find an unbreakable wall in your way. If Long Chen died like this when you had the ability to help him, and you didn’t, would you be able to rest at peace? Would that not form a heart-devil? Perhaps if you were such an indifferent person inside then it would be fine, but you are kind deep down. By opening this path for him, you have opened a door for yourself,” said the Pill Doyen.

Ye Qian was startled. He did not feel anything good toward Long Chen, but deep inside, he was grateful to Long Chen. Without his defeat back then, there was no way he would be calmly cultivating right now. Long Chen had changed his attitude toward alchemy, allowing him to advance with leaps and bounds on the Pill Dao.

He did have some hatred toward Long Chen, but also gratitude. If Long Chen died, the hatred would naturally vanish. However, just as the Pill Doyen said, perhaps ten or a hundred years from now, he would recall this matter. Would he feel regret and guilt then?

“Disciple understands. Many thanks for your teachings.” Ye Qian bowed, fully convinced. The Pill Doyen’s wisdom was something he was a far cry from reaching.

The Pill Doyen nodded. “Although you like to compete and get a bit jealous of others, your heart still holds kindness. That’s the only reason why I would pass my life’s teachings to you. Long Chen has ground down your sharpness, returning your sword to its sheath. Your sharpness is now reserved; your future prospects are limitless. You owe Long Chen a huge debt, and that debt must be repaid. As for the laws of the divine families, those are meaningless for us. We are the Divine Pill Division. We only care about refining pills. Haha, Long Chen is also an alchemist, so this can’t count as stepping out of line.”

Ye Qian smiled when the Pill Doyen put it like that. He didn’t expect the always impartial Pill Doyen to have such an unreasonable side. That logic was far too forced.

“However, can a single flame seed really change his fate?” asked Ye Qian.

“That’s not up to us. We’ve done what we can and should do. Whether he can escape with that is up to him. Like this, you can face Long Chen in the future, and I can face that old wine ghost as well,” sighed the Pill Doyen.

The Pill Doyen’s expression suddenly changed. He said, “Prepare yourself. The Heaven Executioner has come, and he’s definitely going to complain. We cannot reveal any openings to him. This person is no good.”

On the Martial Heaven Continent, within the palace of the Martial Heaven Alliance, the High Priest, Daoist Heavenly Feather, Qu Jianying, the old man, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Ye Zhiqiu, and the others were all gathered. The atmosphere was incomparably tense.

“Let me go. I will drag Long Chen back,” declared the old man, unable to conceal his anxiousness.

“This is clearly a trap. Now that Long Chen has been captured, one wrong move and the Martial Heaven Continent will be doomed. Rather than saving Long Chen, we’d drag the lives of the continent down with us. Furthermore, where are you going to go to save him? Do you know where he is?” demanded Qu Jianying angrily.

The old man raged, “Anything is better than just waiting here! I’ll slaughter the divine families first. With the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet, I’ll be able to fight even against the Lord Saint.”

“Is there any meaning to this foolish bravery? You were like this in your youth, and you still haven’t grown up in your old age. We need to think of a way to fix this, not get angry and do something reckless. You’re only compounding the problem. When are you going to mature?” cursed Qu Jianying.

“What use does maturity have? Your heart only cares for your Martial Heaven Continent, but my heart cares for my family’s children. In my eyes, I’ve never managed to be a useful father figure. If I stay like this, that won’t change for the rest of my life. Go find whoever you like. I’m going to go save my child,” cursed the old man. He began to walk out.

“You…!” Qu Jianying was shuddering with rage, and furious tears overflowed from her eyes. “You bastard, how can you say such hurtful things?!”

Li Tianxuan grabbed the old man, saying, “Calm yourself down. Every single one of us is as worried as you. However, just as the alliance head said, being reckless will not resolve things. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry. I will use my own head to guarantee that Long Chen won’t die.”

Everyone was startled. Why was Li Tianxuan so sure? Just at that moment, another voice rang out.

“I will also use my head to guarantee that Long Chen will be fine.”

A white-robed, middle-aged man with a sword on his back walked into the palace.

Seeing him, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Ye Zhiqiu, and Tang Wan-er all cried out in disbelief.

“Sect leader!”

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