Chapter 3802 Heaven-Shaking Power

Chapter 3802 Heaven-Shaking Power

Seven stars lit up within the starry sea behind Long Chen. After that, his seven-colored divine ring spun, and the violet qi within his starry sea ignited, unleashing violet flames that burned the sky.

The violet qi caused a pillar of violet flame to soar into the sky, casting the world in a violet hue.

Within that holy violet light, Long Chen appeared to be in a violet blood battle armor. He was an existence that stood at the peak of the world, overlooking all others.

Shi Yang was directly blown away by this aura. Xia Chen and Guo Ran were ecstatic. This was their boss. He had never disappointed them. Having become an Immortal King, Long Chen once more showed off his unmatched power, one that was above all other heavenly geniuses.

The power that Shi Yang had previously displayed had made countless people feel despair. But when Long Chen’s violet qi appeared, he was like a heavenly emperor, an existence that stood above the rest of the world. He made Shi Yang appear miniscule.

“Corpse Devil Dao, ten thousand laws return to the source!”

Shi Yang roared furiously after being blown back. His manifestation was then devoured by the corpse spots on his body, and those corpse spots became like eyes, emitting strange auras.


Even against the full-powered Long Chen, Shi Yang showed no fear. He still charged back.

Seeing this, Long Chen spread his arms and roared. That roar was like a dragon cry, and the violet qi around his body once more intensified.

The previous aura was already shocking enough, but now his aura suddenly leaped by several times.

His previous aura was like a reservoir being discharged. But now, it was like a flooding river, completely overflowing without holding anything back.

Violet ripples formed into a wall that spread, pressing against heaven and earth.

Shi Yang was directly struck by this violet wall and sent tumbling back. At the same time, the void was torn asunder, and Shi Yang left a giant ditch within a mountain range.

This time, even Guo Ran and Xia Chen jumped in shock. Although they knew that Long Chen was powerful, they had not expected him to have grown by this much. This power was practically monstrous.

Long Chen clenched his fists; violet qi rumbled around him. It was like millions of violet dragons were revolving around him. Heaven and earth rumbled, and the Grand Dao quivered. After unleashing his full power, Long Chen caused the three thousand worlds to feel fear. The Heavenly Daos even submitted.

When Long Chen activated the Seven Star Battle Armor, the violet qi within the 108,000 stars ignited. After that, the violet qi in his meridians grew even more solid, starting to compress from gaseous to liquid. It was like violet blood.

Moreover, when the violet qi became violet blood, Long Chen felt endless power erupting within him. If he didn’t unleash it, he would blow up.

Thus, Long Chen roared and released this aura not in order to attack Shi Yang, but simply because he had no other choice.

When this wild power was unleashed, Long Chen felt all the turbid qi and impurities within his body be directly expelled. He felt like his body had suddenly become flawless. His violet qi grew increasingly pure.

At this moment, the violet flames around him slowly settled. His aura calmed down, and his starry sea once more began to circulate properly. However, once the Seven Star Battle Armor was condensed, the starry sea’s circulation was already completely different.

Endless violet qi was born as the starry sea circulated, pouring through Long Chen’s body, nourishing his flesh and blood, and providing him with unending power.

When his aura slowly settled, he felt immense power well up within him.

The power that he had just released was out of control. He had no choice but to release it. But now, all his power was under his control.

“This is the Seven Star Battle Armor’s power? Even I feel afraid of its power.” Long Chen looked at his own fist. Violet qi swirled around it, and the violet qi within his meridians was leaking a bit out of his skin.

This signified that the Seven Star Battle Armor’s power was too great, to the point that his meridians were unable to completely seal the power of the violet qi within his body, so a portion of it leaked out. To put it frankly, the current Long Chen was leaking power.

However, even while leaking, Long Chen felt an immense reserve of energy within him. It even terrified himself.

Just then, Shi Yang came charging back with a distorted face due to his fury. Having been forced back by Long Chen’s aura twice was an immense humiliation to him.

“Nine Revolution Corpse Devil Fist!”

As Shi Yang roared, the corpse spots on his fist lit up. Lines then flowed from all his corpse spots to his fist, and it blazed with divine light like a sun. From it, the aura of primal chaos erupted.


A heaven-shaking explosion erupted. What shocked everyone was that Shi Yang’s fist directly struck Long Chen’s chest, and Long Chen actually didn’t block it. Yue Xiaoqian covered her mouth in horror. She didn’t understand why Long Chen didn’t dodge.

After being struck, Long Chen didn’t budge. The clothing on his chest was blasted apart, fluttering through the air in scraps.

This was truly a world-shaking punch, but other than his clothes being damaged, Long Chen’s body wasn’t damaged. Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.

Shi Yang was just as surprised as he looked at his own fist. This full-power punch of his actually hadn’t injured Long Chen in the slightest. It had to be known that this attack contained his primal chaos aura.

This primal chaos aura wasn’t something that he would use lightly, as it stemmed from the remnant primal chaos qi left within the corpse. When he used it, he was unrivaled. Yet, Long Chen simply allowed such an attack to strike him and came out uninjured. As a result, Shi Yang was completely dumbfounded by the strength of Long Chen’s physical body.

“What immemorial devil corpse, what primal chaos qi? Trash.”

Long Chen directly slapped Shi Yang’s stunned face. His face deformed, and his head was no longer in the right shape. The immense power sent him tumbling back.


The devil experts in his way shouted in horror. This time, he wasn’t flying into the distance but toward them.


He was too fast, and it was too late for them to dodge. Shi Yang’s body then smashed through their midst, making them cry out in horror. It was unknown how many devil experts were directly killed by that one violent blow.

The thing that caused them the most despair was that the terrifying corpse poison overflowing from Shi Yang’s body spread and infected countless experts. Their bodies then quickly rotted, turning into putrid corpses.

The devil experts had originally had this place surrounded. But they were now in chaos and fled in every direction, no longer bothering with keeping Yue Xiaoqian, Xia Chen, and Guo Ran locked inside.

Shi Yang roared furiously and shot out of the ground. But Long Chen already descended from the heavens and kicked him in the face. Shi Yang and Long Chen’s bodies instantly smashed into the ground, their figures vanishing. After that, the earth swelled and the experts on the ground were thrown into the air.

In just a few breaths’ time, the earth swelled and suddenly exploded again. Shi Yang came flying out, but his flying posture was extremely odd. The back of his heads was next to his ankles like his body had been snapped in half.

“Damn, boss really is going wild!”

Guo Ran and Xia Chen were excited to see this. They were seeing their boss’s unrivaled state once again!

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