Chapter 4210: Sacrificing Fresh Blood to this World

Chapter 4210 Sacrificing Fresh Blood to this World

The palace master’s words caused the expressions of the Xu family’s experts to change. His tone was full of arrogance and disdain.

The Xu family was one of the heirs to the Violet Blood race, one of the strongest bloodlines within heaven and earth. Just how illustrious was that status? No one had ever dared to speak to them that way before.

On the other hand, the others were excited. The palace master was clearly looking down on the Xu family. According to him, the weak shouldn’t live, and it included the Xu family. At least, that was in the view of the palace master.

The Xu family head’s expression sank, his anger undeniable. Although he was restrained by the power of the palace master, he was not willing to endure such insolence.

“Kill my Xu family’s disciples? I want to see just who has that ability,” he retorted coldly.

The palace master simply smiled and didn’t reply. He then turned back to the martial stage.

At this moment, the people on the martial stage had no idea what was going on in the outside world and were looking at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you broke the rules, and now the Sage King Convention can’t start! If you still have some sense of shame, you’ll kill yourself right here and now. You want to be a saint and support the weak? Alright, then use your blood to activate the Sage King martial stage!” sneered the Xu family’s people.

“That’s right, you should all die! If you all die, the martial stage will activate! Those weaklings can then be spared. Hurry up! Hurry up and die!” More and more human experts began to shout along with the Xu family’s people.

“Boss, please. I can’t endure it any longer.” Gu Yang clenched his fists furiously.

“It’s a trap. If we were to attack, we’d be jumping into the trap and playing according to the tune of the Xu family and the others,” said Meng Qi, standing by Long Chen’s side.

“Trap or not, it has nothing to do with us. I don’t care about the tune either. I’m just waiting for an opportunity and a reason,” said Long Chen. Although his expression was dark, his eyes were calm, like the calm before the storm. Those familiar with Long Chen knew that there would be a heaven-shaking tempest after this calm.

“You weaklings, there’s no need to force Big Brother Long Chen. I know I am weak. Without Big Brother Long Chen, I’d already be dead. I just hope that after I die, you won’t make things hard on him. Otherwise, I won’t let you off even as a ghost.” Suddenly, a person in the crowd behind Long Chen stepped forward.


Long Chen was startled and shot toward that person. But with so many people in his way, he was one step too slow.

When Long Chen grabbed him, the latter had taken his life, his soul extinguished. This young-looking man, seemingly in his teenage years, likely carried a strong sense of pride in normal circumstances. However, the relentless barrage of insults had pushed him past his breaking point.

Long Chen’s body trembled with seething rage. Furthermore, at this moment, an invisible force descended, causing that person’s body to rapidly wither, sucking his essence blood dry.

That person’s death pained the others who had been saved. After all, many of them were prideful figures, and enduring such humiliation and insults while being powerless was too much for them. As a result, many people really did begin to raise their hands.

“All of you, stop!”

Long Chen let out a furious roar that resembled the bellow of a dragon, causing people’s ears to ring and making them stagger.

“Long Chen, do you see? He killed himself for you. As for you, didn’t you want to be some hero or saint? What are you waiting for? Just kill yourself! Get your good reputation, hahaha!” Laughter came from the Xu family’s side.

“Fine. I’m not waiting. I can’t wait any longer.”

Long Chen gritted his teeth, his eyes turning scarlet as he spoke through clenched jaws. When his gaze fixed upon that Xu family disciple, the latter immediately went rigid. An overwhelming sense of dread emanated from Long Chen, piercing deep into the disciple’s very soul.

Long Chen suddenly extended a hand and golden dragon scales covered his palm. The next moment, a powerful suction force twisted the space around that disciple.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yifeng and the others were startled and hastily reached out to grab that disciple, but they were one step too late, only grabbing his afterimage. That disciple was involuntarily flying toward Long Chen.

With his dragon claw, Long Chen tightly gripped this disciple’s neck, terrifying him. In front of Long Chen, it was like his cultivation base was completely gone. He didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

“A little Double Supreme dares to act so arrogant? Does the Xu family not teach you how to behave?” Long Chen looked at that disciple, his eyes full of sinister killing intent.

“Long Chen, release him, otherwise-!” shouted Xu Yifeng. But midway through, he shut his own mouth.

That was because he saw wet spots spreading on that disciple’s crotch. That disciple was so terrified that he was pissing himself. Now, countless people looked at the Xu family scornfully.

Xu Yifeng was enraged. This disciple had lost the face of the Xu family, and now Xu Yifeng didn’t even want to threaten Long Chen anymore.

“You tell others to kill themselves, but you’re so afraid of death yourself. You normally act like aloof gods that can decide other people’s fates, but when death comes for you, you instantly collapse. If you feel such an attachment to the world of the living, how can you so fervently take other people’s lives? Is it that your Xu family’s people are people, but other people are ants? Does being stronger mean that you can trample the weak to death? Only then will you appear strong, huh? You keep saying something about weaklings being stepping stones for the strong. Well, I went from a weakling to where I am now. You say that the weak are consumed by the strong? That this is the law of the cultivation world? Why don’t you go fuck yourself? If this is a law, then today, I declare to this dogshit world that I am going to change this world’s laws.”

Long Chen’s voice grew louder and louder until it was like thunder shaking the sky. He was declaring war on the entire world, on the very laws of heaven and earth. The entire martial stage rumbled because of his oath.

“I, Long Chen, am always forced to passively defend. But today, I’ll use your fresh blood as a sacrifice to this world!”

A violet blood flower slowly grew on Long Chen’s hand as he crushed that disciple’s neck.

This violet blood slowly merged into the void. But compared to other people’s blood, this violet blood was absorbed much slower. As a result, everyone could witness the entire process of how it gradually vanished.

“Long Chen!”

Xu Yifeng and Xu Xin-er, as well as the rest of the Xu family’s disciples, roared with fury. Long Chen was also declaring war against their Xu family.

“Today, if a single person from your Xu family lives to walk off the martial stage, I, Long Chen, will kill myself on the martial stage.”

Long Chen issued a shocking oath in front of these enraged experts. Following his declaration, he moved like a golden lightning bolt, shooting directly into their midst.

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