Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Getting Rid of Pests

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Meng Yishan’s eyes lit up, but he started getting anxious about the possibility of Meng Chao getting into college as well as that he might not get in. “It’s not easy getting into college. Are you really confident that you’ll be able to get in? Ech… Social ethos is getting worse. Almost twenty years ago, you wouldn’t see people like Shen Rongfa and Qin Hu around.”


Meng Chao understood what his father meant.

When Dragon City had just transmigrated, even though they lacked resources, had to live in a harsh environment, and faced great pressure from just trying to survive, the social ethos had been incredibly good. The citizens’ spirits were pure and bright, like pure gold. Everyone worked together to fight. There was no distinction between whose status was higher or lower. They just had different jobs.


At that time, people like Zuo Haoran, Shen Rongfa, and Qin Hu were few and far in between. Those who dared to flaunt special privileges, act high and mighty, and put on an act were all despicable scum, and everyone spat on them if they saw them.

But humans were beings who would only share their misfortune together, never their riches. This was human nature.

In the ten years after the transmigration, monsters became fewer, and their lives became richer. The threat to their survival was no longer around, and they became sure that once the fog dissipated, Dragon City’s steel army would sweep through all of the Other World, just like how the colonists in the past used hundreds of guns to conquer other people’s lands.

The social ethos in Dragon City gradually turned flighty.

Many of the superhumans who were forty or fifty years old gave birth to children. Powerful superhuman families started appearing, and social ranks were gradually set in stone. All sorts of bad traditions that existed on Earth started emerging once more.

Things such as the sons of rich families bullying the weak with their power, the Survival Committee making insider dealings, or the extravagant lifestyles of those powerful superhuman families were not news.

Zhou Haoran, Shen Rongfa, and Qin Hu were just the epitome of the flighty era.

Meng Chao could vaguely remember that due to the conflicts in the internal parts of Dragon City, they would suffer a huge setback when they went up against the other civilizations in the Other World.

When Earthlings noticed that the Other World was not as simple as they thought it to be and had to face the threat of death again, they became united once more, but not all cracks could be mended, because there wasn’t enough time for that.

‘It’s because we have plenty of pests that eat up the inner part of Dragon City. The glorious Extraordinary Disaster ended up hurting us badly because of it.’

Meng Chao could not help but think about things he remembered. ‘If I start slapping faces and completely get rid of these people’s flighty and arrogant behavior, will I be considered to have protected the harmony of society and promoted our civilization’s rise to power? Is it a major contribution?’

After he managed to make his father stop worrying about him, he received another delightful surprise.

[Special citizen Bai Jiacao (Dark Witch)’s possibility of being corrupted has been reduced by 2%. Increased contribution points by 1,000.]

In his previous life, there were two major reasons that resulted in his younger sister being corrupted. The first was his mother being injured by monsters, and the second was his father being cheated by Shen Rongfa.


Now, the two “landmines” had been swept aside. This meant that the possibility of her being corrupted was reduced.

Meng Chao smiled, but his expression stiffened the next moment. ‘Hang on a minute. This time, it’s two percent. Last time, it was three percent. I’ve just gotten rid of two “landmines”, and you’re telling me that this only reduced the possibility of Bai Jiacao being corrupted by five precent?

‘So the whole event had nothing to do with external factors? All this talk about the darkness of society and the loopholes in laws are just excuses, right? That stupid girl is just born to be the Dark Witch, huh?!’


Meng Chao gritted his teeth. Once he got back, he shook the girl awake.

It was five thirty in the morning, and the girl was deep in the throes of sleep. When she was suddenly woken up, she was about to throw a temper tantrum.

Meng Chao smiled and said gently, “Young Cao, I got you tasty stuff. Wanna eat some?”

Bai Jiacao’s eyes immediately lit up. “I’m eating it! Of course I’m eating it! You’re awesome, Big Brother!”

“Come. Drink it all in one gulp. It’s sweet, and it tastes great.” Meng Chao pulled out the ring of a concentrated can of nutritional fluid.

The girl did not know what was going on and just drank it all in one go. Suddenly, her eyes became even wider than eggs. Just when she was about to spit the liquid out, Meng Chao pinched her nose and forced her to swallow it.

“Ack! What’s that?! It’s so bitter! It’s seriously bitter!” The girl stuck her tongue out and grabbed her throat as she rolled around on the bed.

“This is called the Highly-effective Tranquilizing and Brain Nourishing Fluid. It’s a high-grade medicinal fluid Thunderbolt made on their own. It can stimulate the activity of brain cells and promote the growth of the central nervous system. It can also increase your mental strength, so it’s the best for people like you, whose minds are filled with who-knows-what.” Meng Chao smiled faintly.


Earlier, he had asked about cultivation resources from Ning Shewo, and the man recommended two medicinal fluid meal sets that Thunderbolt used to cultivate new members based on the different situations of Meng Chao and Bai Jiacao. It would provide them great help in their cultivation, and their contents were pure. There were absolutely no side effects, and they were not available on the market.

The fluid’s only weakness was that… it was rather bitter.

Usually, everyone drank it together with a rather sweet drink.

Meng Chao just… forgot about it because he was in a hurry to give some supplements to his sister.

“Mom! Big Brother is bullying me again!” Bai Jiacao wailed.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Suxin limped out of her room.

“Mom, keep this medicinal fluid. Next time, when I’m not at home, please monitor Jiacao and make sure that she drinks it every day.”

Meng Chao brought out a week’s worth of cultivation medicinal fluid set meals for middle school students. With words that every mother could understand, he said, “If she drinks these, she’ll be able to get into a key high school. And this is really expensive! One costs a few hundred!”

“A few hundred for one bottle?” Bai Suxin was shocked. In an instant, she stood on the same side as her son. “Then I’ll make sure that you sister drinks it all, until not a single drop is left!”


Bai Jiacao was rendered speechless. She looked dumbfounded, and her enraged expression amused Meng Chao, because all she could do was seethe. She did not have the guts to say anything.


“Alright, stop pouting. I seriously brought something good for you.”

He brought out a few fast food packs Thunderbolt used when they fought in the wilderness. The monster jerky in them was surprisingly good.

“You didn’t poison it, right?” Bai Jiacao looked wary.


“You didn’t put laxatives in it either, right?” The girl was still hesitant.


“If you’re not going to eat it, fine. I’ll eat it myself.”

“Who said I’m not eating it? At least you still have a conscience.”

The future Dark Witch quickly snatched the pack over and tore open the packaging. She took a deep breath of it, and her eyes instantly crinkled.

While she was happily munching away, Meng Chao told his family everything that had happened during the night in a simple fashion once he got rid of all the unnecessary parts of the story. He also told them that he had mostly recovered.

Of course, he also told them the source of his strength came from the teachings of an amazing person in the deep web.

“What?!” Bia Jiacao cried out in surprise. “Why are you still going to those harmful websites?!”


Meng Chao felt gloomy. “Why is your reaction the same as Dad’s? I already told you that life science forums aren’t harmful websites. Besides, you’re still young. How would you know what’s harmful and what’s not?”

Bai Jiacao placed her hands on her hips. “Stop looking down on me. If you have the guts, bring your handphone and laptop over. We’ll check it.”


Meng Chao stuffed her mouth with a large piece of monster jerky.

He coughed dryly. “Anyway, the case with the crystalized neurosphere tells us that you have to be like Dad and me. You must be upstanding, honest, and kind, because good people will be rewarded.


“Also, we have to believe in the law, because most superhumans are good people.

“Qin Hu is really powerful, but why didn’t he dare to hurt me when I’m just a powerless and weak high school student? Because there’s laws, and they are supported by the Supernatural Tower and all of Dragon City. At the same time, they’re supporting the millions of other normal Dragon Citizens.


“So if you run into anything, don’t take unnecessary pains to solve a problem, alright? You have to give the law a chance, got it?”

Bai Jiacao did not seem to have understood him. She only cared about eating, and her mouth was oily from all the stuff she ate.

Meng Chao sighed. “Ah, forget it. I am unable to explain things clearly for the time being. In any case, don’t cause trouble. If anyone bullies you, come back and tell me immediately. I’ll help you exact vengeance one hundred fold. If you want to bully others, tell me as well. I’ll beat them until they start crying for their parents.”


The future Dark Witch immediately raised her hand. “What if you’re the one bullying me?”

Meng Chao thought about it and comforted her. “Then endure it. If you endure it, you’ll get used to it.”


After Meng Chao ate the egg pancake with steamed bread pieces stuffed with luncheon meat, he took a nap for half an hour. Then, he went to school.

Even though there were still some monster carcasses left in the district and the air was filled with a pungent smell, the residents had already returned to their previous lives. Elderly men and women woke up early in the morning to train, and children could be seen playing around.

The breakfast stalls were already set up at the entrance of the market. The pan fried dumplings, fried dumplings, and egg pancakes let out sizzling sounds on metal baking pans. The owners and customers chatted and laughed with each other, and their voices formed the music of the world. They were like the sturdiest shields that blocked off the presence of monsters.

Meng Chao ran into Granny Wang at the foot of the apartment.

The old woman held her bio-pet and hummed a pop song from when she was young. Her kindly appearance was a stark contrast to how she had been swinging her shotgun the night before.


“Granny Wang, you’re taking your dog out on a walk?” Meng Chao greeted her.

“What’s wrong with me taking my dog out today? We just had a few bugs come to our district. No monster in the world will be able to stop this old woman from taking her dog out for a walk,” Granny Wang said in a voice full of power and glared at him.


Meng Chao smiled.

Indeed. Regardless of whether it was zombies, monsters, the extraordinary beings in the future, or any sort of evil spirit, their lives had to go on. No one could stop Dragon Citizens from living out their plain and happy lives.

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