Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Reckless Bull Force

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Even though the students grumbled, they were aware of their status as third year high schoolers. They stood up while dragging their feet.

Someone stuffed a language test into his pocket.

While he trained, he could just do it sneakily for fun.

“Hurry up! Get moving!”

Zuo Haoran had his hands placed behind his back and shouted in a mighty manner.

In this era, class reps possessed a lot of power because they had to help the teachers do a lot of management work.

“I really can’t stand that guy putting up airs.” Chu Feixiong pouted while lining up. “Zuo Haoran is too shameless. He reached the standards to get into ‘rocket class’ long ago, but he just had to stay in a normal class to be our class rep. Do you know why that is?”

“Why?” Meng Chao asked.

He had just returned from his nightmare, and his memories were still jumbled up. He was confused about a lot of things.

“There’s a rule that since being a class reps takes up a student’s time and energy, the school has to give them a certain amount of cultivation resources as compensation. This is a hidden rule that is not written in black and white, but Zuo Haoran’s uncle is Horse Monkey, the teaching director, so he arranged things for his nephew.”

The more Chu Feixiong spoke, the angrier he became. “This guy has a family who owns a big company and a teaching director as his connection. He doesn’t lack any genetic medicine and monster materials, yet he’s staying in a normal class to be our class rep! He’s just snatching the poor students’ resources! Where’s the justice in this?!”

Meng Chao remembered it then. This was indeed the case.

After he was injured during his second year in high school, Chu Feixiong’s strength became second only to Zuo Haoran.

If the teaching director had not laid out an easy path for Zuo Haoran, he would have had to go to the rocket class.

Then, Chu Feixiong would have had a high chance to become the class rep of Class 6 and obtained more resources. He would have also had more chances to get into military school.

It was no wonder why he was displeased.

“Those at the back, why are you causing such a ruckus?! You’re wasting everyone’s time!” Zuo Haoran heard their murmurs and scolded them without mercy.

Chu Feixiong scowled and was about to go forward when Meng Chao stopped him.

“We need to practice cultivation first. We’ll have plenty of time to deal with him in the future.”

The cultivation center was a building with fifteen floors.

There were more than forty cultivation rooms with different functions, recovery rooms, and medical offices. The cultivation center was five times as large as the school building.

The hot waves of youth filled the air, and it made the blood of all those who entered surge with excitement.

Since it was a self-study period, the class rep was the one to manage the class. No teacher was present for it.

After Zuo Haoran gave his orders, the students went straight to cultivation equipment.

The clashing from barbells, growls from people exerting strength, sounds of punches and roundhouse kicks cutting through air, and the fierce, banging from people hitting sandbags created a passionate fighting song.

It was a familiar yet unfamiliar sight to Meng Chao, and he sighed nonstop.

When Earthlings discovered that the super energy—spirit energy—of the Other World could be guided into the body to charge the cells and unlock the shackles of their genes, the ancient cultivation methods were given a whole new meaning.

But there was one principle in life, “Those who are poor should study to earn more money, and those who are rich should learn martial arts to protect themselves.” This principle held true no matter where human civilization ended up.

The milk powder for children from rich and powerful families came from powerful mammalian monsters.

Those who were a little older started taking secret medicines and put all sorts of ointments on their bodies. Some of them would even bath in monster blood.

They would also have gravity cabins, medical cabins, and nerve shock cabins helping them, along with the careful guidance from powerful seniors, and scientific cultivation methods set by specialist groups.

These chosen children of God enjoyed all the good things since birth, and becoming superhumans was basically set in stone for them.

If someone as poor as Meng Chao wanted to stand out, it was incredibly difficult to do.

He did not have a sufficient amount of resources and only knew how to train diligently. However, that was a ticket straight to death, because it was the same as running a marathon after starving for three days.

He had been young and conceited once. When he was in elementary school and middle school, he was well-known as a strong person. He mowed down all obstacles in his way and got into a key high school in the region—Dragon City Ninth High School.

When he was in the first year of high school, he was ranked first place in his class a few times, but during practical training, he accidentally broke Zuo Haoran’s nose. Blood gushed down the class rep’s face in front of the entire class, and a grudge was born in him against Meng Chao.

The short period of glory, however, ran Meng Chao’s body dry.

When he reached his second year of high school, his classes became harder, and his internal injuries began accumulating. Gradually, he found his abilities falling short of his wishes.

He refused to believe it and started cultivating in a frenzy. He only slept for three or four hours a day and even went on education websites to search for secret methods to train.

In the end, he ran into huge trouble. He coughed up blood and fainted, and he ended up lying in a hospital for a few months.

The doctors said he was too anxious, and his bones as well as organs were all damaged. Without spirit pills or great medicine nourishing him, he was not to go through any high-intensity training within three-five years.

When Meng Chao saw his parents’ haggard faces as they held the medical report, he made his decision.

‘In any case, Dragon City is getting stronger, and we’re slowly running out of monsters to fight. It’s fine even if I don’t become a superhuman.

‘I’ll get into a specialized school and enter society earlier so that I can earn money and help my parents. I can also earn some tuition fees for my sister so that she can live out her superhuman dream. I can use this method to protect my family too.’

When Meng Chao remembered this, he really wanted to slap himself.

‘How naive! There’s no way the Monster War can be won so easily! If my nightmare comes true, then Dragon City is about to face its greatest crisis since it transmigrated to this place. Without strength, how am I supposed to protect my family?’

Perhaps because he was weak, his younger sister took the dark path and became the Dark Witch, who was practically at the level of a boss in a game.

When he thought about how his cute sister would continuously be corrupted, he began to feel troubled.

‘It might sound awesome that I can become stronger by contributing to society, but I can only get 0.001 contribution points by picking up trash. Even if I pick up all the trash in the city, it’s useless. I still have to cultivate hard.’

Meng Chao went to the cultivation machine.

After moving around a little, he began gasping for breath.

‘I’m still so hungry…’

After Kindling repaired his body and helped him activate Reckless Bull Technique, he was like a fighting tank whose all aspects were strengthened, but he also burned dozens of times the amount of fuel that a normal car used up.

His best friend had used two weeks’ worth of allowance to only fill up his stomach a little. There was no way he could withstand high-intensity cultivation right now.

“What a pity.”

When a few girls saw Meng Chao sprawled all over the machine, looking like he was about to be blown away by the wind, they sighed in their hearts.

When they saw him take up Dragon Hibernation Stance earlier, they had recalled his might from first and second year of high school.

Even though he looked careless, he had to have been unable to accept the results, right?

“Meng Chao originally had a chance to become a superhuman, but by the looks of it now, he can only become a normal person after losing his abilities.”

The girls could not help but pity him.

“Meng Chao, if you want to train, do it seriously. If you don’t want to train, get off the machine. Don’t occupy the cultivation machine!” Zuo Haoran kept an eye on Meng Chao constantly.

“This guy…” Chu Feixiong glared at the class rep and helped Meng Chao to a corner before he stuffed a sports drink into his hands. “Sit here for a while. Take it nice and slow.”

“I’m fine.” Meng Chao shook his head. He was sweating bullets.

Damn it, his body constitution was too weak. What the heck was he doing over the past year?

‘Kindling helped me awaken my skill, but it can’t produce energy out of the blue for me. I need to buy cultivation resources so that I can give “fuel” to my “main fighting tank”!’

Meng Chao smiled bitterly. If he could buy cultivation resources, he would not have given up on himself for an entire year.

“Have you forgotten about your basics because it’s been a long time since you trained?”

Chu Feixiong thought that Meng Chao really did not know how to do the moves, so he flung his arms and demonstrated the basic force execution method to him.

He was a born strength type fighter. His Reckless Bull Force gave off the momentum of a tiger.

Meng Chao watched with a strange look in his eyes.

Chu Feixiong touched his head. ‘Am I imagining things? I thought I saw… a hint of scorn in Meng Chao’s eyes.’

“Was I bad?” The huge, white bear’s face turned dark.

“You don’t execute force like that,” Meng Chao could not resist saying.

“What?!” Chu Feixiong could not believe his ears. “I treat you like my best friend, and you’re here acting cool with me?”

Meng Chao quickly explained himself. “Don’t misunderstand, those words weren’t aimed at you. I’m saying that the way we execute force right now is…”

“Is trash?”

“It’s not that bad. But it’s seriously a little crude. It’s not very scientific.”

His words were incredibly conceited.

Reckless Bull Force was created in the New Era Year 35, and it was born when Zhou Mang, an elite in the military, led a scientific research team to research the biological structure of more than ten Grade Three monsters like Iron Hammer Beast and Boorish Horn.

They also included the force execution model of Olympic gold medallists and mixed martial artists from Earth. Their scientific force execution method was researched and tested for a total of five years in an ergonomics research lab before it was made.

What was unique about it was that it was simple and could be understood easily. It could be learned quickly, and its explosive power was incredibly great.

Aside from stimulating qi, blood, and strengthening the body, it could also stimulate a teenager into excreting large amounts of growth hormones and increase the activity in cells. It had great benefits in promoting cultivation.

After it was practiced for more than a decade, Dragon City’s education department decided to implement Reckless Bull Force, Ripple Force, and Dragon Snake Force into the compulsory education syllabus, and they became the three great force execution methods that students had to train.

But Meng Chao said that this force execution method was incredibly crude and not scientific?

Chu Feixiong thought that Meng Chao was incredibly shameless this afternoon.

What he did not know was that Meng Chao was not boasting.

War was the greatest way for civilizations to communicate with each other.

When Dragon Citizens fought passionately against the true elites of the Other World, their civilizations permeated each other deeply. Dragon Citizens used the wisdom of the other worldlers to continuously modify their industry, science, and martial arts.

Reckless Bull Force they were using today was just in its first version.

In the future, they would run into all sorts of strange otherworldly creatures, and they would dissect them to research them, thus gaining a deeper understanding toward cells and genes. The powerful fighters from Dragon City would then push Reckless Bull Force to its second version, third version, pro version, and plus version…

Reckless Bull Force’s ultimate version not only increased its user’s maximum force by thirty percent, it even fixed most of the bugs in the past versions, which were created when spirit energy moved about chaotically in the blood vessels and nervous system. There was a cooldown time for this method after its user had his or her muscles over expand, and the ultimate version decreased that cooldown time by fifteen percent, largely increasing its user’s maximum punch force and their ability to continue fighting.

The ultimate version was no longer called Reckless Bull Force, but Reckless Bull Technique.

Through Kindling, Meng Chao awakened to the memories of his previous life, and the skill he awakened was naturally the ultimate version of Reckless Bull Force!

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