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Oh, no! I Became the Sister of the Novel’s Tragic Heroine!

Oh, no! I Became the Sister of the Novel’s Tragic Heroine!

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Oh, no! I Became the Sister of the Novel’s Tragic Heroine!

Rating: 9.3/10 from 12 ratings

Yin Xun wanted to read a light-hearted novel, only to be tricked by the synopsis. It turns out that it was an abusive plot, with the male lead causing the female lead’s family to fall apart, while he imprisoned her with domestic violence and subjected her to all sorts of torment…

only for them to live happily ever after!Finishing the book, Yin Xun complained about the female lead: If I could transmigrate into the book, I will slap you in the face so that you would wake up! What an idiot! Bleurgh! And yet, she transmigrated into the book in the next instant and became the nonexistent sister of the female lead, leaving her speechless. Is it that costly to voice a complaint these days?! She had to transmigrate as payment?!Still, what happened had happened. Rolling up her sleeves, Yin Xun looked at her adorable family and prepared herself to torture the male lead…

but at the next instant, her wish came true, as the first slap she gave was to the female lead!What do you mean, we’re rich, and it was no skin off our back, so we don’t need to give any compensation? This was the starting point of our downfall! Realizing that the female lead was a little skanky and very much deserved to be tormented, Yin Xun decided to straighten her out along with the male lead. Nonetheless, she wanted a trade empire for herself as well, since she couldn’t allow her life to revolve around those two…

but a certain big-shot got upset as her business began to take off: “What is more important? Me, or your ambition?”Yin Xun: “So, are you cutting ties with me?”Seeing that she did not get what he was saying, the big-shot sighed: “No.”The path of wife-chasing was a long one for him!