One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 20 - Youyou is a little sweetheart.

Chapter 20: Youyou is a little sweetheart.

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Youyou assisted his mother in washing the dishes by holding up bowls to her with his small hands. He was somewhat afraid of Li Qin and Yun Na, so after Yun Yecheng left, he stuck with Yun Shishi in the kitchen.

In the living room, Yun Na shifted her sight toward the mother-son pair in the kitchen with hatred. She whined to Li Qin, “Mom, why did you let that wretch into our family? Looking at her is so depressing! I lost my good mood!”

Li Qin sat on the sofa, her expression not looking good as well.

“Hmph! Who knows? You’ll have to ask your father that!”

“A wretch and a bastard. Why did our family encounter these two disasters?”

“Nana, don’t let your father hear that! Otherwise, he’s going to help the outsiders and scold us, mother and daughter! You haven’t seen your father’s expression today; it was really scary!”

When she heard about it, Yun Na’s face drained of color. “Dad actually helped them?!”

Regarding this, Li Qin was enraged. “He did!”

Yun Na clenched her fists tightly and snorted coldly. “He’s just a bastard! His father doesn’t want him, and we don’t even know which guy she fooled around with to have him.”

“Don’t learn from that woman, having a baby before marriage and at such a young age. If words of this get out, it’s really too shameful!”

Yun Shishi continued to wash the dishes with her head lowered, but her movement was now as rigid as a robot’s. Under the dim yellow light, her expression was strangely stiff. Although they were separated by a door, the two’s unpleasant words could still be heard clearly, and she found them unbearable!

The ridicules from the living room continued. Yun Shishi furiously let go of the dishes, but as she was about to confront the mother-daughter pair, a tender hand suddenly held her arm gently.

Startled, Yun Shishi lowered her head and saw Youyou snuggling up by her side. He was looking up at her with a smile. His pair of intelligent eyes seemed to penetrate through her complex emotions.

“Mommy, Youyou will help you wash the dishes so that we can go home fast!” After saying this, he tiptoed and struggled to reach into the sink with his two little hands. Yun Shishi was in a daze for a moment. She then pursed her lips and decided to rein in her anger once more.

Her anger nearly exploded for so many times today, but she had to hold it in each time.

They could target her. She could listen, she could endure, and she could bear. After all, she also knew that she owed the Yun family so much. If it were not for her father, she would not have such a good life. He gave her a home. Unfortunately, this home did not welcome her.

Even if she was despised again and again, she could tolerate it all. However, a human heart was ultimately made of flesh. Youyou did not do anything wrong to them! He was just an innocent child. He was still so young, and he should not relive the darkness she had gone through when she was young! If Youyou were not present, she certainly would flare up!

Youyou was by her side, however. As a mother, she wanted to leave Youyou with a lovely childhood.

Thus, she could only resolve not to step foot into the Yun family’s house ever again.

Inside a car heading back home, Yun Shishi weakly buried her face into the shoulder nook of Youyou, who was sitting on her lap, and grasped his little hand a little tightly.

She regretted it for a fleeting moment. She should not have been selfish to let Youyou stay by her side. Perhaps, by that man’s side, her son would have a father and a mother, and he would not have to bear with all this humiliation. At that man’s house, Youyou would live a much happier life, right?

However, she hated to part with him.

Six years of relationship. Blood was really thicker than water. She could no longer let go of this cute and sensible child.

“Mommy…” Youyou remained still and let her lean on his narrow shoulder.

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