One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4496 - 4496 The Other Side 465

Chapter 4496 - 4496 The Other Side 465

4496 The Other Side 465

Afraid they’d sneak away again after she’d fallen asleep, Natalia patted the bed. “You two lie down, we’ll sleep together!”

The bed was huge. It was two meters wide and two meters long. It was more than big enough for three people to sleep on.

Knowing what Natalia was worried about, Hua Jin lay down as she requested.

Hence Gong Jie and Hua Jin settled on either side of the girl and only then, she was finally at ease.


Lying in Gong Jie’s arms, Natalia murmured, “I miss home.”

She missed the home that she shared with Gong Jie and Hua Jin. This place was so unfamiliar. All that surrounded her were bad memories. She could not even sleep well.

“When you get better, we’ll go home.”

“I’m already much better!” Natalia pouted. “I want to go home.”

“Alright, let’s sleep first, okay?”

By now, the actor’s ability to coax children was top-notch.

Natalia demanded, “Give me a goodnight kiss!”

The actor gently kissed her forehead.

When Gong Jie saw this, he felt indignant. “I want one too.”

Hua Jin was dumbstruck.

Are you a freaking child, asking for a goodnight kiss? Aren’t you so immature? He thought frostily,

The man glared at him meaningfully and even thrust his handsome face towards the actor.

He was clearly being shameless!

Natalia was amused. “Haha!”

The actor was exasperated, but gave in nevertheless and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

Gong Jie was not satisfied, however. “That’s it?”

“That’s it! Go to sleep!” He turned a bright scarlet, then lay down, put his arms around Natalia, and closed his eyes.

Very quickly, the girl fell asleep. Not long after, the actor fell asleep as well. Gong Jie, on the other hand, could not sleep. He lay on his side with his head resting on his hand, quietly looking at the two people lying beside him.

Hua Jin and Natalia had fallen quietly asleep in each other’s arms. Natalia’s arm rested wantonly on the actor’s chest. Under the moonlight, the scene was strangely warm.

The next day, the actor woke up to the scene of Gong Jie sleeping with his arm around Natalia. He walked to the window and drew the curtains wide open.

The long-awaited sunlight finally poured in. The entire room instantly lit up.

He quietly left the room and walked out, unexpectedly running into Alice.

When Alice saw him, she could not help teasing him. “I heard from Youyou that he and Little Yichen accidentally interrupted an intimate moment between you guys?”

Hua Jin was dumbstruck.

Great disappointment!

These two little fellows had been gossiping!

“Don’t listen to them.”

“Actually there’s really nothing to admit to.” After a pause, Alice’s expression became serious again. “The news report is out today… about the Sacred Temple.” As she spoke, Alice handed the tablet to him.

Hua Jin took the tablet. Many world-renowned media outlets had reported on it. The news of the mass suicide at the Sacred Temple shook the entire world!

Such an inhumane mass suicide was not something that happened everyday. There was no doubt that this sensational piece of news would be a hot topic for a long time.

At the same time, the battle in East Africa had officially begun. The United Nations’ international peacekeeping organizations had begun to intervene.

“More than a thousand believers voluntarily took hydrogen chloride and died within a few seconds.”

“Among them, five believers had pretended to take poison, and managed to escape unharmed.”

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