Chapter 849 - 849 Why Didn't You Say That You Were So Strong Earlier! (4)

849 Why Didn’t You Say That You Were So Strong Earlier! (4)

The old man fell silent upon hearing this. He thought this kid really didn’t know how to talk. So, he turned to leave, but after taking a few steps, he glanced back at Xu Qing.

“The heavenly fire is coming soon. Find a place to avoid it.”

The old man threw an umbrella to Xu Qing.

“This umbrella can resist the heavenly fire for some time but not for too long. You’re on your own.”

With that, his body swayed and he was about to fuse into the void.

Xu Qing took the umbrella. After checking, he sensed the other party’s kindness. Hence, he thought about it and shouted at the old man who was about to disappear.

“Wait a minute.”

The old man’s body paused as he looked at Xu Qing in surprise.

Xu Qing lifted his hand and extracted the last wisp of poison from the other party’s body…

This was left behind by Xu Qing to prevent the old man from suddenly attacking earlier.

At that moment, with the appearance of the poison, the old man’s expression changed again. He glared at Xu Qing and panted a few times before laughing angrily.

“No sense of martial honor!”

Xu Qing was expressionless. His experiences since he was young made him understand the need to be cautious, especially in this unfamiliar large region.

And from beginning to end, he had no intention of harming anyone.

The old man glanced at Xu Qing and finally nodded.

“Forget it. Your vigilance can be considered normal.”

After saying that, he thought about it and took out a jade slip, tossing it to Xu Qing.

“If you really can’t find a place to avoid the fire, go there.”

The old man turned and disappeared.

Xu Qing took the jade slip and kept it after glancing at it. He knew what heavenly fire was. It was a unique phenomenon in the Moon Worship Region. Every time this happened, the sky of the entire Moon Worship Region would become bright.

“It should be related to this sea of fire.”

Xu Qing didn’t know the details previously but he could make a guess now. When he thought of the increasing heat these few days, he fell into deep thought and sped up his departure.

A few days later, Xu Qing returned to the shore. It wasn’t the place of seclusion from before. He didn’t want to go to the same place a second time.

After landing on the shore, he looked at the sky.

Compared to two months ago, the flames in the sky were even more intense now, and the churning of the magma in the Heavenly Fire Sea was also more intense.

The rumbling from the sky and sea of fire was like thunder rumbling.

There were fewer cultivators here compared to before.

In fact, the ground was quaking, as though some colossus was about to rise from the sea of fire.

This reminded Xu Qing of the first time he saw the border guards of the Mirror Image Race hiding underground.

“Could this be a way to avoid the heavenly fire?”

Xu Qing fell into deep thought. He found a place far away from here and dug a large hole in the ground. After he crawled in, he cast a spell to cover it. After hiding underground, he sat down cross-legged and began to recover his body.

Although it was the body of a god, that Heavenly Fire Sea was mysterious and unfathomable. The high temperature under the magma gave Xu Qing an even more terrifying feeling. He could at most sink by about ten feet.

Xu Qing didn’t dare to continue. This fire burned his soul and the absorption of the purple crystal couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be injured.

Just like that, days passed. Xu Qing was deep underground. As he recovered, he studied his Sundial life lanterns and occasionally chatted with Ling’er.

He wasn’t lonely.

Seven days later, when his body returned to its peak, Xu Qing sensed the changes in the outside world.

During these seven days, the temperature grew higher and higher.

It was the same even though he was underground. The surrounding soil began to turn red.

This lasted until a rumbling sound rang out from the sky like thunder. Through his divine consciousness perception, Xu Qing saw a scene that caused huge waves in his heart.

The Heavenly Fire Sea erupted like a tsunami.

As the magma churned intensely, it stirred up waves. As it spread to the shore, a pair of huge broken hands that were countless feet long rose into the air from the vast sea of fire.

These severed hands had huge growths at the end of their arms, with numerous tendrils extending from them, and the palm lines on the hand were extremely clear.

They rose into the air and slowly performed hand seals.

Magma surged and was drawn into the sky, dispersing and rapidly covering the horizon in all directions.

The sky was bright.

Endless flames fell from the sky, burning the ground.

This was the reason why this area was bare and irregularly-shaped. It was also the main reason why there were no plants.

Its range was so large that it covered the two races’ alliance territory. It continued to spread from the east to the west until it enveloped the entire Moon Worship Region.

“Heavenly fire crossing the sky…”

Xu Qing mumbled when he saw this scene.

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