Chapter 973 - Chapter 973 You Can't Take Medicine Randomly (2)

Chapter 973 You Can’t Take Medicine Randomly (2)

“However, Master hasn’t released any pills for a while now. So those who were losing profits saw an opportunity and started spreading negative rumors.”

“Moreover, some former alchemy masters have also chimed in. Some praise the pills, others criticize them, and there are those who claim that these imitations pose significant risks compared to authentic curse-resolving pills.”

“Some even speculate that the master hasn’t released any pills for so long because they weren’t personally refined, and the source has run dry.”

“There are even rumors that this Master is a person of the Red Moon Shrine, and that this might be a sinister pill refined by the Red Moon Shrine.”

“There are all kinds of opinions.”

The captain sighed. Wu Jianwu and Ning Yan also felt waves in their hearts. Li Youfei fell silent.

Xu Qing sighed softly. It had been a while since he had gone to the Moon Rebel Hall. He didn’t know much about the things the captain had said, especially about the slanders.

“Let the situation take its own course. No need to pay attention to what outsiders say.”

Xu Qing spoke softly.

“That’s right. I also persuaded my good friend like this. It was also under my persuasion that his mental state became better and he wasn’t affected by the slanders.”

The captain lifted his head, his expression filled with emotion.

Xu Qing glanced at the captain again and nodded.

The captain was smug and was about to continue. However, at this moment, the parrot on the crown prince’s knee in the distance opened its eyes and proudly swept its gaze toward Xu Qing and the others, letting out a sharp cry.

“What are you all discussing over there? Not working? Chen Er Niu, it’s too hot. Come over here and fan my grandfather!”

The captain glared but noticed that the heir had also ended his cultivation at this moment. He sighed inwardly and revealed a fawning expression as he hurriedly ran over.

The parrot disdainfully continued to berate the others. Even its father wasn’t an exception.

Ning Yan, Wu Jianwu, and Li Youfei also quickly moved.

This was everyone’s daily life in the sun.

Xu Qing looked at these and sighed. He felt that the parrot probably wouldn’t have a good time in the future.

This was indeed the case. A few days later, when the heir was resting, the captain brought Ning Yan and Wu Jianwu to Xu Qing’s side.

The captain gritted his teeth and spoke.

“Big Jianjian, you have to teach that parrot of yours a lesson. This thing is too annoying!”

When Ning Yan heard this, he nodded heavily and killing intent appeared in his eyes. Over the past few days, his dislike for the arrogant parrot had skyrocketed.

Li Youfei lowered his head and didn’t speak. He knew that it wasn’t good for him to speak up here, but he agreed inwardly.

Seeing this, Wu Jianwu fell silent for a moment. He then took a deep breath and revealed a look of regret as he recited a poem in a low voice.

“An unfilial child, the heavens despise, a father’s heart filled with sorrow and cries, it cannot see who truly prizes it!”

He was also annoyed by that unfilial son.

During this period of time, the parrot had been too arrogant. It bossed him around and had no filial piety to speak of at all. Wu Jianwu felt that if this continued, this unfilial son might one day make him call it daddy.

So the group began to discuss, but no matter what, the parrot didn’t leave the heir’s side at all, so they couldn’t punish it. However, according to the captain’s plan, they decided to postpone their actions until they arrived at the Bitter Life Mountain Range.

When there was still half a month to the Bitter Life Mountain Range, under the captain’s persuasion and request, the heir agreed to the adjustment of the route.

Hence, the direction of the artificial sun changed slightly and arrived at the White Cloud Mountain Range.

It was also the hiding place of the cultivator from the Moon Rebel Hall who cultivated the Hundred Poison Immunity Body.

The White Cloud Mountain Range was located between Tianshui[1] County and Qingsha County, and it was known for its lush and vibrant vegetation. When viewed from the sky, the region appeared to be full of life.

The abundant environment in this region led to the presence of numerous sects and races. Additionally, due to the severe injuries of the Red Moon Shine’s divine son and the frequent uprisings in various places, various forces within White Cloud Mountain Range were also showing signs of change.

Similarly, this was also one of the areas that the Red Moon Shrine wanted to suppress. When Xu Qing and the others arrived, Xu Qing could sense the fluctuations of the Red Moon Shrine from afar.

The captain also sensed it.

As they moved forward in the concealed sun, a huge Red Moon Shrine soon appeared on the distant horizon.

Unlike the heart that Xu Qing had seen before, the Red Moon Shrine here was constructed on a massive eyeball. This eyeball was veined with dark blood vessels, emitting a probing power that swept across the land as it advanced.

A large number of meteorites floated in the surroundings. There were many cultivators on them and all of them emitted killing intent.

Wherever it passed, the surroundings fell silent.

Noticing this, the speed of the sun that was hidden in the void slowed down. The captain was a little anxious.

“The temple is here too? Has the tracks of that unlucky fellow been exposed?”

As he spoke, he hurriedly took out a mirror and entered the Moon Rebel Hall. Very soon, he returned and he quickly spoke to Xu Qing.

“I contacted that unlucky fellow from the Moon Rebel Hall. This fellow had no choice but to spread the distress mission, and someone with ulterior motives must have secretly reported it to the Red Moon Shrine.”

“That’s why he doesn’t dare to tell us the exact location of his hiding place now.”

As soon as the captain finished speaking, Xu Qing lifted his head and paid attention to the Red Moon Shrine in the distance. He discovered that the temple had suddenly changed directions and was speeding in a certain direction.

“The Red Moon Shrine seems to have found him.”

Xu Qing’s gaze froze as he spoke in a deep voice.

When the captain heard this, he immediately controlled the sun to speed through the sky and follow closely. Very soon, they saw the Red Moon Shrine stopping above a valley.

The huge blood-red eye emitted a demonic light as it locked onto the valley below. After that, a red light erupted from the eye.

[1] Tianshui – Heavenly water.

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