Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 1308 1302: An Ancient Trove Of Treasure

Chapter 1308 1302: An Ancient Trove Of Treasure

"HAA!" A wave of cold gasps resounded; Feng Qingchu held her mouth, stifling her surprised exclamation, her eyes bulging wider than ever before. The quivering eyes of the Earthly Saints present were the first to experience drastic, world-shaking changes as they witnessed the unmatched brilliance of their Ascendant Emperor.

By his lonesome, a mere mortal, stood against the Void Wyrm with understated ease. Each move of his carried enough domineering might that the Void Wyrm felt like an inconsequential toy despite its colossal size and earlier ferocity. The sight of a single man holding onto the tail of such a gigantic creature left them utterly breathless. This was especially so for those like Feng Qingchu who had witnessed Evergod's distressed state earlier.

Furthermore, shortly afterward, the Mortal, their Ascendant Emperor, launched a flurry of blows that sent it here, and then there, and then back to here, leaving them extremely speechless. The sheer tyranny of Wei Wuyin had inspired varied types of seeded beliefs that would never be wiped away until death.

A seed of fear.

A seed of respect.

A seed of worship.

A seed of disbelief.

A seed of hope.

Wei Wuyin represented the very possibility of this power being attainable, represented the deep changes of the coming era, and they felt validated for every sacrifice they made subordination themselves under his name.

Only Wu Yu remained calm; he'd long since developed those seeds, having grown used to Wei Wuyin's astonishing brilliance. As a Timelord, Wei Wuyin could slaughter Ascended beings fairly. And these Ascended beings were not ordinary, especially Highlord Bluecloud and Venerable Slayingsword. The former specialized in Spiritual Spells while the latter had grasped Sword Heart Intent.

He could no longer measure Wei Wuyin by any conceivable standards; the Young Lord forged a Supermassive-sized Solar Star as his World-Bound Star Domain, established his own Starfield, and attained the Worldly Saint Alchemist level before the age of a hundred. If one day Wei Wuyin told him he was the reincarnation of a deity or a fallen immortal, he wouldn't be surprised.


When Wei Wuyin tapped into the powers of the Minor Authority of Imperial Law, Wu Yu felt an irresistible urge to kneel, his cultivation base circulated, and his body bent. Instinctively, he found himself with his body lowered, kneeling and calm.

Shockingly, he wasn't the only one; the various existences all kneeled as if commanded to do so, immediately out of sheer instinct. Their cells, blood, and Seas of Consciousness all trembled beneath the tyrannical presence of that power. Everyone, even the mortals that had been brought here by Wei Wuyin, found themselves on their knees.

Despite being hundreds of thousands of miles away, Wei Wuyin's presence was felt, his voice was heard within their very souls, and it felt as if an Imperial Edict had been passed down. While it was simply the order to move, they reacted.

Wu Yu's eyes grew radiantly bright, nearly blinding in its brilliance. He was no longer as ignorant as he was before, especially after receiving the blessings of the Worldly Awakening of a True Saint. Alongside the Mystic Runes were information, and details that briefly explained the path of the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

"Laws!" Feng Qingchu breathily exclaimed. Thanks to Wei Wuyin's Neo-Dawn Alchemic Expo, the breadth of the world's cultivation knowledge had explosively grown. While it hadn't been adequately passed down to all generations throughout society, those who had directly benefited had grasped the basic outlines of their cultivation paths.

This was the miraculous power known by true experts as the Authority of Laws! The Seed of Law was described as a requirement for the later stages of the Mystic Ascendant Realm. But that was a mere seed! The actual Authority of Laws was something that touched the very limits of the Mystic Ascendant Realm!

How could a mere mortal grasp such fantastical power? The Ascended beings present that had gained a World Rune Blueprint were taken aback by this discovery, this feeling that permeated throughout their souls. Was this their Ascendant Emperor?

The last seed, the seed of pride, began to unknowingly manifest.

"Wu Yu!" A voice erupted throughout the Dark Void, piercing into Wu Yu's mind and only his. Jolted by the sensation, Wu Yu stood up and stared at the Dark Void with clenched fists and a solemn gaze. Wei Wuyin had finished tossing the Void Wyrm about.

"Everyone!" Wu Yu shouted. The outburst shook everyone awake, their minds alert and their bodies stiffened. "By orders of your Emperor, heed these orders!" Initially, confusion warped the faces of everyone, but as he continued to relay Wei Wuyin's orders, the others revealed increasingly shocked expressions.

Wu Yu was incredibly swift and concise with his explanation. As soon as he finished, his Mystic Aura erupted vigorously. The Earthly Saints reacted the fastest, especially since they had the first task.

"Understand?!" Wu Yu yelled.

"Yes!" The Earthly Saints replied first. Feng Qingchu anxiously bit her lips, her eyes focused on Wu Yu's side profile as worry filled her gaze. A rare softness followed that concern, and Wu Yu could feel it. While his heart warmed, his mind remained focused and on task.

The world went silent.

Wu Yu knew this was it! "Twenty-three seconds! Count begins...NOW!" Wu Yu immediately shouted as letters of Spiritual Power flashed out from his hands, painting the sky above the moon grandly, and slowly began to change.

It started at 23.

Then, 22.

By this time, they all saw Wei Wuyin receive the same treatment as Evergod. The Void Wyrm's movements were incomprehensibly fast, and they could only see the shadow of its snapping maw swallowing their Ascendant Emperor. The urge to react was forcefully suppressed, with paled expressions throughout, yet no one screamed or exclaimed.


Wu Yu turned into a ray of starry light, blazing a path toward the Void Wyrm. He was extremely fast, invoking his Third Grand Transformation, donning the image of a Grand Knight of the Starry Skies, exuding the power of the Imperial Heaven Aura to its maximal extent. The moon that he stood on had been forcefully shifted a little, directly pushed out of orbit.

Baby Defiant unleashed a blurt of radiance, correcting its orbit almost as soon as it had. The effectiveness of Wei Wuyin's World-Bound Star Domain was miraculous in regulating the Neo-Dawn Starfield. Even without Wei Wuyin's conscious actions, Little Defiant could act in a manner similar to self-preservation, emulating the characteristics of a legitimate Spirit of Cultivation!

Unable to be awed by this, Wu Yu's task was of the utmost priority. He reached within twenty-thousand miles of the Void Wyrm instantly. As he approached, his heart shook with the raging force of thunder. The Void Wyrm was massive! Not only that, it had a strange, forceful aura that felt extremely oppressive.

The space that he was existing in felt as if it was being disturbed, feeling like sludge. Just moving was difficult! Was this caused purely by its passive pressure? How did Wei Wuyin so easily trudge through this? But this thought was instantly shelved as he retrieved a golden-colored Solar Star the size of a baby's palm. It brightly exuded a majestic radiance!

It was a fantastically profound object, a token forged with the design of Xu You's Endless Void Mirror's Control Talisman! At its core, enveloped by its blazing golden shell, was a seven-colored Star Core-like object! The actual Control Talisman had been thrown aside by Wei Wuyin, but this was a perfect replica that Wei Wuyin had created using it as the basis.

Since the beginning of Eden's creation, Wei Wuyin had always had an extreme talent for the invasion and seizing of formations and arrays. This Control Talisman was no different. The entire Sealed Region, while hyper-complex and incredibly vast, was simply a set of the Heavenly Treasure's Multi-Layered Arrays!

The World Within the Fold, the World Between the Fold, the World of the Fold-these three areas demarcated the three different arrays, all comprising thousands upon thousands of various formations working in tandem to produce the Sealed Regions.

Xu You's Control Talisman was not Liu Yinlan's; Xu You was the City Lord of the City of Voyage, and he possessed the talisman designed to regulate the World of the Fold, the world that housed the Seekers. Those from the World Beyond would be housed there, actively given duties to ensure the maintenance and continuation of the Sealed Regions!

Wu Yu was now in possession of a replica! Moreover, this replica was far from a simple copy.

"Go!" With everything he could muster, Wu Yu infused his greatest power into the golden-colored Solar Star. A warm light effused, blanketing heaven and earth for several millions of miles. It wasn't blinding, almost inviting.

The Void Wyrm was stunned; the radiant light and warmth felt strangely familiar. It had just devoured an imminent threat to the Endless Void Mirror's stability, and it was still disgruntled that the delectable source was sent elsewhere by instinct. However, before it could rage or act to rectify this, the light basked it entirely.


There was no epic struggle.


There was no roar of reluctance.


Just like over eight thousand years ago, it began to slowly but surely slip into a comfortable embrace of sleep. Considering it was still barely in its awakened state, this light was extremely effective.

Wu Yu's arms violently bled as he kept pouring copious amounts of Imperial Heaven Power into the talisman. The veins on his arms burst, his eyes were bloodshot, and his heart was beating with the intensity of a thousand horses.

He recalled Wei Wuyin's earlier warning and mentally-given instruction. If he failed to do this, everything else will undoubtedly fail, and the Neo-Dawn Starfield will likely fall in short order. Moreover, they, who were tainted by Void Energy, would be hunted down and eliminated.


Not swallowed.




"GO!!!" Wu Yu roared as the Void Wyrm was forced into slumber; he retreated immediately as he forcefully executed movement art! The Earthly Saints had long since prepared for this moment with those twenty seconds. They all erupted with their Mystic Aura, bringing forth the readied Highlords at the forefront, and the Venerables, Exalted, and Starlords behind. They brought them along and flew at great speeds.

Some were faster than others, but the sludge of space was still present. They found it difficult to do so, yet they persisted. How the hell did Wu Yu and Wei Wuyin get close to this thing?!

The Earthly Saints reached the three-hundred-thousand-mile mark, and they roared violently as they did. With a thrust of their Mystic Powers, the Demi-Mortal Lords were next. They unleashed their Mystic Aura, enveloping the lower-ranked cultivators and mortals with the utmost care. The mortals that were brought along could barely react. To them, the world simply was zooming past.

The Demi-Mortal Lords struggled even greater than the Earthly Saints. Some even tried to give up, but Wu Yu roared! They were instantly enlivened and struggled to keep going!

When they reached the one hundred and fifty thousand mile mark, they performed the same tactic as the Earthly Saints. They launched the Venerables, Exalted, and Starlords forward with the Venerables at the front!

The Earthly Saints pulled the Demi-Mortal Lords with ropes of Spiritual Power.

Then, the Venerables launched the Exalted at the fifty-thousand-mile mark. They were pulled back by the Highlords using the same Spiritual Power ropes.

The Exalteds were all seen as abject failures of society, yet at this moment, they held an unimaginably important role. A few were at the ends of their lifespan, and they burned their lifespan to bring forth enough power. They were given brief orders, but since they came from Wei Wuyin, the seeds that had been planted earlier began to bring forth their greatest effort.

"HAAA!" An Exalted lost their life upon sending the Starlords and mortals forward. They were on the edge of death, only having a few years left, and they expended it here!

A Venerable pulled their corpse back.

Feeling shaken, they proceeded to rapidly send it back. It soon reached the Earthly Saints, and Feng Qingchu actively infused lifeforce from her lifespan, giving them a few more days, and regathering their almost scattered Spirit of Cultivation via Temporal Reversion. Life was breathed back in and they were welcomed by a bright, thankful smile of a figure they had never thought they could receive a glance from.

"You did well," Feng Qingchu said before lifting her gaze to find Wu Yu speeding backward. She hurriedly went to retrieve him, taking the revived Exalted with

Wu Yu smashed into her embrace, his seven orifices all bled profusely, and he looked wretched. Yet his eyes never once left the Void Wyrm nor the mortals.

The Starlords were all that was left. They had their Worldly Domain invoked, but shockingly enough, they were entirely unaffected by the sludge of pressure of the Void Wyrm. They reached a hundred miles, taking various positions around the Void Wyrm, and placed the mortals garbed in void-attributed clothing.

Then, the Starlords instantly began to retreat in haste, not daring to stay any longer. The sheer monstrosity that was the Void Wyrm was unimaginable. Fortunately, the few that were driven into a stupor were pulled back by Spiritual Power ropes with quickness.

Before long, only the hundreds of thousands of mortals were on the surface of the scaly creature that was the Void Wyrm.

Wu Yu's words resounded, "You have three days! Only three! Get to work!" He ordered and the mortals all looked about on this gargantuan landscape of scales and skin. They soon went into action, taking out large, human-sized syringes. They began to plunge them into the scales, and like a hot knife through butter the needles penetrated with ease.

Hundreds of thousands of mortals all proceeded to extract light-grayish blood from the Void Wyrm, all while it slumbered.

Wu Yu watched it all tensely; only Mortals could touch the Void Wyrm without activating its defensive instincts. The same defensive instincts that led to countless Voidships disappearances and Evergod's wretched appearance earlier. The stronger you were, the distance before it reacted changed.

"After three days, what will happen?" Feng Qingchu couldn't resist asking.

Wu Yu didn't stay silent, explaining: "In three days, it'll enter a roaming state to regulate the Dark Void. Just like it had these thousands of years. Essentially, it'll slink into the dimensional layer of chaotic space." Chaotic Space was too volatile, not even Wu Yu could safely traverse it like alone mortals surviving it.

"Before then, we'll perform three layers of extraction, excavating this treasure trove!" Despite his ghastly appearance, Wu Yu's eyes shone frighteningly bright!

Wei Wuyin found himself in a space very similar to the last Trial of the Three Voyages-Voyage of the Wanderer. It was difficult to discern up, down, left, right, or any type of direction here. Everything was the same, a freely flowing visual distortion of silvery fuzziness, no colors or form, simply chaos.

"The Endless Purgatory," Wei Wuyin's eyes glowed intensely as he easily reorientated himself, the Law of Space proceeded to activate while his True Void Dragon Bloodline circulated with a tinge of joy. This area was like a home to him.

"I can't sense anything here," the Heavenly War Spirit commented cautiously.

"You might be blind, but for me..." Wei Wuyin turned to what should be his left, and he felt a familiar aura. "Well, hello there." In the far, far, far distance was none other than the chestnut-skinned, golden-robed Alchemic Saint-Evergod!

"This place is a treasure trove," Wei Wuyin laughed. There was a set of invisible shackles on his arms, legs, torso, and neck. With a gentle shake, the shackles were assimilated into his body.

"Especially for the Nexus War Flag," Wei Wuyin touched his saber's hilt. "Let's go hunting!" Without further delay, Wei Wuyin shot in the direction of an ancient, slumbering soul aura! This place that had once contained countless discarnate existences was not simply occupied by Evergod or himself!


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