Chapter 521

Chapter 521

Lulua, whose life and death had been unknown, also joined.

[Ah! I, Lu-jere, am very honored to see you Lu-luah!]

[Yes, yes. ( ??д??) Lu-luah is going through a tough time right now, okay? Lu-jere, you will have to work harder for me.]

[Just leave it to me. If Lu-jere did not have that determination, why would I have come this far? My loyalty to the Invincible Lu-luah is eternal. (? ?? ?)? ?]

[Aww~? Lu-jere~]


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“They are making quite a scene,” Seong-Il said in annoyance towards another Guide who had entered with Lulua and Hera. Yet, a fleeting smile momentarily formed a light wrinkle at the corner of his eyes.

It was time for maintenance. Seong-Il felt Hera’s gaze and turned his head toward her. Her glance was sharp. She turned away as soon as their eyes met, but what caught Seong-Il’s attention was that her guild members were staring at her.

Hera’s power was blocked at the moment, making her no different from a civilian. Her limbs no longer held special abilities other than being skinny. However, there were people who harbored resentment towards her. There were definitely people who detested her for bringing them into this dangerous situation.

Nonetheless, none of the male Awakened averted their gaze or whispered to others. Instead, they were just focusing on her. Hera exchanged wordless glances with her guild members with her distinct sharp eyes.

Watching this, Seong-Il thought the real reason Hera’s guild members were being controlled was because of her eyes, not because of the huge reputation reward attached to the quest.

You are quite something, Hera.

Her eyes naturally reminded him of Mary noona’s. Although Hera was a Caucasian woman with blond hair and a slim body like a cat’s, her gaze was identical to Mary noona’s, especially the terrifying look they occasionally gave to their enemies.

[Remaining time (until Night Raid): 1 hour 45 minutes 2 seconds)]

Seong-Il checked the notification and let Mary know.

[Caliber: Noona, it’s me. I have one favor to ask. There will be a night raid by the ox-head corps in an hour and forty-five minutes. But the cities here have been destroyed. You know what happens when the cities are in such a state.]

[Caliber: But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Hera has brought all her guild members. It’s amazing.]

[Caliber: Anyway, the Light Pillar Guardian is about to die soon. The ox-head minions are guarding it, but we will figure it out. So, noona. Please get rid of the night raid!]

[Caliber: From where you are. I will repeat. One hour and forty-five minutes left.]

[Caliber: One hour and forty-five minutes.]

The reply came almost immediately, but it felt long for Seong-Il.

[Mary noona: Okay. You are the Invincible Caliber. Don’t forget that!]

[Caliber: Yeah, I know.]

“Hera, It’s up to us now.”

Seong-Il spoke in English and approached Hera. Then, Hera offered him the weapon she was holding in both her fists. It was the Furious God of the Moong’s Claw, which Seong-Il had given to her in the past.

She said sardonically, “Why, Mr. Fist Destroyer? In this situation, are you still insisting on just using your fists?”

Seong-Il took it without a word. Then, he clenched it with both hands. Even if the item’s effects were blocked, the sensation of it being tightly in his grip felt satisfying. Moreover, the sharpness of the hooks, which protruded more than five inches from his hand, was reliable as it gave him more stability. Even if it broke during the battle, holding it would enhance the power of his punches.

Hera said while looking at him, “You are like a brown bear. Why don’t you change your code name?”

“What are you going to do now?”

Seong-Il nudged Hera’s empty hand.

“Ah, Brown Bear. Your information is not up-to-date. That’s disappointing.”

Hera flicked her finger at a guild member. He was heavily laden. A number of weapons were dangling from the backpack as there were too many to fit inside his bag.

Hera untied a knot, releasing the longsword and said, “The Claw is not my only main weapon. You will find out soon.”


A careful rustling began in the bushes. Inside, people smeared head to toe in disgusting blood were keeping their breaths down while closing the distance with the Baclan. There were two large groups in the east and west. Those with ranged weapons led the way.

Seong-Il sent a signal to his group before the battle started. He bent his index finger and pointed at his eyes, then pointed at the back with his thumb. Then, he sent an actual message as well.

[Guild Leader Caliber: Aim for the eyes then retreat.]

The same directive was emphasized on Hera's side. Whether it was crossbow or javelin, the items that provided unlimited projectiles had now had their effects blocked. Once their weapons became useless, they backed up to the rear side and focused on killing the pillar guardians during the battle.

When enough distance was secured, the rustling from the bushes ceased. Seong-Il placed his large palm on the shoulder of a man in front of him. It was not just the man’s shoulder, but Seong-Il’s hand was also trembling.

Seong-Il had remained calm, but now his heart was racing uncontrollably. Fear crept in. As he knew what would unfold and how strong the Baclan monsters were, it was time to remind himself of His teachings.

[Guild Leader Caliber: Everyone must be scared. That is very natural.]

[Guild Leader Caliber: But fear is just a signal that the body sends. It is a signal to give everything you have got against the strong enemies.]

[Guild Leader Caliber: I don’t know how many will survive, but one thing is clear. We will win. We did not come all this way for nothing.]

[Guild Leader Caliber: Whether you get killed or survive, I will remember all of your names. But I am not the only one who will do that. Quest! Don’t forget that He is watching over you. Prove how brave and loyal you are to Him.]

[Guild Leader Caliber: The countdown begins. Ten.]

[Hera: Nine.]

[Caliber: Three.]

[Hera: Two.]

[Caliber: One.]

[Caliber: Attack!]

[Hera: Attack!]


If the abilities were not blocked, he would have finished those assholes by stomping his feet just once. However, he erased such thoughts from his mind as soon as the battle started. In reality, the large axes the ox-heads wielded became blades of a guillotine, severing the necks of Seong-Il’s group members.

They were not cows. Their bloodshot eyes sat beneath faces of pure evil. In ancient times, such a creature would have been imagined as a demon. Whenever Seong-Il made eye contact with them, something provoked a feeling of ruthlessness.

He could not even afford to check how many had fled in the midst of the fight. He wondered if escaping was even possible. The only things that continued to pile up were the bisected bodies of his comrades, their intestines, and blood.

Yet, it was not a complete failure because the group had created a gap to let the squad come in. However, the problem was that there was no word from them. After barely succeeding in killing a Baclan, Seong-Il checked again.

[Guild Leader Caliber: Where is the Light Pillar Guardian? Are you not responding? Hell? Are you guys all dead?]

Ugh, they can’t even finish it even though we opened up a gap? Fuck…

The battle had then shifted towards the forest.

[Hera: You are still alive, Mr. Quest.]

[Caliber: Just call me one thing. You decide. Caliber, Brown Bear, or Mr. Quest?]

[Hera: You must be in a good state since you can speak like that, Brown Bear.]

[Caliber: Where are you?]

The messages from Hera began to describe landmarks that could pinpoint a location. Seong-Il tried to recall things and dragged himself there. The Baclans seemed to have prioritized guarding the Light Pillar Guardian over chasing.

The survivors, whose flesh were torn apart, started to regroup at the spot Hera described. Those gathered were fewer than ten percent of the original population of the group.

When Seong-Il and Hera met…

[All: The Great Mary has occupied the homeland of the Baclan Corps.]

[Night Raid has been removed.]

A bitter smile brushed Seong-Il’s face. That smile widened a bit more when he saw Hera. Although his eyes were swollen to the point that they were almost closed, the corners of his mouth distinctly indicated Seong-Il’s goofy grin.

When Seong-Il spat out clotted phlegm, fragments of teeth came out with blood.

[Caliber: You look pretty funny, too. They were aggressive, right?]

Hera could only breathe through her mouth. Her clothes were shabby as she had crawled on the ground a lot. She would have fled when necessary and fought when she had to. She should not have allowed the Baclan axes to cut through her skin even if she was struck by their fists.

[Hera: You blabber as much as the Guides. Give me a break.]

[Caliber: Do you think I enjoy this? They have reasons to be that annoying. By the way, do you know that He always carried certain drugs during His time as a pre-Awakened?]

Hera’s eyes flashed as Seong-Il mentioned Him.

[Caliber: He said that even though monster blood has analgesic effects, one should not even think of using it unless it is absolutely the worst situation. Perhaps you have tried it before. What do you think? Doesn’t this situation seem like the worst?]

After finishing his words, Seong-Il walked towards the body of Baclan that looked dead.

[Hera: There is no need to rush! Ms. Mary said…]

[Caliber: You will not be able to imagine the fight He is undergoing. The battle we just had? That is nothing compared to His.]

Seong-Il buried his face in the Baclan’s open wound.

[Caliber: Ah, I miss a bowl of seonji soup[1]

Hera blankly stared at Seong-Il’s back as he sucked up the monster’s blood.

What the fuck is this?

Monster blood could serve as a means of nutrition when there was no food or analgesics. This was because the negative hallucinations it induced could suppress pain. Therefore, anyone who had tasted it once would not touch it again in a dangerous moment unless they became defeated or addicted to it.

They did not want to face hallucinations that were more painful than death, so it was better to die.

[Caliber: Thank you for the help, but this is something I must finish.]

Seong-Il stood up, wiping the corner of his mouth.

[Caliber: Don’t worry. I won’t die from drinking just a bit of this. No, I should not die.]

Seong-Il took the lead and began to walk after saying that.

The survivors got up to follow him, as if part of a solemn ceremony. Hera checked on Seong-Il while heading toward the Baclans. It was unclear what kind of hallucinations he was experiencing, but the torment and fear were evident in his twitching eyes.

The names he murmured in pain conveyed his despair. She wondered who Ki-Cheol, Soo-Ah, and Ja-Seong were. Every time he mentioned those names, Seong-Il cried with his entire body, instead of just shedding tears. Yet, the determination in his steps toward the battlefield was truly astonishing.

Hera looked back. The survivors were also looking at Caliber’s sturdy back as if they were thinking this.

Is he even a human like us? How can he do that??

Are all of His close associates like that? No way.

It felt like such murmurs were echoing around. The reason why the survivors did not lose fighting spirit even on the path to battle the demons called the Baclans was because of Caliber’s superhuman tenacity.

Yes. Who would not be mesmerized looking at the back of such a man?

If you survive again, I will acknowledge my feelings for you, Caliber. Do you know how miraculous that would be for me, Caliber?

Hera felt the grip on her sword. The battle was nearing them. Soon, the sight of the Baclans regrouping in front of them unfolded.

[Hera: Look. Not many of them are left. If we kill all of them, you guys and I are his people. We will be the rulers of a new beginning.]

Just when the Baclans were right in front of them, Seong-Il suddenly turned. The terror on his pale face was glaringly evident. What kind of hallucination could drive a man, who had always stood at the forefront of battles, into such fear?

That fleeting question was on Hera’s mind. However, that moment was brief. Seong-Il turned back towards the Baclans and charged towards them. Battle ensued as the Baclans reciprocated.

Huff, huff.

Hera could not keep up with his speed as her entire body was screaming in pain with every step. However, she still tried her best to catch up.

As Seong-Il blocked an axe swung by Baclan with the claw, Hera launched an attack but was flung away by the monster’s kick. Soon after, Seong-Il plunged the claw into the Baclan’s abdomen.



“Seong-Il is risking his life even with his abilities blocked against those creatures you controlled. Odin is engaged in an endless battle. You won’t understand the weight of every second for them.”

Woo Yeon-Hee held up the head of the Baclan Queen, Lee Soo-Ah. As Lee Soo-Ah had not put any strength in her neck while kneeling on the ground, her head was easily lifted by Woo Yeon-Hee’s hand. Although she was free from the brainwashing, her eyes were still filled with confusion.

“I can’t wait, Lee Soo-Ah.”

Woo Yeon-Hee meant it. If she gave a few days to Lee Soo-Ah like how she did to Shin Kyung-Ah, her mental world would be restored and she would be able to find her identity, but Woo Yeon-Hee couldn’t afford to give that time.

Nonetheless, touching her unstable psyche due to the influence of brainwashing would lead her to death. Lee Soo-Ah’s death would not matter much, but the Queen of the Baclans should have stayed alive.

“You will eventually find yourself again. Do not doubt it. Shin Kyung-Ah did the same.”

“...She did?” murmured Lee Soo-Ah.


The knife that Woo Yeon-Hee threw precisely brushed through Lee Soo-Ah’s cheek and stuck in the ground.

“Your tone will also become more polite.”

“...But you have already killed too many of our warriors. Also, you are overlooking the biggest problem. How can you invade the mainland of the Baclans without his power?”

Lee Soo-Ah was not referring to Seon-Hu, so Woo Yeon-Hee’s gaze became even more fierce.

“My Odin is amazing and unbelievable.”

The words spat out by Woo Yeon-Hee were from one of the strong memories she read during the process of lifting Lee Soo-Ah’s brainwashing.

Lee Soo-Ah’s pupils dilated instantly. Woo Yeon-Hee’s words were indeed sufficient to trigger Lee Soo-Ah’s unconsciousness. Woo Yeon-Hee did not miss this opportunity and said, “It is Odin’s command. I will create the passage. You just bring the soldiers.”

It was finally the Queen of the Baclans’ turn to show her consent.

[All: The guild ‘Caliber and Suicide Squad’ has destroyed a light pillar.]

Woo Yeon-Hee then realized how strong the emotions that had been suppressing her were. Feeling so relieved, it felt as if her legs gave out and stumbled.

However, the message was not over. Another familiar name appeared on her window.

[King of Hell: Doom Caso has gone berserk. Help me, Mary!]

1. A Korean dish made with beef blood. The congealed cow’s blood is boiled with various ingredients, often including napa cabbage and green onions, and seasoned with soy sauce, garlic and pepper. It is known for its rich, hearty flavor and is often consumed as a hangover remedy in Korea. 👈

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