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Chapter 370 - 370 I’ll Live with You Forever

370 I’ll Live with You Forever

Ao Jie immediately looked at Qiao Yanhui aggrievedly and resentfully, like he had been abandoned.

“Did Lin Hang come to look for Lin Shu?” Not wanting to see him wheedle, Qiao Yanhui asked bluntly.

Ao Jie frowned slightly and said seriously, “Two mysterious figures have appeared at Lin Shu’s place recently. One is Bai Mu, but I don’t know about the other one. However, it seems like he’s the head of the Lin family, Lin Hang. After all, the Lin family is different from other hidden families. As if afraid that others won’t know their identities, they’re very ostentatious.”

Qiao Yanhui’s expression darkened. Bai Mu… Wasn’t that Bai Xian’s senior brother? He was indeed working under Lin Shu! However, Bai Mu might be very related to Ao Jie, so he had to pay more attention to this person. He heard from Xu Qing that Ao Jie had been having a headache recently, so Bai Mu must have done something. That old bastard was a shady doctor.

As for Lin Hang… Lin Hang’s sudden appearance in the Qiao family was probably because Lin Shu wanted to get rid of Xu Qing. Otherwise, how could the head of the Lin family deign to kill a woman? If he remembered correctly, although Lin Hang was ruthless, he disdained killing women with his own hands because he felt disgusted by them! There must be some mental problem with this man.

From Qiao Yanhui’s expression, Ao Jie knew that something had happened to Xu Qing. Otherwise, Qiao Yanhui wouldn’t have come back personally. His expression was solemn as he asked, “What happened? Is that person very troublesome?”

“Guard your throne and protect yourself. You don’t have to worry about anything else,” Qiao Yanhui said.

Now, all sorts of signs indicated that the Lin family was after this throne. No, perhaps the Lin family was aiming for control of the entire continent! Not only had it infiltrated various factions in the Ancient Kingdom over the years, but it even had influence in other countries as well. Moreover, this time, the Lin family colluded with the alliance of the few countries that attacked the Ancient Kingdom.

Qiao Yanhui had returned secretly this time, so no one knew that Qiao Yanhui was actually not at the front line. Qiao Yanhui planned to stay behind before Lin Hang came to the Qiao family again. Lin Hang was too unpredictable. Xu Qing wasn’t his match. As for the battle, Qiao Yanhui wasn’t worried for the time being. If Deng Jiangming and the others couldn’t delay them, they would have stayed by his side for nothing all these years.

Xu Qing was overjoyed that Qiao Yanhui would stay by her side. When she was researching medicine, she felt more invigorated. “I’ve developed a medicine to resist Gu worms.”

Qiao Yanhui looked at the happy Xu Qing dotingly as he said, “Awesome.”

“Of course.” Xu Qing raised her chin proudly.

Qiao Yanhui pinched Xu Qing’s nose as he said, “How are the effects of the medicine you developed this time?”

Xu Qing took out a small white porcelain bottle. “It’s not easy to refine an antidote for Gu poison. I only managed to refine twenty pills after such a long time. Moreover, this medicine is not omnipotent. The effect only lasts three months at most, and it can only resist some relatively ordinary Gu poison.” Xu Qing was a little helpless. She had studied it for so long, but this was the best she could do. This Gu technique was really profound, and she couldn’t understand it completely in such a short period of time.

“This is already very impressive. At least, they won’t faint at random times anymore.” Qiao Yanhui rubbed Xu Qing’s hair. When he thought about how everyone nearby fainted in an instant that day and how Xu Qing was the only one left to face such a dangerous person, Qiao Yanhui tensed up.

“Take all these medicines.” Xu Qing was afraid that Qiao Yanhui would also meet someone who knew how to use Gu poison.

“Alright.” In order to prevent Xu Qing from worrying, Qiao Yanhui didn’t refuse.


Xu Qing handed Qiao Yanhui some more medicine that she had recently developed. She looked like she wanted to stuff all the medicine she had into his hands.

Qiao Yanhui hugged Xu Qing as he said in a low voice, “With your meticulous preparation, I will be safe.”

“No matter what, nothing is more important than your life, so you have to stay safe. Don’t forget your promise.” Qiao Yanhui felt as if Xu Qing’s muffled voice pierced through his chest and reached his heart.

The corners of Qiao Yanhui’s mouth curled up slightly. “Yes, I’ll try to stay alive so we can grow old together.”

“It’s been half a month already, so that person probably won’t come anymore. Go back. I’m worried about Yuan’er,” Xu Qing said worriedly.

“Yes.” Qiao Yanhui nodded, but his eyes flickered with a gloomy look.

At night, everyone was sleeping peacefully. If anyone suddenly appeared at this time and did something to them, they would only die without pain. Qiao Yanhui, who was originally hugging Xu Qing as he slept, suddenly opened his eyes and smacked towards a certain direction…


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