Power and Wealth

Chapter 1035: Because he is Dong Xuebing

Chapter 1035: Because he is Dong Xuebing


People’s Hospital ward.

It was lunchtime, and Dong Xuebing’s mother bought lunch from the cafeteria. He saw the tiredness on her face. She had cared for him since yesterday morning, and also visited Xie Huilan once in a while. She must be exhausted and had not slept last night.

“Mum, you should get some rest.”

“No need. Let me feed you first.”

“I can eat myself.”

“You should not move. I will feed you.”

The door opened and Xie Huilan entered. “Mum, you should go back and rest. This is my apartment’s key. I will take care of Xiao Bing.”

Luan Xiaoping refused. “You are not feeling well. Go back to your ward.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “Xiao Bing gave me a massage and I feel much better.”

After persuading Luan Xiaoping for a while, she stood up. “Alright. Call me if you need any help.”

“Ok. Don’t worry about us.”

Luan Xiaoping walked out of the ward slowly.

Xie Huilan walked her out before returning to feed Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was lazy to move and sat there with his mouth opened.

Xie Huilan’s body had recovered due to the power of REVERSE, and Dong Xuebing was not worried for her.

Suddenly, the door opened again, and Dong Xuebing thought it was the doctors or nurses. He looked towards the door and saw City Mayor Zhong Zhengwei and other City Government leaders. City Discipline Inspection Secretary He Shuien, and Deputy Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhan Guiping were there too. More than a dozen men followed behind them. Luo Haiting, Liu Hanqing, and many others were among them.

Zhong Zhengwei said. “I heard Xiao Dong is awake and we came to visit. Are you having your lunch? How are you feeling?”

Xie Huilan puts down the bowl and said. “The doctor say he is fine.”

“That’s great.” Zhong Zhengwei nodded.

Dong Xuebing said to Huilan. “Hurry and help me up.”

He Shuien interrupted. “Don’t get up. You need to rest.”

Zhong Zhengwei waved to Xie Huilan, asking her not to help Dong Xuebing get up. “Xiao Dong, your top priority is to get well.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am fine now. Sorry to trouble you all and thank you everybody for your concern.”

Zhong Zhengwei laughed. “Do you know how worried are we? You did not surface after two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes…. We thought…. Haha…. We are relieved now.” He said and turned to He Shuien. “I am sure he will get the gold medal if we are going to hold any swimming competition. No one can hold his breath better than him.”

He Shuien laughed. “I think he had practiced diving before.”

The world record for holding the breath was more than ten minutes. But it was on land and not underwater, let alone under that freezing river. No one in the world can hold his breath longer than Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and quickly explained. “I had ran out of breath when I found that boy. But I found an air pocket under the ice and that’s why I can last so long underwater.” He knew he had spent too long underwater and found an explanation when the leader asked.

Zhong Zhengwei nodded. “Oh, that’s why….”

He Shuien said. “You are lucky this time. Don’t be so impulsive next time. You must think for Mayor Xie.”

Dong Xuebing sincerely replied. “I will remember this.”

Zhong Zhengwei laughed. “We are not lecturing you. You had done well. Even the Provincial Leaders and provincial TV Station heard about this. The City Party Committee had decided to hold an award ceremony for you after you are discharge. Get well soon. Everyone is waiting for you.”

Dong Xuebing had received several medals since he joined the government service. He had received more than one medal because of his performance during the earthquake. The District and city had conferences to praise him, and the Provincial Government had called to praise him. He was used to it, but he was still overjoyed. These credits are what he needed most now.

Of course, Dong Xuebing still had to be modest.

Dong Xuebing replied. “I had only done what I should. I know my body can endure the cold better than others and is confident of going underwater. Anyone else with similar body conditions will also save them.” He could not ask for the credit in front of everyone as it would make the leaders look bad.

Zhong Zhengwei laughed. “I got nothing to say about your body’s condition.”

The other leaders rolled their eyes in their heart.

Nothing to say? It should be no words to describe his body.

Many of them saw Dong Xuebing diving into the freezing water and saving all those people. His last dive lasted more than 10 minutes, and managed to save the last boy. It was unbelievable.

News of yesterday’s incident spread quickly.

Not only the Fen Zhou City Government staff were talking about it, the civilians were also discussing about it.

Many people who were not at the scene refused to believe. Some of them believed after hearing it was Dong Xuebing. it was not because they know Dong Xuebing can hold his breath for so long. It was because of their previous experiences. Everything is possible if it was Dong Xuebing.


Because he is Dong Xuebing.

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