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Chapter 28 – Guo Shunjie in trouble!

Chapter 28 – Guo Shunjie in trouble!

The disadvantage of BACK was it could only return back to 1 minute ago. After Daqin Railways had reached the daily limit, Dong Xuebing could not predict what would happen next.

Half a minute past. Daqin Railway share prices fell slightly to +6.28%.

Even though the prices had fallen slightly, Zhou Changchun was still excited. He was impressed with Dong Xuebing’s observation of the ultrashort-term trading. Even those experts on TV could not be compared with Dong Xuebing. Who dares to claim that this share will surely rise? Who dares to guarantee a stock which was plunging will rise? Dong Xuebing had been accurately forecasting these.

Zhou Changchun looked at Dong Xuebing, who was sitting beside him. He likes this young man.

“Come, drink some water.” Zhou Changchun took out a paper cup and poured a cup of water for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing stood up and received the cup with both hands. “Thank you chief. I will pour myself.”

Zhou Changchun smiled and patted his shoulders, asking him to sit down. “You don’t need to be so courteous with me. From the first day I met you, I know you are exceptional. Hahaha…… See, I am right! Your skills in predicting the ultrashort-term trend are on a different level.”

“Thank you for your praises.”

Dong Xuebing felt these words were not sincere. The first time he met Zhou Changchun, he accidentally addressed him as “Deputy Chief,” and he was frowned upon by him. The other time, it was because of his sitting postures. If he does not have the ability BACK, Zhou Changchun should be giving him a hard time now. Hah, someone exceptional? Who are you trying to fool?

This was how it works in government agencies.

Still, water runs deep here.

The leader had helped him poured water, and he must finish it. After drinking the cup of water, Dong Xuebing said: “Chief Zhou, I will go back to work now?”

Zhou Changchun nodded. “Let me know immediately if you encounter any issues at work.”

Everyone in the office looks at him when he walks out of the room. Dong Xuebing remembered that Guo Shunjie had ordered him to do something and his anger rise again. He looked around the office. Guo Shunjie had not returned back to the office. So, he returned to his sit and continued with his work.

Since both of them had fallen out, Dong Xuebing decided to ignore him.

Zhuang Zhi wanted to say something to Dong Xuebing but changed his mind.

Suddenly the door opened, and Guo Shunjie walked in.

The General Affairs Office became tense again. Dong Xuebing did not look at him and continued typing on his computer.

Guo Shunjie saw the water dispenser was still empty and felt he was being challenged. His face changed, and he walked closer to Dong Xuebing. He pointed at Dong Xuebing and angrily said: “Fine. I can’t even order you to carry a bottle of water up? Who do you think you are?”

Dong Xuebing looked back at him coldly. “It’s not me. It’s you who thinks you are somebody.”

Guo Shunjie grabbed Dong Xuebing’s collar. “I am giving you one more chance. Go and bring up a bottle of water now! You hear me?” He thought Zhou Changchun had not arrived at the office yet and did not control his volume.

Old Yan shouted: “Guo Shunjie, you are too much.”

Tan Limei stole a glance at Chief Zhou’s office and shouted louder than Old Yan. “Don’t fight! Let’s settle this peacefully.”

Changjuan and Guo Panwei also did not warn Guo Shunjie that Chief Zhou was in the office. They were sitting at their places as spectators.

“Settle peacefully? I had told him nicely earlier.” Guo Shunjie tried to control his anger. “But he is the one who is disrespecting the seniors in this office.”

Dong Xuebing knew that Tan Limei and Old Yan had shouted loudly because they wanted to let Chief Zhou know and he could step in to settle this dispute. But Dong Xuebing suddenly had an idea. He replied nicely: “I am busy just now and had no time to do it.”

Guo Shunjie saw Dong Xuebing “admitting defeat” and became more arrogant. “Busy? What are you busy with?”

Dong Xuebing purposely did not saw Chief Zhou had looked for him and replied. “Something very important.”

“Important?” Guo Shunjie grabbed his collar more tightly and shouted. “What is more important than bring up the water? Huh? I have just finished my work, and I can’t even have a cup of hot tea when I return? You still have the time to do other things? You should put aside all other task and bring up the water first!”

A door opens. It was the small office room’s door.”

“…… Chief Zhou?”

“Chief Zhou.”

“Errr…… you are around?” Guo Shunjie was not panicking. He slowly releases his grip on Dong Xuebing’s collar and retracts his hands. He tried to complain about first. “Chief Zhou, this Xiao Dong is too……”

Zhou Changchun facial expressions were not too good. He stared at Guo Shunjie in the eyes and interrupted him: “I am the one who asked Xiao Dong to do something. Are the things you said for me?”

Guo Shunjie was dumbfounded. “Ah….. I…… I don’t know about this. I did not…..”

Zhou Changchun continued: “I want to know which is more important. Is your task more important or mine? Whose tasks is more urgent? Yours or mine? Huh? Xiao Dong have to help you change the water for the dispenser first before he can do the task I assigned to him? Huh? Are you the Chief or am I the Chief?”

Guo Shunjie knew that he had said something wrong. He immediately said: “I….. That’s not what I meant……”

“Shouting and grabbing a colleague’s collars during work hours? Are you trying to beat him up? Where do you think this place is? Do you still have any respect for the leaders? Huh?” Zhou Changchun asked with a stern look. His following words were obviously siding with Dong Xuebing. “Can’t you call Old Wang to bring the water? Why must you call Xiao Dong to do it? Did he offend you?”

Guo Shunjie was embarrassed, and his face turns red. “No, I will call Old Wang now.” But no one answers his call. “…… Old Wang is not around.”

Chief Zhou continued scolding. “He is not around, the whole office no need to drink water?”

Guo Shunjie had not expected his words would make Zhou Changchun so angry. He immediately replied. “I will go and carry the water up.”

Guo Panwei looked at Dong Xuebing in shock. He was puzzled why Chief Zhou would help Dong Xuebing. Seems like he could not order Dong Xuebing around in future.

Dong Xuebing immediately says: “Chief Zhou, I am also responsible for this. I should have changed the water first.”

Zhou Changchun waved his hand. “Call Old Wang to do those manual work next time.” Zhou Changchun also felt Guo Shunjie had become more arrogant recently. He wanted to make use of this opportunity to give him a warning. If Guo Shunjie carries on like this, he might not give Zhou Changchun any respect. Although Zhou Changchun had been nice to Guo Shunjie, it was because he respects the Political Commissar. It was not because he was afraid of Guo Shunjie. No leaders will be afraid of their subordinates. Guo Shunjie does not have a direct relationship with the Political Commissar, even if the Political Commissar was his father, he still has to listen to Zhou Changchun in the office. Guo Shunjie must also obey his instructions.

Not long later, Guo Shunjie returns with a bottle of water. He was panting when he places the water bottle beside the dispenser. He must have lack exercise and seldom do manual labor. He spent a long time to change the water and still got wet. His expression was really pathetic.

Dong Xuebing was laughing in his heart when he saw the pathetic Guo Shunjie. Don’t you like to order people around? How do you feel being ordered around?

Old Yan and Changjuan were secretly laughing at him.

Tan Limei also showed Dong Xuebing a thumbs up under the table secretly.

Most of the people in the office had experienced Guo Shunjie’s arrogance, and everyone was happy to see him getting into trouble. At the same time, every one of them saw a different Dong Xuebing. Chief Zhou seems to value him more recently.

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