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Chapter 7 – Civil Servant Entry Tes

Chapter 7 – Civil Servant Entry Tes

Next day.


Dong Xuebing was sitting on the couch, preparing to go out.

Qu Yunxuan was behaving like she was the one taking the test. She looked very nervous: “Xiao Bing, when you answer the questions, take note of the time. If you don’t know the answer, just make a random guess and move on to the next question. I heard that there will not be enough time. Oh, did you bring pencils? Remember to bring an extra pencil with you. What about erasers and 2B pencils? Did you bring your ID? You must make sure not to leave anything out.” She helped Dong Xuebing to straighten his T-shirt and then wiped his shoes with a damp cloth.

Dong Xuebing got a fright: “Stop, stop. I will wipe my shoes myself.”

“Qu Yunxuan continued to wipe his shoes carefully and gently said: “The test is at 9 am. You should take this opportunity to do some last-minute revision.”

Qu Yunxuan was behaving like an elder sister to him.

Dong Xuebing’s mother walked out from the kitchen with a bag. “I have packed some fruits in case you are hungry or thirsty.”

There was a bottle of mineral water and some ears and apples in the bag. Qu Yunxuan took the bag and said: “Sister Luan, I will be going to the venue later with Xiao Bing. After the morning test, I will bring him out for lunch. We will not be coming back for lunch as the venue is a bit far. He still has a second test in the afternoon.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother asked: “Don’t you need to go to work today?”

Qu Yunxuan replied: “I took a day off.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother: “You don’t need to take the day off from work. I can accompany him.”

Dong Xuebing added: “That’s right. You don’t need to come with me.”

“You rascal.” Qu Yunxuan playfully pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks. “Your Aunt is worried about you. Sis Luan, you should rest at home. The weather is too hot, and you have high blood pressure. You should rest more.”

“Errr…….” Dong Xuebing’s mother was very close with Qu Yunxuan and did not stand on ceremony: “Yunxuan, then I will have to trouble you. Xuebing, just do your best for the test.”

Dong Xuebing nodded: “Yes.”

Beijing No.15 Middle School.

After turning from Zi Xin Road, one could see a big red banner hung across the gate of a school – Beijing Government agencies Civil Servant Test Venue. No. 15 Middle School. There was also a notice outside stating, “Please show your ID and admission letter.” and “Do your best for the test.” There were lots of people standing outside. Some parents were there to send their children for this test, and some wives had sent their husbands over. There was even a family of more than 10 members waiting for their child.

Children were their parents’ hopes. If they could become Civil Servants, their parents will be proud of them.

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan stood outside the school after alighting from a Taxi.

Suddenly, all eyes were on Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan was too beautiful, and wherever she goes, she would attract the stares of all the men. She was used to this, and she spoke like a mother to Dong Xuebing: “Don’t be nervous and just try your best. If you are able to pass, I will treat you to a big meal. Do you prefer Western or Chinese cuisine? Oh, do you still remember what I told you in the Taxi? You need to keep track of your time. The multiple-choice test is only 2 hours. You need to plan your time carefully.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and took out his phone from his pocket: “Yes, I remember. I cannot bring my phone in. I will leave it with you.”

Suddenly, someone called Qu Yunxuan’s name from their back. They turned and saw Mrs. Xu and Xiao Dong.

“Yunxuan, you are here too? You send Xiaobing over?” Unlike other parents, Mrs. Xu was calm and relax. She seems to be confident that her son will pass. “That’s great. Later when Xiao Dong and Xiao Bing go in for their test, we can have tea together. It’s been a while since we chatted.” She turned to Dong Xuebing. “Do your best.” Although she said that, she never expects Dong Xuebing to pass the written test. Her son had taken this test twice. How could Dong Xuebing pass on his first try?

Xiao Dong ignored Dong Xuebing and spoke to Qu Yunxuan: “Sis Qu, why are you here with him?” He does not understand why Qu Yunxuan was so close with Dong Xuebing’s family so suddenly. She was not like this in the past.

Dong Xuebing was thinking in his heart. If she is not here with me, you think she will come here with you?

Qu Yunxuan had a different attitude towards Xiao Bing. She nonchalantly replied something to that mother and son pair and turn to Dong Xuebing. She pushes a small cloth bag into his hand. “I have gotten this from the temper, and it is supposed to bring you good luck.”

Dong Xuebing was moved by Qu Yunxuan’s concern for him. He slowly turned and walked through the school gates.

The school has 3 buildings, and the test venue is on the west building.

When Dong Xuebing entered the building, he noticed Xiao Dong was near him. He turned to Xiao Dong and asked: “Did you really almost got the full marks in last year’s national exams? You only got a few logic questions wrong?” Both of them had grudges, and dong Xuebing had no reason to be nice to him.

Xiao Dong looked at him with a black face and replied in an unfriendly manner: “What’s wrong? You are jealous?”

Dong Xuebing sneered: “What’s there to be jealous?”

Xiao Dong: “You want to be a civil servant? Maybe in your next life. Do you want to bet to see who will enter the government agency first?”

Dong Xuebing could feel his blood boiling: “Ok! We shall see!”

Xiao Dong continued to make some snide remarks and then walk towards his room. He was well prepared for this test, especially the multiple-choice test. He was confident that he would score well and there was no way to lose to Dong Xuebing who was taking the test for his first time.

Dong Xuebing did not look for his own classroom. He stood there watching Xiao Dong. When he was about 7 to 8 meters away, Dong Xuebing start to follow him. He looked at Xiao Dong’s back nervously. He watches as Xiao Dong made a turn and entered a classroom along the corridor. Dong Xuebing stopped and take note of the classroom number. He walked closer and look at Xiao Dong’s seat. Hmmm…. middle of the 2nd row. Not far from the door.

Xiao Dong saw Dong Xuebing standing outside of the room and frowned: “What do you want?”

Dong Xuebing smiled: “Nothing. I just want to know where you are seated.”

“What does that have to do with you?” Xiao Dong glared at him. “Both of us are also not in the same room. Are you thinking of copying my answers?”

Dong Xuebing shrugged his shoulders: “Maybe…. Be careful with your answer sheet.”

“You are nuts.” Xiao Dong ignored him and start to arrange his stationaries.

After leaving that classroom, Dong Xuebing starts to look for his own class, Class 026. His classroom was two classes away from Xiao Dong.

Dong Xuebing found his seat in his class. It was the third table by a wall.

The examiner entered the class and observed every candidate in the room. He wants to make sure no one had brought cheating materials.

A young man seated near the window was sweating profusely.

A girl in the front row was fidgeting uneasily.

A man seated at the back of the class was slapping his face with both of had hand.

Dong Xuebing could feel the tension in the room. He looked around the half-filled classroom and exhaled. He calmed himself and said a silent prayer. In his heart, he was thinking: “Finally this is the day. Please let the questions be easier……”

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