Power and Wealth

Chapter 762: Before Leaving!

Chapter 762: Before Leaving!


Dong Xuebing’s phone had been ringing nonstop.

“Leader! I’m Liu Dahai.” Yan Tai County Hui Tian Village Police Station Chief Liu Dahai said. “I heard you are going to get promoted. Congratulations.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Who says I am getting a promotion? I am going to the Party School for training.”

“You will be promoted when you are back. Also, you are going to the Central Party School.”

“You are fast. I got to know about it this morning.”

“Will you be coming to Yan Tai County before you leave? If you are not coming, we will go over. Your former colleagues and I want to treat you to dinner, and they asked me to make this call. You must have dinner with us.”

“Haha…. Fine. Tomorrow, I will go to Yan Tai County, and I will buy dinner.”

“No. We are the ones who will give you a treat.”

Dong Xuebing received more calls from colleagues and friends after hanging up, and all of them wanted to treat him to meals. He doesn’t need to participate in these social activities after offending Wang Anshi. He feels helpless when he receives so many dinner invitations. He tried to reject some of them.

Tonight, Dong Xuebing was dragged to a restaurant by Guang Ming Subdistrict Office’s Leaders.

Geng Xinke raised his glass. “Director, I offer you a toast!”

“Me too!”

“Let’s have a toast with Director Dong first!”

“Congrats on your promotion!”

Everyone raised their glasses and drank.

Dong Xuebing couldn’t reject and finished his glass of alcohol. He said. “Why are you all saying I am promoted? That’s not true and stop spreading that I am getting promoted. I am going to the Party School for training. To be honest, I don’t want to leave during this time. This major earthquake hit fen Zhou City, and we have lots of work to rebuild the city.” He turned to Geng Xinke and laughed. “But I am relieved that Secretary Geng will oversee the Subdistrict Office. Here! Let’s drink! Thank you, everyone, for your support over the past few months.”

“Thank you, Director.”

“We should be the one thanking you.”


After dinner, everyone walked back to the family quarters.

Dong Xuebing looks at his apartment. He thought he had to stay in Guang Ming subdistrict Office for at least a year and didn’t expect to leave so soon. Although he has been thinking of getting promoted, he can’t bear leaving this place when it’s time to leave.

Dong Xuebing and Geng Xinke walked up the stairs together.

Suddenly, Yan Tai County Investment Promotion Agency’s Lin Pinping called.

Dong Xuebing glanced at Geng Xinke and answered. “Hello, Xiao Lin.”

“Director Dong, I heard you are going to the Central Party School.”

“Haha…. I am going there next week.”

“Congratulations. When are you free? Your former subordinates in the Investment Promotion Agency want to give you a treat.”

“Sure. Tomorrow. I am going back tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing ended the call and turned to Geng Xinke. “Oh, Xinke. You know I am leaving, and I am not your superior now. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I still want to ask you. How are you and Pingping progressing?”

Geng Xinke smiled jadedly. “It’s the same.”

Dong Xuebing continues. “I had worked with Xiao Lin for a while. She is a good girl, and I find you two quite compatible.”

Geng Xinke sighed. “I regrated breaking up with her after our graduation. But it’s too late to say anything. I tried calling Pingping these few days, but she was not answering. I think she still hates me. I….”

“Oh.” Dong Xuebing suddenly remembers something. “Do you know Xiao Lin has a son?”

Geng Xinke looks at Dong Xuebing in shock. “Son?! I thought Pingping is single?!”

Both of them stopped along the corridor.

Dong Xuebing thought Geng Xinke knew about it. “You don’t know about it? Although Xiao Lin’s file states she is single, ….”

“Are you sure?” Geng Xinke doesn’t want to believe him.

“It’s true. I met her son before.”

Geng Xinke’’s face suddenly changed, and ask anxiously. “Director, how old is Pingping’s son?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “How old? I met him last year, and he looks like he is around four or five years old.”

“Are you sure he is around four to five years old?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

Geng Xinke took a deep breath and got excited. “Four to five….”

Dong Xuebing saw his reaction and got shocked. “Are you saying….”

Geng Xinke quickly explain. “We graduated from the university five years ago, and she didn’t date other people except for me.”

Damn! That is your son!

This means Lin Pingping found out she was pregnant after you broke up. 

Dong Xuebing laughed. “This is good news. Xinke, you must take responsibility if you are the father. It is tough for Xiao Lin to bring up her son singlehandedly.”

Geng Xinke doesn’t know what to do. “I know…. I…. I….”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Call her and ask. Alright. I am going home now.”

Geng Xinke quickly returns home.

Dong Xuebing had never expected Geng Xinke and Lin Pingping to have a child. If this is true, the chances of them getting back together is higher.

But Dong Xuebing is not going to get involved with them. He returns home and starts packing his luggage. He got to leave in a few days.

One day….

Two days….

Everyone knows Dong Xuebing is going to be promoted to Deputy Division Chief. Although his new position is not confirmed, his promotion is. He will be reporting to the Central Party School next week for a one-month training and will be assigned to his new role when the training end. Everyone rushed to have dinner with him before he left. Some District Government Leaders, like Executive Deputy Mayor Shen Fei, and District Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wu, invited him to their houses for dinners.

Dong Xuebing spent two days having meals with them.

Nan Shan District Yan Tai County.

Dong Xuebing had to visit his former Yan Tai County colleagues and Leaders. He finally finishes meeting all of them and starts to prepare for the Party School.

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