Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 778: Shared, dream

Chapter 778: Shared, dream

Xiao Tianyao will not argue with Lin Chujiu over such a trivial matter, let alone be angry with Lin Chujiu over it.

Didn’t he just get hit by Lin Chujiu? In his opinion, this was the love between husband and wife. Lin Chujiu hit him, but he didn’t feel any pain at all. If he made a big deal about it, is he still Xiao Tianyao?

However, Xiao Tianyao’s words didn’t comfort Lin Chujiu, but made Lin Chujiu feel ashamed to see Xiao Tianyao!

Of course, it was not because of hitting Xiao Tianyao by mistake, but Lin Chujiu, who calmed down, finally found how humiliating she was when he pulled Xiao Tianyao and cry in front of so many people.

“Ah… I have no face to see people. I actually cried like a child in front of so many people.” Lin Chujiu flushed red when she thought that she pulled Xiao Tianyao close and cry bitterly in front of many people. It was humiliating.

Looking at Xiao Tianyao’s smiling eyes, Lin Chujiu didn’t want to see anyone. She covered her face with her hands, squatted on the ground, buried her head in her knees, and pretended that she couldn’t see anything.

Like an ostrich, she buried her head when he was in trouble.

“Well, no one dares to laugh at you.” Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help shaking his head, fearing that it would make Lin Chujiu even more embarrassed, and said with a straight face.

“It’s too embarrassing.” Lin Chujiu said in a dull voice, still refusing to see Xiao Tianyao.

She felt that she had lost all her face today. Xiao Tianyao was indeed her nemesis, so she shouldn’t have come to see Xiao Tianyao.

“What’s so embarrassing? I haven’t seen you for a long time. Why did you cry when you see me?” Xiao Tianyao calmly found a reason for Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu was more willing to let others know the truth than him.

Xiao Tianyao knowing the reason was more embarrassing! She was not a child. How could she cry happily because she saw Xiao Tianyao? It was simply… outrageous.

However, words can hurt men’s self-esteem. Lin Chujiu was clever enough not to speak about it. Instead, she casually made an excuse, “I cried too ugly.” So even if no one dared to laugh at her, she didn’t want to see anyone.

“No one dares to look at you. Well… go wash your face and bring me a change of clothes. I want to bathe.” Xiao Tianyao said nothing comforting, but silently gave Lin Chujiu time to be alone so that she could clear up her mood.

Although, from Prince Xiao’s point of view, it was not embarrassing.

Women cry a lot. Lin Chujiu was already good enough.

“I’m going to wash my face.” Although Lin Chujiu was upset, she was not a fool. She immediately understood Xiao Tianyao’s meaning, accepted his kindness, and turned back to the inner room.

She cried too sadly before. Lin Chujiu’s eyes were red and swollen, and her face was covered with tears and dust. She was so ugly that she couldn’t see anyone.

For such a dirty face, let alone others, she can’t stand it. In order not to hurt her eyes, Lin Chujiu quickly cleaned it with water in a copper basin.

Only the tears and dust on the face can be wiped away, but the redness and swelling in the eyes cannot be eliminated.

Lin Chujiu didn’t find anything after searching around. She didn’t think of taking ice from the medical system. Instead, she soaked the towel in water and use it as a cold compress, hoping that the redness and swelling in her eyes would subside a little.

Remembering Xiao Tianyao was waiting outside, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to apply it for a long time. When her eyes were not so sore, Lin Chujiu put down the towel, found a set of clothes for Xiao Tianyao in the wardrobe, and put it in the bathroom.

The bathroom was very small. It was a small space separated from the inside. It can only hold the bathtub and clothes hanger. Lin Chujiu puts down his clothes and went out, but didn’t expect she will bump into a meat wall just after turning around.

“Hiss…” Lin Chujiu’s nose was hit hard, and tears almost came out of her eyes. She looked up at the person in front of her and said angrily, “Wangye, why are you here? Also, why didn’t you make any noise when you walked?” She was almost scared to death and also got hurt.

She doesn’t know how Xiao Tianyao practiced that his chest would be so hard. This collision was more painful than hitting the door plank.

“What are you thinking that you didn’t even hear me come in?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer Lin Chujiu’s question but asked coldly.

He waited outside for a long time but didn’t see Lin Chujiu go out. He thought that Lin Chujiu had an accident. As a result, the woman was simply heartless, she was healthier than anyone else.

Seriously, he was worried for nothing.

“I’m thinking… is the bathtub too small?” Well, Lin Chujiu admitted that she was thinking about something just now so she was in a daze.

The bathtub was made according to her height. If Xiao Tianyao wants to use it, it was small.

Xiao Tianyao glanced at the bathtub that was used by women. The picture of Lin Chujiu taking a bath in it came into his mind automatically. His nose was itchy, and it seemed that there was a heat flow coming out.

“Cough…” In order not to let himself lose his composure, Xiao Tianyao resolutely looked away and said with a calm face: “No need, I go back to the capital tomorrow. Benwang will only be here tonight.” He made up a lie!

“Well, I’ll send someone to bring water.” Lin Chujiu didn’t think much. Things like sharing the bathtub with others often happen from time to time when going out. Anyway, just wash it clean.

Lin Chujiu rubbed her sore nose and looked up at Xiao Tianyao. The two people looked at each other for a long time. Lin Chujiu found that Xiao Tianyao had no intention of giving way and had to bypass Xiao Tianyao and go outside.

Xiao Tianyao’s face was black and his ears were red the moment when Lin Chujiu walked passed him!

Shame on him. He was a prince. Even if he blocked his princess in the bathroom, he was so paranoid that he forgot to leave!

What a shame!

However, he won’t say anything about it even if it kills him. It was too embarrassing!

It’s more humiliating than Lin Chujiu pulling him to cry in front of others.

Xiao Tianyao looked at the sky outside silently. He didn’t hurry to go out but adjusted his mood slightly in the bathroom to ensure that Lin Chujiu didn’t see anything unusual before he went out.

When Xiao Tianyao came out, the servant just came in with water. When he saw Xiao Tianyao, he immediately gave way and saluted. Xiao Tianyao gave a light answer. After scanning around, he found that he didn’t see Lin Chujiu. He frowned and paused, then asked: “Where is wangfei?” Didn’t that stupid woman say she was ashamed to see people? Why did she run out again?

“Answering back wangye, wangfei just gone out, this slave doesn’t know where she is.” The servant who carried the water lowered his head and didn’t dare to look directly at Xiao Tianyao. Naturally, he didn’t know that their prince was very unhappy.

“Stupid woman.” Xiao Tianyao cursed in a low voice. His voice was so small that only he could hear it. The servant who carried the water didn’t hear anything. After cursing, he went out.

When he went outside, Xiao Tianyao wanted to find people, but he heard the sound of pouring water inside the house. He pulled back the feet he raised and frowned his eyebrows.

He probably understood why that stupid woman would rather lose face than stay inside.

If it were him, what would he do?

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