Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 12 – “This Female Devil is So Scary”

Chapter 12: “This Female Devil is So Scary”

(Z: Some of you were puzzled over the dogsh*t luck. To be slandered as a dog/pig/chicken or lower is one the lowest and most impactful insult. So here, the phoenix is admitting her luck is very good. Unfortunately due his dislike towards her, he is insulting and cursing her good luck.)

Huang Yue li chuckled out: “I am very sorry. This older sister’s luck has always been very good.”

Picking up the book, she started to casually flip through it. Skimming through it’s contents, she discovered that it further explained the Flame Spirit Physique in detail.

It mentioned that in order to stimulate their vessels, those who possessed special physiques needed to use medicinal herbs which corresponded to their respective element. They also needed to coordinate it with the godly grade《Nine Phoenix Transformations》 to cultivate. If they failed to do this, not only would they be unable to display any advantages in cultivation, they would also be like trash, unable to sense the world’s Profound Qi.

It was no wonder Bai Rou Li was always treated like trash.

Slapping the small boy’s head, Huang Yue Li smiled: “It was hard to imagine that this little thing would still have some usefulness. In the future, this sister will treat you a little bit better. Now, since there is nothing else to do here, I will go cultivate.”

“Hey, wait, wait! Wait, wait up!”

Seeing that Huang Yue Li was about to leave, the boy hurriedly jumped up and hugged her thigh tightly.

“What are you doing?” She asked sternly, her voice cold.

Lifting his face up, the boy replied: “You can’t leave alone. Take me out with you. It has been several hundred years, since I was stuck in this lousy piece of jade! This Little Lord is bored to death! I want to go out for some fresh air!”

“This……” Pretending to hesitate, Huang Yue Li continued, “If a child with an unknown origin was to suddenly appear, how am I supposed to explain it?”

The boy quickly answered: “You don’t have to worry about that! I can change back into my original appearance.” He smiled and reassured her.

The chubby, bun-faced child suddenly disappeared. With a golden flash of light, a palm-sized phoenix appeared in his place. Its baby feathers had yet to fully grow out, causing its overall appearance to be like a yellow fluff ball.

Huang Yue Li stared blankly.

The tiny phoenix chirped twice, and flapped its wings in a proud manner. It personally felt that it was quite cute.

‘Females have always been interested in cute, young animals. Although this female devil was quite ruthless in her methods, but seeing her gaze, she must quite like my true appearance right?’

Cupping her hands, Huang Yue Li lifted up the tiny phoenix to examine it. She nearly drooled.

“This meat is just too tender. If one were to make a chicken mushroom stew, the taste would not be bad.”

The tiny phoenix immediately froze.

“……….En, making it into a crispy golden chicken would not be bad either?”

‘Big brother~, save me! This female devil is just too scary!’

Oh how he wished to return home! !


With a thought, Huang Yue Li discovered that she was back in her own room, only to realise that daylight had broken through.

Stretching out her stiff limbs, she accidentally touched something was was cold as ice.

The Sky Phoenix Ring had reappeared as an ordinary-looking jade pendant, and laid beside her. On the other hand, the 《Nine Phoenix Transformations》had reverted to an extremely, tattered and dilapidated book.

The fluffy baby phoenix was perched on the Sky Phoenix Ring. After casting her a sidelong glance, he flapped his infant wings and flew to the windowsill and started amusing himself as he celebrated his new found freedom.

She made to sure to hide the Sky Phoenix Ring securely within her clothes before flipping open the《Nine Phoenix Transformations》. Carefully and diligently, she began to study it.

Previously when she was flipping through the phoenix’s cultivation book, she did not read it too closely. But after reading it thoroughly, she found out that to cultivate this technique was not something easily accomplished.

This technique contained nine different transformations, while each of the nine transformations corresponded to each of the nine cultivation realms.

The Flame Spirit Physique was the best physique to be cultivated with this technique. Unfortunately due to this physique’s uniqueness and this technique’s high grade, the the resources needed for each breakthrough were tremendous.

Just enabling the Flame Spirit Physique to sense Profound Qi needed more than ten different types of herbs. While each of the required quantity was enormous.

Furthermore, you needed the rare and high grade Flame Cloud Pearl as the base for the other herbs.

The most important and pressing matter that she needed to be completed now, was to gather these herbs.

Quickly copying down the list of ingredients, she headed out.

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