Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 17 – “Do You Know What This Is?”

Chapter 17: “Do You Know What This Is?”

Coincidentally, she did have one thousand two hundred silvers on her today.

These silvers were something that she obtained after using an entire year of coaxing from Wu Wei Manor’s Bai Liu Jing.

In the new year, it would be the time when the seven great martial schools begin to recruit new disciples. With Bai Ruo Yan’s second grade talent, as well being at the fourth level of the Profound Qi Realm and her young age, she was considered quite outstanding.

If she was able to enter one the seven great martial school, regardless of her strength and status, they would both be elevated greatly.

That was the reason why she wanted to obtain one thousand and two hundred silvers. She was hoping to find a suitable armament in Thousand Treasure Pavilion to increase her overall strength. So when the time comes, she would be able to reveal outstanding results.

If it weren’t for the fact that she desperately wanted to find one, she would not have left the house so early after her embarrassment.

But who would have thought that before the silvers even had a chance to warm up in her pocket, she met this malicious star, Huang Yue Li!

Would she really need to give the money to her?

Bai Ruo Yan could feel her heart bleeding away!

But, if news of her affair on the street were to be revealed and if Huang Yue Li were to find a witness, then her innocence and reputation will be all gone!

Even if she did successfully pass the exam and enter the top ranking school, the Heavenly Body School, she would never be able to marry into an elite family!

Huang Yue Li was presently, watching quite leisurely.

After struggling for some time with a face like someone was slicing at her heart, Bai Ruo Yan finally took a large bag out.

“This is one thousand two hundred silvers! We will exchange the money and the IOU at the same time!”

Huang Yue Li wasn’t unreasonable. After obtaining her money in both hands, she straightforwardly took out the IOU and handed it over to Bai Ruo Yan.

“Fourth Sister, you must be careful. Please be very cautious and ensure that no one obtains it to swindle money from you!”

Chuckling, she gave the bag of money a good look, “It really is one thousand two hundred silvers. Its weight sure isn’t light! Truly befitting of the Manor Master’s daughter, so different from me his niece. One thousand two hundred ah, giving it out so easily. I will have to ask Fourth Sister to continue to take care of me in the future!”

Under her barrage of taunts, Bai Ruo Yan was really at her limit. Eyes darkening, she narrowly avoided faintly on site.

“Fourth Young Miss!” The maid that accompanied her, hurriedly rushed up to support her.

Bai Ruo Yan couldn’t stay any longer. Flicking her sleeves in anger, she turned and promptly left.

The surrounding crowd swiftly followed suite and scattered.

In a day’s time, the events of the Wu Wei Manor bullying the sole daughter of the missing elder brother, swiftly travelled throughout the entire capital. This resulted the reputation of the inhabitants of the Wu Wei Manor to sweep the floor, reaching rock bottom.

After obtaining her one thousand two hundred silvers, Huang Yue Li began to purchase all necessary items she needed.

This was the first time that Shopkeeper Sun saw the Third Young Miss ever come to Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Who knows what this good-for-nothing person wanted to buy.

Afterall, the majority of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s merchandise were armaments and pills. These clearly were catered specifically for martial practitioners.

Filled with curiosity, Shopkeeper Sun followed behind Huang Yue Li.

“Third Miss Bai, I please ask you what you want to purchase?”

Casually, Huang Yue Li pointed to the most ordinary armament furnace on the shelf.

“That furnace, I will need your help to deliver it to the side courtyard at Wu Wei Manor.”

Normally, armament furnaces were the height of two people, and weigh more than several hundred jin. So naturally they provided delivery along with purchases.

Shopkeeper was momentarily stunned: “This……Young Miss Bai, do you know what this is used for?”

“Isn’t it just a armament furnace?” Huang Yue Li looked at him strangely.

This was also one that was of a bad quality with an irrational composition which was likely to affect and spoil the end quality of the product.

Shopkeeper Sun responded: “Then what you do you want to buy this for? You should know that this armament furnace is something that Armament Refiners used to make armaments. If ordinary people where to buy, it would have no use whatsoever!”

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