Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 45 – “The ‘delicate’ female beauty”

Chapter 45 – “The ‘delicate’ female beauty”

Looked like it would not be easy to deal with this little fox. He must keep a watchful eye on her.

If he let down his guard, not only would he lose the person, he would also have fallen into a ditch…….

On the other hand, Huang Yue Li was feeling very regretful ; she did not kick the man disabled! Harassing an innocent girl as soon as he met her. You could tell he was not a decent one immediately!

Rolling her eyes, she innocently said: “Lord Owner, what are you saying? How come I can not understand you? I kicked you? That was because my body had finally regained movement after being stiff for such a long time. As I was stretching, I accidentally moved my leg outwards!”

“That so? Then why did you run away?”

Gazing down at her tender white earlobe, he restrained the urge to bite down it from behind.

“Did I run? We have already finished discussing our business, so I was preparing to returning home early to rest!”

“Turns out it was like this……..”

“En, that is correct. So you can release me!”

But the man not release his hand. On the contrary he went to tighten his arms, pulling her even closer.

He did not understand why this delicate and soft body was so agreeable with him. When he touched her, it constantly caused him to feel jittery and unstable, becoming very disturbed inside.

Waiting for a while, Huang Yue Li realised he had no intention to move. She creased her brows.

“Release me!”

Replying, the man lowered his head and smiled: “Seeing as you are a ‘delicate’ female beauty and by going out, ‘you will be easily bullied by others’. So this Lord finds it necessary to personally escort you home. Not need to feel grateful!”

“No need. I said, no need!”

Turning a deaf ear to her protests his arm still circled around her waist, the man dragged her out through the backdoor and stuffed her into the horse carriage.

When she saw the extravagant and black horse carriage, Huang Yue Li came to realisation. She now knew the reason her identity was exposed.

When she had first come here to buy things, this man already had his eye on her.

Just at that time, all onlookers thought she was ruining the family. No one believed she could refine any armaments. Why was this man so certain she would succeed?

She directly asked him.

Curving his lips, he answered, “That probably is………a male’s intuition?”

“Listen to your nonsense! Don’t care if you don’t say!”

Pursing her lips, Huang Yue Li felt too lazy to deal with him. Sitting inside, she began to observe the structure of the carriage and the various carvings and charms engraved on the walls.

This horse carriage was a type of movement armament, a hundred times more valuable than a Profound Armor Set. Very difficult to make and also required many precious and rare materials.

Ordinarily speaking, it would a masterpiece of an Eight Tier Armament Master. Even for her, it possessed great referencing value.

Since she had the opportunity to enter one, she was very interested in closely examining it.

Relaxing and reclining backwards, the man observed the little girl that caught his eye. Her bright pair of eyes were travelling around the entire carriage; looking here and there and constantly mumbling to herself.

“……..En, this structure uses a very new concept…….wu, isn’t this spell charm too poorly drawn? It is already affecting the overall defence of the carriage!”

It was a true mystery as to how she became a Third Tier Armament Master without any profound qi.

But this little girl………truly did have great talent in armament refining!

He seemed to have unexpectedly picked up a real gem!

The smile hanging on the corners of his mouth became even wider. His heart was set on winning this girl over.

Picking up the teapot, he personally poured it and brought it over to Huang Yue Li.

“That should be enough running around here and there. Stop and drink some tea. If you have an interest towards this horse carriage, there will plenty of time and chances in the future for you to examine it.”

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