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Chapter 2705: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (56)

Chapter 2705: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (56)

“Why is this person so crude?”  Lu Jue Feng’s left hand slid across the screen to pick up as his right hand still gently held her hand.

His eyes were calm and had faint affection in it.

“Young master Feng, don’t say anything first and listen to me!”  Tan Xiao’s voice was deep on the other side, “Young miss, young miss, she……”

When he arrived at the Luo Manor, he immediately went to find Mo Ling’s room to accuse him.

Daring to work with the young miss to lie to him, that was just too much!

But when he arrived at Mo Ling’s room——

“Mo Ling, come out!”  Tan Xiao knocked on the door with an angry look, “Rushing back before me, are you done acting!”

The door to Mo Ling’s room opened.  He came out in a bathrobe as he wiped his wet hair, “Why are you making all this noise in the middle of the night?”

“You……You were taking a shower?”

“Un.”  Mo Ling’s eyes swept over him, “Weren’t you at the hospital?  Why are you back?”

“Didn’t you send the young miss to the hospital?  That’s why I came back!”  Tan Xiao looked at him while leaning on the door, “Stop pretending, alright?  Young master Ling, I always felt that you wouldn’t do something as boring as this, but I never thought……”

“The young miss isn’t in her room?”  Mo Ling knitted his brows, “What are you talking about?”

“Room?”  Tan Xiao saw that Mo Ling’s expression didn’t seem like he was joking and his expression became serious.  He asked in a confused voice, “So when I called you earlier, you and the young miss really were at home?”

“Where else?”  Mo Ling gave a shrug and said with a helpless smile, “Should we be at the hospital?”


Hearing Mo Ling’s serious tone, Tan Xiao felt that he wasn’t well.

He unconsciously pinched his face and it did hurt.

Since it wasn’t a dream, just what had he experienced?

Could it be……Could it be that the young miss really……had superpowers?

After Tan Xiao told Mo Ling of this matter, Mo Ling didn’t believe it at all.

Although Luo Qing Chen’s expression was a bit strange when she went into her room, he had watched her go into the room.

She shouldn’t be at the hospital like Tan Xiao said, unless she immediately went to the hospital after entering her room.

Therefore, to clear up this incident, Tan Xiao decided to call Lu Jue Feng to tell him his guess!

But before he could say a single word, Lu Jue Feng cut him off.

“She is with me.”  Lu Jue Feng coldly said, “Do you need something?  If not, I’m hanging up.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!”  Tan Xiao quickly stopped Lu Jue Feng from hanging up before loudly saying, “I suspect that the young miss is someone with superpowers like in the novels!”

“What?”  Lu Jue Feng was in disbelief at Tan Xiao’s words.

Although his thoughts were normally a bit unrestrained, he wouldn’t say something like ‘the young miss has superpowers’!

“It’s true!”  Tan Xiao didn’t know how to explain it.  He just stomped his foot and weakly said, “When I called the young miss, she was still at home, but less than a minute after I hung up, she was at the hospital!”

How terrifying, how incredible, how shocking.

He found this incredible when he said this since this matter couldn’t be explained by anything else other than ‘superpowers’.

Lu Jue Feng looked at Luo Qing Chen when he heard this before saying with a faint smile, “If the young miss really has such a powerful ability, that is a good thing.”

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