Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 459 - 459 How Am I Stupid?

459 How Am I Stupid?

However, not everyone could go to Huayan Peak, and even fewer could leave. An Tu was probably the only one who could come down.

“I heard Elder Huang mention it,” An Jiuyue replied.

Elder Huang’s words were probably from her father, An Tu. There seemed to be a secret there that she had to uncover.

“He told me that if I ever get the chance, I should go to Huayan Peak.”

But neither she nor Elder Huang knew where it was. They only knew that it was a very mysterious place. Almost no one knew how to get there, so she did not mention it to Qian Jiyun.

However, she did not expect Qian Jiyun to actually know Huayan Peak. In fact, he sounded as if he had frequent access to it.

“You’re sending him to Huayan Peak?”

She looked up and glanced at Gong Cheng, whom she despised.

He’s like a child, but he’s not considered spoiled. How should I put it? He seems a little stupid, but he’s not truly stupid either.

“Mmph! Mmph, mmph!” Gong Cheng shook his head quickly at Qian Jiyun.

He did not want to go to that godforsaken place. He had followed his second brother there once.

They did, however, return after settling some matters. Staying there for a few days was already his worst nightmare. Now that Qian Jiyun wanted him to go to Huayan Peak, it sounded like he would have to stay there for more than a couple of days.

“Yes.” Qian Jiyun also glanced at Gong Cheng, his eyes filled with disdain.

“He should train himself so people won’t ever incur a loss while selling him off. He’s as stupid as a roe deer.”

“Mmph!” Gong Cheng widened his eyes and glared at Qian Jiyun.

Second Brother actually compared me to a roe deer and called me stupid. How am I stupid?

Second Brother is clearly bewitched by An Jiuyue’s beauty. He didn’t give me any face! And why is it my fault now?

“You can’t say that. He’s your sworn brother, after all. How can you call him stupid and embarrass yourself like that?” An Jiuyue turned around and looked at Qian Jiyun helplessly.

“He is, at best, too naive. Perhaps it’s because of the environment in which he grew up. He only needs to train for a few more years at Huayan Peak.”

Gong Cheng was speechless.

How am I supposed to live? I can’t even stay there for a year and a half, but she wants me to stay for a few more years? Does she know what kind of place that is?

If he could speak now, he would definitely curse An Jiuyue.

He turned around and looked at Eldest Brother Yan and Third Brother Fu. Tears were about to fall as he pleaded for help.

“Xiao Cheng, go to Hua Yan Peak and pick up some skills. Don’t worry, I’ll visit you when I’m free. I won’t let you be too lonely.”

Given Eldest Brother Yan’s status, he could not say anything that would add insult to injury, but Third Brother Fu could.

Looking at Sixth Brother Gong like this and recalling what he had said and done, Third Brother Fu felt that sending him to Huayan Peak was letting him off too easy.

He looked at An Jiuyue and asked, “Miss An, um… Is there an antidote for Xiao Cheng’s throat?”

He wanted to watch Gong Cheng jump around, scolding them for being disloyal but still having to admit defeat regardless of how angry he was.

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