Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 476 - 476 Lies Told for a Long Time

476 Lies Told for a Long Time

What should she do next if he refused?

Qian Jiyun walked toward her and warned, “Xue Yingyue, I told you five years ago not to touch the people around me. Did you ignore what I said?”

“You, you— Ah!”

Xue Yingyue subconsciously retreated until she reached the steps and tripped accidentally.

“Qian Jiyun, how dare you! I’m your mother—”

“Shut up!” Qian Jiyun rebuked Xue Yingyue sternly.

Mother? Was she worthy of that title?

He had ignored her for a few years, yet she dared to elevate her status? Mother? Would she have said that in front of him in the past?

He bent down and grabbed Xue Yingyue by the neck.

“You’re born a servant. Do you truly believe you’re the master of the Prince Zhan Yun Residence? Who gave you the audacity? The devils backing you who can kill you at any time?”

“You— Uh!”


Xue Yingyue wanted to threaten Qian Jiyun so that he would not dare do anything to her.

However, she felt Qian Jiyun tighten his grip on her neck, almost suffocating her. Her entire face turned red.

“Qian Jiyun, how dare… you. Remember that your father is still… in my hands. If you dare to touch me, you’ll have to wait for him to… die with me!”

She threatened the man, her words fragmented.

“Hmph.” Qian Jiyun sneered.

She had threatened him with these words for years. He would have believed her if he had not experienced it himself.

Although he thought so, he did not do anything else to Xue Yingyue. He loosened his grip on her neck.

After all, this woman was still useful to him. If he kept her in his residence, he would learn a lot about the capital, including the people who were behind her.

“Do you really think that person is my father? Xue Yingyue!”

Xue Yingyue, grasping her neck and panting, looked up at Qian Jiyun in disbelief.


“You… How do you…”

How did he know? Was he not away from the residence at that time? How did he know?

“It seems like lies can become truth if told for a long time, right?” Qian Jiyun stood up and looked down at Xue Yingyue.

Those people believed Xue Yingyue had something on him to force him to compromise with her over and over again.

But was that really the truth?

“No, that’s impossible! You can’t possibly know!” Xue Yingyue shook her head and stood up slowly and shakily.

She shouted at Qian Jiyun, “Qian Jiyun, don’t even think about lying to me. Let me tell you, you’d better hand over that thing. Otherwise, your father will die in your hands sooner or later!”

Qian Jiyun chuckled when he heard her crazy roar.

Father? There was no point in talking about whether his father was dead or alive.

He understood best what kind of person his father was. He would not hand over the secret he was supposed to keep because of someone like him.

“Even a monster would not hurt its own children. Xue Yingyue, why don’t you ask the person you’ve locked up if he’s willing to have me exchange something for his freedom?”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Xue Yingyue.

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