Chapter 611 - 611 The Spirit-devouring Demon Vine

611 The Spirit-devouring Demon Vine

A simple eighteen styles of might had easily annihilated a pack of wolves. The strength of a wolf pack was only so-so, even if they were all fierce beasts. They were actually not that powerful. However, the terrifying part was that the old farmer’s methods were too simple. They were too crude in their eyes.

It was this simple and crude martial skill that had so easily annihilated the entire wolf pack but they could not see the slightest mystery behind it.

This was the most terrifying part.

Once again, Li Xiang and the army set off on their way home.

From that day on, the foreign race seemed to have changed their tactics and chose to assassinate Li Xiang.

They had walked for more than two hours, but they had not encountered any real attacks, nor had there been any signs of an army attacking. However, the silent and somber atmosphere in the surroundings gave people an invisible pressure.

The calmer it was, the more it indicated that a storm was coming.

A storm was brewing.

“Country Lord, the atmosphere around us is a little off,” said Alice sharply what she felt.

“Tell everyone to be on high alert.”

Li Xiang nodded and said.

In the army, all the warriors were in a very mysterious state. As long as there was any movement, they would immediately form a battle array and condense Eight Trigrams Demon Array.


Suddenly, the ground under Li Xiang’s feet collapsed and quickly spread to the surrounding. Li Xiang could not use his strength at all and he fell directly into the deep pit.

However, no matter how deep this pit was, it was not a threat to a divine realm powerhouse.

After all, those in the divine realm could already fly freely.

Almost at the same time, countless ferocious and terrifying vines emerged from the depths of the ground. They wrapped around Li Xiang’s legs like spiritual snakes and quickly pulled him down.

The strength of the vines was quite amazing, and they even had a numbing effect.

Not only did they want to pull him down, but they also came from other directions to whip, bind, and attack his body.

The vines were very strange. Not only could they paralyze the body, but when they touched the body, it could also quickly devour the genuine Qi and spirit of their prey. They seemed to be a monster that could devour spirit. The genuine Qi and spirit in his body were about to be devoured by the strange vine.

His body instinctively formed a protective layer. But before it even appeared, the strange vine had already devoured the spirit within. Before it could even form, it had already been destroyed.

If it weren’t for the Tower of Stars suppressing his sea of divinity, the spirit in his sea of divinity would probably have been drawn out and devoured by the strange vine.

His body was bound and he couldn’t use his spirit. The place where the vines were was a land of death. The heaven and earth vitality in the surroundings were affected and isolated, unable to be replenished effectively.

“Good lord! This is the legendary Spirit-devouring Demon Vine, one of the legendary demon vines. As long as it comes into contact with life, it will devour the other party’s vitality, genuine Qi, and even life force. As long as it completely absorbs all the energy, it will then use the other party’s flesh and blood as nutrients for its growth.”

“It is said that this kind of demon vine is immune to most divine spells. Once it grows up, even gods have to avoid it.”

“This should be a demon vine that has just grown. It’s not very strong yet, but it’s already very terrifying. Don’t use magical powers unless the power is beyond what they can bear. Just use your physical strength and weapons to cut them!”

Ye Qiu could be considered experienced and knowledgeable. As soon as he saw the changes here, he immediately told them what he knew.

This demon vine was extremely terrifying. Once it grew, it was enough to create a terrifying forbidden area for life.

Even those evil creatures and ferocious beasts would shrink back in front of such a terrifying creature.


When Li Xiang heard this, a light flashed in his hand. The Green Lotus Combat Sword appeared.

With the combat sword in his hand, a sharp sword intent instantly appeared. With a wave of his hand, he instinctively slashed at the spirit-devouring vines that were wrapped around his body.

The combat sword contained the destructive sword intent.

He did not use his spirit but only his sword intent and his powerful physical strength.


“What a tough demon vine. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Green Lotus Combat Sword has been upgraded, I’m afraid it couldn’t be cut so easily.”

When the swords touched the vines, the feeling that was transmitted to his hand made his heart trembled. The vine was as tough as a divine weapon or a magic treasure. When the combat sword landed on it, the sharp sword intent was about to be shattered.

He cut off the vines on his feet and the pulling force immediately stopped. He continued to cut at more vines that were drilling into the ground.

He did not use any top-rank sword techniques or moves, but only the most basic sword techniques. However, each of them was exquisite. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, with a controlled movement and intent.

Although it was only a square inch, it gave people the feeling of a sword sweeping heaven and earth.

Crack, crack…

Almost every sword strike could cut off one or two vines, protecting himself completely.

Even though the vines were like spiritual snakes, they were still unable to break through the defense of the sword.

At the same time, Li Xiang’s comprehension and understanding of the Sword Art Law had also improved.

Although the improvement wasn’t much, this was a good start.

As if the vines felt that they couldn’t suppress Li Xiang in a short time, the frantically attacking Spirit-devouring Demon Vine suddenly shrank into the ground. It disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only a deep pit in the ground.

“What a strange attack! This Spirit-devouring Vine is very unusual. It’s still in its infancy, but it’s already so difficult to deal with. Once it grows up, it’ll be an incomparably terrifying monster.” Li Xiang looked at the deep pit that had disappeared and said with a serious expression.

“They left after one attack failure. When they realized that things couldn’t be done, they immediately fled and disappeared. A young Spirit-devouring Demon Vine can’t have such intelligence. They likely have an owner. Someone is controlling them in the dark to assassinate us.”

Alice frowned.

It was normal for there to be dangers in the wilderness. However, the demonic creature suddenly appeared at the foot of the army, and coincidentally appeared under Li Xiang’s feet. It seemed like a coincidence, but it wasn’t. There must be foreign races plotting something in the dark.

If it wasn’t for Ye Qiu’s timely warning, he would have been pulled down. It would have been extremely difficult to resist in such a narrow space under the pit, and it would have been even more dangerous.

No one knew if there was something else hidden underground.

“Let’s go! Let’s continue!”

Li Xiang took a deep breath and glanced at the deep pit. Without any hesitation, he waved his hand and walked forward again.

Even if it was an assassination, it couldn’t stop him to continue the journey. He estimated that this kind of assassination was just the beginning. There would be endless follow-up means.

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