Chapter 740 - 740 The Spread of Star Coins

740 The Spread of Star Coins

“Star Coins! The lady boss is so mean. The Star Coins that she’s been talking about is so exquisite, but she didn’t take them out until now. If she had taken them out earlier, I might have broken through in my cultivation!”

“These Star Coins contain strange energy that can increase one’s cultivation speed and level. It’s the perfect material to assist in cultivation. It’s better than any medicinal pill. Good stuff! It’s good stuff indeed. I’m in full favor of using this as the trading currency.”

“I used to think that Star Coins were just the currency that the lady boss created to trade in the inn. I didn’t think that it was true. This time, I’m going to bring back more Star Coins. I’m sure I’ll gain a lot of respect.”

All kinds of transactions in the inn had begun to use Star Coins.

Many people even started to absorb the Star Coins directly to experience its magic. Those who had absorbed the Star Coins were surprised and couldn’t hide their love for them.

No one could resist the charm of the Star Coins. The most important thing was that the style and appearance of Star Coins all met all the conditions that humans wanted for money. They had completely recognized Star Coins as a currency.

This sort of acknowledgment naturally and invisibly began to gather luck, obsessions, power of will, and even faith.

Even Li Xiang could sense it.

Currency was the key to circulation in the world. At this moment, in the Golden Desert, Star Coins had undoubtedly begun to occupy a place, becoming the most perfect currency in the eyes of most cultivators.

“In the past, we used crystal stones to trade. Crystal stones contain heaven and earth vitality, but it’s not easy to absorb them. In order to trade, we have to divide it into top grades and low grades, which is too troublesome. Heaven and earth vitality they contain are no more than Star Coins. A small Star Coin is comparable to a crystal the size of a baby’s fist. The most important thing was that absorbing Star Coins could increase one’s cultivation speed by three times. It’s simply magical!”

“That’s right. This kind of amplification is three times greater regardless of whether one’s cultivation is high or low. Under this amplification, even an ordinary person can have a cultivation speed comparable to that of a genius. It’s amazing!”

“Good stuff! No matter if it’s the exquisiteness of the crystal or heaven and earth vitality it contains, it’s not better than the Star Coins. It’s even better than any crystal in terms of enhancing one’s body. I’ll recognize the Star Coins in the future. I wonder where the Dragon Inn got the Star Coins. Even Jingjue City is still using crystals as the currency. It’s said that the Jingjue Queen ordered to make Jingjue Coins with crystals, but they can’t be compared to Star Coins!”

“That’s right, it’s said that the Jingjue Coins are only made from refined crystal stones, and there’s not much difference between them and crystals. It’s grounded in the shape of a coin, so it’s smaller than a normal crystal stone. It would be better to use a crystal stone then. Jingjue Coin is just a crystal coin. A single crystal could be made into five or six crystal coins, but three crystal coins could match the purchasing power of a single crystal. Isn’t this robbing and deceiving the people?”

“That’s right. Using crystal coins to exchange for crystal stones, the difference between the two can make those towns earn a lot. It’s too vicious. With their reputation, how could they make the value of crystal stones evaporate by nearly half? Using crystal coins to buy the fierce beasts we hunt and heavenly treasures are simply going too far. Star Coins are the most valuable currency. It can be compared to crystals and I think it’s worth it to exchange two or three crystals for one Star Coin.”

The cultivators in the inn were all discussing.

No compare, no despair.

Someone took out a crystal coin. Upon a closer look, the coin looked similar to the silver coins of the Republic of China. The surface was flat and there were no exquisite patterns on it. It had been cut. It was nothing compared to the Star Coins. They were on completely different levels.

This was because crystal coins were either for sale or for absorption and refinement to all the forces. Once heaven and earth vitality in them was absorbed, the crystal coins would turn into powder, and dust, and no longer exist. There was no need for any exquisite patterns or any kind of marks on them. Therefore, in terms of beauty and exquisiteness, it was many times worse than the Star Coins.

Some people might think that the Star Coins were also for absorption. Once the energy inside was absorbed, it would disappear. There was no need to make them so exquisitely. However, some delicate methods were more acceptable. They didn’t know that the Star Coins would never disappear. After the energy was absorbed, it could still be recovered.

“I’m afraid that our Dragon Inn will cause a storm this time. The other villages and towns will have bad thoughts about our inn. The impact of the Star Coins we released on the crystal coins is too great. Lady boss, you must be mentally prepared.”

On the fourth floor of the inn, a big-bellied middle-aged man wearing a white chef’s uniform said with a serious expression. He had an oily face and a vegetable knife on his waist.

“There’s no other way. I don’t want to show off my wealth. I was planning to wait for the right time. But Country Lord Li did not intend to let me delay any longer and directly revealed Star Coins in the inn. The people’s hearts can no longer be suppressed, and there is no way to continue with our original accounting method. We can only issue Star Coins now and let the money flow.”

Jin Xiangyu’s eyes also revealed a trace of helplessness. This was something that could not be helped. There was no way to suppress it anymore.

As for the impact, it would come eventually. Who cares!

With the Dragon Inn’s abilities, not everyone can be presumptuous here. Even the Jingjue Queen had to follow the rules of the Dragon Inn.

The next morning!

Li Xiang and Wushuang Ghost pushed the door open at the same time and came out.

“The lady boss has invited you in!” Waiter Wang was already waiting outside. He immediately spoke seeing them come out.

“Take us to the lady boss.” Li Xiang nodded.

After breakfast, the two figures left the Dragon Inn and stepped into the Golden Desert, heading Southwest.

Once one entered the desert, one would face great danger.

After they left, groups of cultivators also left the inn. Some went on their own, while others went in groups. However, the strange thing was that most of the people were moving in the southwest direction as if they were following Li Xiang and Wushuang.

“The scenery in the desert is indeed different. Smoke rises in the desert, and the sun sets in the long river. This scenery was very different from the wilderness I’d seen before. However, the similarity is that this is a high-grade burial ground.”

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