Chapter 744 - 744 A Heroine

744 A Heroine

“I don’t dare to say that I know military affairs. I only know a little!”

At this moment, the curtain of the camp in the center of the army was lifted, and a slender woman in leather armor with a long saber at her waist stepped out.

Although she was a woman, she exuded a strong sense of heroism. She was not extremely beautiful but she was very pleasing to the eye. The more one looked at her, the more beautiful she was.

She was even more charming in addition to that unique heroic spirit.

They were instinctively shocked when they saw her for the first time in the army.

“Who are you?” Wushuang Ghost’s eyes narrowed as he asked loudly.

“How dare you! This is our General Hua. How dare you ask about General Hua’s name! We haven’t asked you why you suddenly appeared in our camp, and you even appeared out of thin air. That’s an act of ill intent.”

A female soldier quickly stepped forward and scolded.

“What scheme? Don’t speak nonsense! We are just hurrying on our way and stopping to take a break halfway, and we just happen to land in the military camp. If we were up to no good, this place would’ve been a river of blood by now,” shouted Wushuang Ghost with a sinister smile.

“You’re lying. I think you’re the secret agents of the Desert Devil Bandits. You’re here to find out the secrets of our army and target General Hua. Soldiers, listen! Shoot and kill!”

The female soldier’s voice was fierce, and she was about to order Li Xiang and his companion to be killed on the spot.


At this moment, General Hua raised her hand and stopped her. “You said that you’re in a hurry. Where is your destination?”

“We’re going to the Devil Oasis!” said Li Xiang calmly.

“Devil Oasis?”

As soon as he said this, the female general beside General Hua immediately sneered, “You’re still saying you’re not lying. You must be from the Desert Devil Bandits. The Devil Oasis has always been a forbidden zone for life. Anyone who knows about it will avoid it as much as possible. How can anyone go to the oasis? You should find a better reason.”

It was a forbidden zone for life. None of the living beings who had entered it had ever left. None of them had ever left alive. No one would approach such a forbidden zone unless they were seeking death. How could she possibly believe such words?

Nine out of ten people would not believe them, and only one left would be just half-convinced. Even a child wouldn’t believe such words, so she couldn’t believe them. She was even more certain that the two people were the secret agents of the Desert Devil Bandits. For some reason, they had revealed themselves and exposed their whereabouts, which was why they had argued.

As a result, the way she looked at the two of them became even more unkind.

“Alright, Xiao Que. These two brothers don’t have any killing or malicious intent.”

At this moment, General Hua also stepped forward and waved her hand, stopping the female soldier from continuing.

“Yes, general!” When the female soldier named Xiao Que heard this, she respectfully retreated to the side. There was not the slightest bit of disrespect on her face.

General Hua didn’t blame her for her rude questioning. She wasn’t usually like this. It was only because of her that she was at a loss with her words this time, and she had lost her manners.

“To be able to command such an elite army as a woman, you can be called a heroine. May I ask for the general’s name?” Li Xiang looked at General Hua in front of him with interest. He already guessed in his heart.

“My surname is Hua. I’m Hua Mulan!” said General Hua calmly.

“General Hua, Hua Mulan? Are you Hua Mulan, the general of the Hua mansion, one of the four generals of General Valley?” A strange look flashed in Wushuang Ghost’s eyes. The moment he heard the name, he had already guessed her true identity.

The four great generals of General Valley were named Feng, Hua, Xue, and Yue, respectively. Each of the mansions was extremely powerful and had a strong personal charm. They had won over many soldiers in General Valley and formed an army under their command.

For example, the army that Hua Mulan had built was called the Bai Hua Legion.

Originally, Hua Mulan had planned to form an army made up entirely of women. However, there were too few female soldiers. Furthermore, most of the female soldiers in the army were women who had lost their homes and wanted to become stronger after the integration of the myriad worlds. They were originally ordinary people. After joining, they went through rigorous training and finally became an army. Each of them had a different story.

“That’s right, I’m Hua Mulan!” said Hua Mulan calmly.

“My surname is Li. I’m Li Xiang!”

Li Xiang couldn’t help but take a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “It was an accident that we appear in the military camp this time. We’re not from the Desert Devil Bandit as the female soldier said.”

“I believe what Brother Li said,” said Hua Mulan and she nodded.

She didn’t sense any killing intent or malicious aura from the two of them. It could be confirmed that they were not enemies, at least not for now.

“Hua Mulan! It’s her. The legendary heroine who can go to war and kill enemies, and a filial extraordinary woman. I didn’t expect to meet her here. As expected, such an extraordinary woman will display her unique elegance no matter where she is.” Li Xiang was also secretly amazed.

Everyone knew who Hua Mulan was.

She was a heroine in ancient history. She was loyal, filial, and righteous. She joined the army on behalf of her father and defeated the invaders. Her name was passed down through the ages. The Tang Emperor even conferred her the title of “Filial General”. The “Mulan Poem” had been passed down through the ages. She was brave, simple, and courageous, which were all that women could not do at that time. Her determination, courage, and even wisdom were all unique.

Besides, he could sense that Hua Mulan’s cultivation was not low. She was already a mythical realm powerhouse.

It was impossible for her to not have any fortuitous encounters. Or else in a world where strength was everything, it would have been impossible for her to break through to the mythical realm in such a short period.

Even in the Kingdom of Dawn, not many people could break through to the mythical realm.

Of course, this was except for the Angels and Demon Armies.

These two armies were exceptions. They were transcendent creatures with long lifespans, and they had descended through summoning. The moment they appeared, they were already at the very least transcendent, and Ye Xi, who was at the very top, had even reached the divine realm.

The Human powerhouses and warriors he had saved and recruited had started cultivating from the beginning, and most of them were still in the transcendent realm. A few of them who were talented had reached the legendary realm, but only a few of them who were originally powerhouses in their previous lives had reached the mythical realm. In addition, only an extremely small number of them had reached the divine realm.

For example, Zhao Sheng and Zhang Jian. They had just entered the mythical realm.

Of course, this also had to do with the cultivation technique one cultivated. This was a process of accumulation. They would forge transcendent foundations in the early stages. The stronger their foundations were, the longer they would need to polish them, but their potential would be even higher in the future. Even though many people in the Golden Desert had broken through to the mythical realm, how many talent runes had they formed?

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