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Chapter 183 - Soulmate?

Chapter 183: Soulmate?

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Shang Bei was not anxious even though he saw Su Qing’s expressionless face.

He continued, “There are many wonderful things in this world! Some directors might not be able to produce the most satisfactory works in their entire lives. In comparison, I’ve always felt that I’m very lucky and greedy. I’ve already met a best actress before, but I want to know if I have the luck to find a second one!”

Shang Bei’s attitude could be said to be very sincere. Actually, with his reputation and abilities, there was no need for him to specially invite others to join his productions. In fact, he just needed to mention it, and there would be a large number of people rushing forward for him to choose from!

After all, he was the genius director, Shang Bei. He was even the benefactor of movie queen, Lin An, and paved the way to fame for her!

The camera in Shang Bei’s hand had a very powerful ability to shape stars. Anyone who had been on his screen before would definitely become popular! He was like a powerful blacksmith, so his standards for choosing people were also very strict.

Su Qing knew all of these, so she didn’t understand why Shang Bei would choose her. She had never been involved in this field before, so she didn’t know much about acting!

She was really curious. Did he have to use the habit of using rookies for his new movies?

Su Qing asked directly, “Why must it be me? I’ve never acted before. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll drag you down? Wouldn’t it be better to use Lin An since you’d have built up strong rapport from collaborating before?”

Su Qian sat at the side, feeling flustered and nervous. He was naturally happy that his sister had been chosen by Shang Bei. That was a famous director he wanted to work with!

However, on second thought, Qingqing wasn’t an ordinary person. If she wasn’t interested or didn’t want to go, no one could change her mind. However, if Qingqing missed this opportunity, he would probably die of a heart attack on the spot!

Shang Bei looked at Su Qing’s serious expression and felt that this girl was really likable. He liked young people who were not intimidated by his fame and prestige and had a pure heart.

“Actually, I’ve already answered your first question. You’re the only one who can be Nan An!” Shang Bei’s words were a little confusing. His assistant didn’t understand, but he knew that his boss was acting up again. Or perhaps, this was the difference between these geniuses in the arts and ordinary people! What they thought and said was more beautiful and romantic than ordinary people!

Shang Bei continued, “As for the last two questions, they’re actually parts of a question. What do you think a good movie needs?”

Su Qian was stunned. Wasn’t Shang Bei supposed to answer her question? Why was he asking her a question instead?

She lowered her eyes and thought about it seriously before replying, “It needs a story! Emotion, value, rhythm, style and so on!”

Looking at his boss, who was beaming with joy, the assistant felt that he could say very responsibly, “Our boss has found a soulmate!” This was because what Su Qing said were also what Shang Bei often said when filming!

What he didn’t know was that this was a special yet inexplicable type of telepathy between geniuses.

The ancients called them “Soulmates”!

“You’re right. New scripts and new stories need new people to complement them! Human creativity is limited, so I’m trying my best to find new people to complete different stories to create more possibilities and sparks. Don’t you think this is very challenging? We know the outline of the story, but in the wonderful creation of humans, we can’t really know the exact form of its final performance!”

“I already know Lin An well enough. I think she’s no longer suitable for what I’m looking for!” Shang Bei shared his thoughts candidly with Su Qing.

He felt that Su Qing was just like him. They both had the same persistence and belief in movies!

Shang Bei trusted his first instinct. It had brought him many different kinds of joy and success.

Su Qing looked at him. After a long while, she suddenly nodded. Her lips curled into a faint smile as she said, “I’ll do it.”



“That’s great!”

Three different cries of joy sounded at the table.

Realizing that he hadn’t heard wrongly, and that Su Qing had really agreed to Shang Bei’s invitation, Su Qian was extremely excited. He held Su Qing’s shoulder and shook it vigorously. “That’s great, that’s great!”

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